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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #615 on: November 18, 2012, 02:15:45 PM »
i was at the killers concert in glasgow a few weeks ago. they were amazing live

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #616 on: November 18, 2012, 02:24:37 PM »
RUSH - At a loss for words after last night's show.

As U2 continues to get lazier and lazier with their live shows (in their playing, singing, etc) I've come to the conclusion that the guys in Rush are simply not human.

to be doing what they do as well as they are doing it at their ages is beyond words.

As usual, no opening band. Slight delay in starting to get everyone in the building. Clue for the Honda Center, with your deathly slow pat downs and entrance procedures, no way do you get 15,000 people in the doors in an hour for a 730 start.

A few classics, not too many. Some VERY deep album cuts. Nine new songs in a row to start the second set (hey, U2, if your new stuff is STRONG, people will like it and won't go for a pi*s or a beer when you play it).

Watching the concentration on Neil Peart's face or the sheer joy Geddy and Alex have when playing their often very complicated material just adds to the overall enjoyment. Master craftsmen on their instruments.

And the new twist of adding a string section for the majority of the second part of the show was brilliant, this wasn't a stuffy violinists/cellists collecting a paycheck to play some dumbed down (for them) parts, they were rocking out and into it as much as anyone and interacting with the band.

Can't wait for tomorrow's show in a much smaller venue.

I'd love to see U2 do some of the stuff (in some cases, they'd be doing it again)

Play a longer set. Take an intermission if you must, but don't give us an opening band. tickets are expensive, more U2 is a good thing).

Rehearse, take it seriously. Last two tours they weren't even sure what to open with. Drop the snippets, they drag and don't add a lot. Take the time you use for snippets and play another song.

Play smaller venues, please no more stadiums again.

Choose songs that play to your strengths : while they'll never even if they practice every day ever be at Rush's musical ability, play to your strengths. Don't play songs you can't hack any more. Geddy Lee's voice is waning badly so they played stuff he can handle easier and as a result it made for a great change up to their normal setlists.

Deep cuts : throw in a few and KEEP THEM in the set. so what if a few people pi*s and moan and go get a beer. If they are songs YOU enjoy playing, play them. your own reactions to them will impact an audiences reaction.

Extra musicians : Got a live person playing extra parts ? Give them credit, bring them on stage. A keyboard player won't disrupt the stage setup too much and hey, doing a different arrangement of old chestnuts may give them new life. you're musicians after all, be creative. They don't have to be on every song but like the lovetown tour putting a few extra people on stage, or even one occasionally isn't a bad thing.

Gibson Amphitheater tomorrow night, venue half the size of last night's, should be a blast !

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #617 on: November 18, 2012, 04:05:20 PM »
The Monkees was EXTREMELY fun last night. My fiance and I enjoyed ourselves a lot. That Micky Dolenz is still such a great performer -- energetic and funny. Hearing Mike Nesmith sing all those Nesmith songs was MAGIC. They did a few very nice tributes to Davy Jones that made me get close to tears. They had the audience sing Daydream Believer.... That was so, so cool.

As a historical side note, The Monkees were the first band I ever saw live, my first rock concert, in 1987 at the age of 13. They started my lifelong love of music (I was as obsessed with them as I later became with U2). I really felt transported back to my younger years by those songs. I also realized last night that some of my closest friends have come from my love of The Monkees. My BFF and I became friends in sixth grade because our mutual obsession. We're still friends today. And the girl who started out as my pen pal at age 13 is still my life long friend now (we've vacationed together and such) because I found her in a Monkees-related fan listing for pen pals... Yeah, before the internet. And we're still friends!!

Music brings people together. That's for sure.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #618 on: November 21, 2012, 09:27:12 AM »
I think it's safe to say that I've seen all of my concerts this year (although I am going to see a friend's band next month). I only saw Dave Matthews Band and Bruce and the E Street Band this year. For both shows I had crappy seats, but they were still awesome.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #619 on: November 21, 2012, 11:35:07 AM »
My year was mostly devoid of concerts. I saw Elton John in March and I saw Rosanne Cash (Johnny Cash's daughter) at the Richmond Folk Festival last month, and I saw the Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra perform the suite Pictures At An Exhibition by Mussorgsky last month. I might have seen a Richmond Symphony performance or two earlier this year, before summer, but I can't remember. That's not to say there weren't other concerts I wanted to go to... none of them worked out.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #620 on: November 21, 2012, 11:39:41 AM »
I'm going to see The Faint tonight.  They're playing their 2002 album in its entirety, and that's literally all I know about them.  My attendance is a "back atcha" for a friend who accompanied me to a show a few weeks back.  I think she's still going to owe me by the end of the night because:

1. The concert is in the direction of LA's worst traffic on the day before Thanksgiving with doors at 7 (it will seriously take us 2.5 hours to travel the 40 miles to the show)
2. She's given me explicit instructions to wear colors that are good under a black light and
3. The show she attended with me was outside (ergo not hot and crowded) and awesome

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #621 on: November 22, 2012, 02:45:02 AM »
So I didn't think I'd like the Faint as much as I did.  Every song was great and completely danceable without being too clubby or synthetic.  There were instruments (I don't know why I imagined a stage filled with computers), even though some of the vocal effects were little over the top to my ear.  I somehow missed these guys when they were bigger ten years ago, but they still sound fresh and drew a very cool and not pretentious crowd. Good show!

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #622 on: December 17, 2012, 09:21:47 AM »
Madonna has the year's highest grossing tour:    You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #623 on: December 17, 2012, 11:08:58 AM »
Muse was absolutely fabulous last week. Will go see them again next summer.

Dear U2 - if you continue hiding and not publishing anything, I might have to jump in the Muse-fan-bandwagon.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #624 on: December 17, 2012, 10:31:21 PM »
ok, huge self indulgence alert but just going back over the year trying to work out the best shows in order... here is what 2012 delivered for me.

Save for a heap that I forgot to write down...


Arctic Monkeys @ The Palace
Miles Kane @ The Palace
Arctic Monkeys @ Festival Hall
Miles Kane @ Festival Hall
Metronomy @ The Hi-Fi
Combichrist @ The Hi-Fi
Blood Orange @ The Northcote Social Club
PJ Harvey @ The Regent
Kasabian @ Festival Hall
Foster The People @ The Palace
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds @ The Palais

Royksopp @ The Palace
Active Child @ The East Brunswick Club
The Orbweavers @ Northcote Social Club
The Orbweavers @ Basement Discs
1927 @ Rod Laver Arena
Roxette @ Rod Laver Arena
Mastodon @ Billboard
Zakk Wylde @ The Forum
Steel Panther @ The Palace
Alter Bridge @ The Palace

Slipknot @ Rod Laver Arena
New Order @ Festival Hall
Fatboy Slim @ The Palace
Aqua @ The Palace
Duran Duran @ Rod Laver Arena
Bombay Bicycle Club @ The Forum
Bombay Bicycle Club @ Festival Hall
Elbow @ Festival Hall
Steve Earle @ The Corner
G3 (Satriani/Vai/Lukather) @ The Palais

The Pogues @ Festival Hall
Sublime with Rome @ The Forum
Cold Chisel @ Festival Hall
Millions @ The Phoenix
Last Dinosaurs @ The Phoenix
Henry Rollins @ The National Theatre
Pond @ The Northcote Social Club

Groovin the Moo Festival (Bendigo)
•   Kaiser Chiefs
•   Hilltop Hoods
•   Kimbra
•   Public Enemy
•   Maccabees
•   City & Colour
•   360
•   Bluejuice
•   Hermitude
•   Loon Lake
•   Digitalism
•   Mutemath
•   Big Scary
The Darkness @ The Forum
Prince @ Rod Laver Arena
Kaiser Chiefs @ The Palace
NKOTBSB @ Rod Laver
S Club @ The Palace
NKOTBSB @ Allphones

Jackson Firebird @ The Retreat
East17 @ Trak Lounge
Lisa Mitchell @ St Michaels
15 Minutes of Peace @ Revolver
School of Seven Bells @ The Hi-Fi
Lady Gaga @ Rod Laver

Flight of the Conchords @ The Plenary
Flight of the Conchords @ Rod Laver
Ladyhawke @ Billboard
Lana del Rey @ The Palace
Splendour in the Grass  (Byron Bay)
•   Jack White
•   The Kooks
•   DZ Deathrays
•   Dirty 3
•   Lana del Rey
•   Smashing Pumpkins
•   Fun.
•   Ballpark Music
•   Missy Higgins
•   Lanie Lane
•   Afghan Whigs
•   The Rubens
•   Pond
•   More and more and more…

Bleeding Knees Club @ Converse
Drunk Mums @ Converse

Good Charlotte @ Festival Hall
James Morrison @ The Forum

Steel Panther @ The Palace
Senyawa @ HiFi
Regurgitator @ HiFi
AIR Awards @ Revolt
•   Lanie Lane
•   House v Hurricane
•   Paul Kelly
•   Chet Faker
•   Loon Lake
•   Tim Rogers
•   The Bamboos
Surrey Hills Music Festival
The Black Keys @ Myer Music Bowl

The Black Keys @ Myer Music Bowl
Harvest Festival
•   Beck
•   Sigur Ros
•   Ben Folds Five
•   Los Campesinos
•   Mondo Cane
•   Cake
•   River City Extension
Grizzly Bear @ billboard
Conan Mockasin @ Rod Laver Arena
Radiohead @ Rod Laver Arena
Conan Mockasin @ Rod Laver Arena
Radiohead @ Rod Laver Arena
The Age EG Awards
Loon Lake @ The Palace
Ball Park Music @ The Palace

Missy Higgins @ The Palais
Tame Impala @ The Forum
PVT @ Myer Music Bowl
Bertie Blackman @ Myer Music Bowl
Gotye @ Myer Music Bowl
The Meanies @ The Corner
The Living End @ The Corner

And tonight, likely to be the last show for the year...

Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield @ the Corner


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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #625 on: December 17, 2012, 11:12:44 PM »
What did you think of the Prince show?

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #626 on: December 17, 2012, 11:16:30 PM »
Re prince, here's what I wrote at the time...

No photos from Prince tonight, but a killer show deserves, at least, a few lines written about it.

After Prince’s first Australian shows in 8 years had finished up in Sydney, and the reviews were hitting the press, it was interesting to read a mixed bag of amazement, bewilderment, and at times criticism.

One of the main charges levelled at Prince, the 2012 edition, is that his show was ‘self indulgent’ . To head to a Prince show and expect anything less is like turning up to a Britney Spears show only to be shocked that she actually mimes. With no support act, the sold out Rod Laver Arena crowd sprung into action when the rolling 80s videos on the overhead screens stopped and purple thunderstorms crackled into action.

In the centre of the self styled ‘Love Symbol’ shaped stage, guitarist Andy McKee delivered an acoustic instrumental version of Purple Rain which captivated the crowd, before returning to beneath the stage. Replacing McKee on the stage was the man himself, his (rather generously credited) 5’2” frame, accentuated by customary stillettos received the reception you’d expect, and ripping straight into Gold the little man with the big back catalogue brought the funk.

Flanked by his NPG backing singers, and backed by an incredible band, Prince announced Melbourne was about the witness the Jam of the Year, and delivering the song of the same name it was difficult to argue.

Having reportedly rehearsed over 100 songs for the tour, it was still the ubiquitous Prince hits that kept the crowd on their feet. Let’s go Crazy, 1999, Delirious, Little Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret all featured in the first half of the show, but it was the middle block of songs: Cream, Cool and Sometimes It Snows in April that would prove the night’s highlight. Without a planned setlist as such, Prince’s live show suffers at times from peaks and troughs – there’s no gradual change of gear but rather immediate tempo and energy swings. The almost 5 minute long single note intro to Love They Will Be Done, where Prince takes up the bass guitar duties, is tedious – though the song made famous by Martika in the 1980s delivers on all fronts once it’s allowed to kick in.

The Dance Electric leaves the opening set on a high, before a brief break sees His Royal Highness return to the grand piano. What happens next though is almost inexplicable, rather than utilising his incredible band and own musical genius to deliver the likes of When Doves Cry, Nikki and the brilliant Sign of the Times, Prince triggers 1 and 2 line samples of these songs, amongst others, from a keyboard. It’s a headscratching moment, and whilst the premise seems to be ‘I have too many hits, I can’t do them all justice so I’ll just mash them up’, to this viewer at least it was a poor decision. Prince has always been the quintessential mix of musical genius, mystery and showmanship, and the 20 minutes that this set occupied could have been played out in any China Town karaoke bar. Closing out with Beyonce’s Single Ladies, only to announce ‘hey, I didn’t write that’ was a great way to signal the end, and certainly did show just how much of a contribution Prince has made to the world’s soundtrack over the past 30 years. It just would have been nice to hear them played.

Not even close to finished, it was time to welcome back the band and, as had been the case all night, this was where the show absolutely shone. I Would Die 4 U called an end to what would be the first of several encores, and the back to back onslaught that followed was worth the fairly hefty price of admission.

Kiss was epic. The driving synth lines and guitar riffs took this song to a whole new level, before Prince unleashed arguably his best known song – Purple Rain. Again, it was a long introduction that greeted the 1984 smash, but it built and by the time the vocals kicked in the crowd were ready to join in at the top of their lungs. It was the guitar solo that closed out the song that truly showed off Prince the musician, over and above Prince the performer: melodic, dynamic and transfixing. OK, long as well, but never drawn out and utterly compelling throughout.

Leaving the stage, so too did a significant portion of the crowd, convinced that they had seen the last of the purple one for tonight. Those prepared to wait out 20 minutes in Rod Laver Arena’s half light were rewarded however with Prince again being wheeled to the stage in a box, this time emerging in a white suit (with matching 6 inch heels no less) to deliver a final 4 song encore. Kicking off with If I Was Your Girlfriend, and closing out the night on a high with the with the riff heavy Peach,  Prince dropped his guitar into the waiting arms of the crowd, and, as if by magic, the 11pm Rod Laver Arena curfew had been met. Just.

It was a triumphant return to Melbourne by the purple one, who showed why he’s arguably the most accomplished musician, writer, entertainer and freak the world has seen. The show, like the performer, delivered on each of these qualities, part concert, part recital, part dance set, part rock eisteddfod. And a whole lotta Prince.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #627 on: December 17, 2012, 11:43:22 PM »
Clearly you didn't write that review because I can tell it was written by a humourless music journo. 

Shame you didn't take any pictures, but.

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #628 on: December 18, 2012, 01:45:35 AM »
Haha nice.

Nah prince didn't allow any photos except for his own snapper, who distributed to all other outlets. Pity but hey, what can you do...

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Re: Concerts of 2012!
« Reply #629 on: December 18, 2012, 10:49:18 AM »
pinkpop in holland this year saw mumford and sons there and bruce springsteen etc. that's the only concert or should i say festival for me this year i'm saving up my money for u2..