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Midnight is Where the Day Begins:
Everybody knows just how fun it is to hate on the current state of popular music. With recycled hooks and drumbeats, boring and overdone lyrics, and sometimes nearly 5 to 10 different writers for a single song, it can look and sound pretty bad.

But it isn't all bad right?

So, what are some songs you've really enjoyed that have climbed their ways onto the top or near the top of the charts?

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One of mine is Take Care by Drake

Using a remix created by Jamie xx of a Gil Scott Heron cover, both Drake and Rihanna give surprisingly emotional vocal performances about their troubled pasts and how they would like to embark on a relationship together.

It was a shock to hear such a soft and pretty vocal from Rihanna, considering the amount of crappy songs she's released over the past decade. But then again, just about everybody including herself, forgot she actually does know how to sing if she really tried to.

The music of the track itself is incredible in its own right. A simple piano melody on top of a pulsing club beat, making it both danceable yet moving at the same time, while the accompanying percussion leads up to a climax of Gil Scott Heron's own vocals. His tough, raspy voice feels foreign in such a smooth sounding track, yet the contrast fits really well overall.

So, anybody else have any songs that fit the bill?  :)

I love Lorde and Adele. I'm also a huge fan of country music now. Especially "Bro-Country". I love it.

imaginary friend:
there's a few I like, but I've never bothered to learn the names of the songs or the artists who did them.  :/

Nobody really new ... but some of the last gasps from old bands are sounding pretty good

E&TB - Meteorites
James - Le Petit Mort
Midge Ure - Fragile / (Ultravox - Brilliant)

Then again, the Chvrches was pretty good too!

Two upcoming acts that i really like are Dry The River and The Strypes. Most of todays chart music does nothing for me, hence why...if im listening to the radio, im tuned into Absolute 80's of BBC6 Music, neither of which plays current hits


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