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Odd tapatalk banned message

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OK, no stranger to the odd banning but this one is weird.

For the last couple of months accessing the tapatalk version of the site tells me I'm banned (but then lets me in anyway).

On the actual site its fine.

Not a huge issue, but screws with my read/unread posts, new topics etc as I keep getting thrown back to the forum's tapatalk 'home' page.

Most probably a tapatalk issue rather than a site message given I've not mentioned comic sans for months, but you never know. Residual petty annoyance more than a bug maybe...


Weird, brisco. I can't replicate that message and don't know what to suggest. No one else has reported the issue, either.

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No Worries, thanks for checking it out. It's really just a minor annoyance and probably a tapatalk issue.


Hi Briscoetheque/Everyone,
                                Did you ever find a solution to your problem as I have the same issue?

Nope, still get it...


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