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Re: The Joshua Tree - Themes
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Those "running" or "climbing" images show up several times in Bono's lyrics.
To me they all talk of a strive for more in the spiritual life.

I was just wondering, in which songs we can find them.

I can think of :
Streets ( I wanna run ...)
ISHFWILF ( I have climbed highest mountains, I have run to the sea ..... and yes, I'm still running)
RTSS (she runs through the streets...) where the person running sort lacks the real goal
I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight (it's not a hill it's a mountain, as we start out the climb)

3 Songs from the Joshua Tree and one from NLOTH. Can anyone think of more?

A Sort of Homecoming: "On borderland we run"

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Re: The Joshua Tree - Themes
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Love, relationships in crises (WOWY), nature and unity of all life forms(OTH), drug abuse and desperation(RTSS), freedom from religious division(streets), murder and desire for evil, stemming from misinterpretations of God(exit), loss (MOTD), corruption and destructive foreign policy (BTBS),search for life's meaning(ISHFWILF) and mistreatment of workers (RHMT).