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a thank you to Bono
« on: January 20, 2017, 03:55:27 AM »
January 2017 Catford, London

–to Bono
I write to say thank you
Thank you from the first moment I met the band –as you walked onto the Greenbelt Festival stage that afternoon/evening back during the August bank holiday of 1981- through well over 60 concerts until now when I hope to hear Red Hill Mining Town sung live for the first time. Thank you.

Whenever ‘I will follow’ begins I am that 19 year old with my mouth wide open in awe, my heart pumping with emotion –blown away; every time. Thank you
Or ‘streets’ oh man. Thank You!
Or. Or. Or. Thank you.

To dance, I will always play ‘Lady with the spinning head’ –the extended remix, oh. Thank you –a live track? Ever?

Many wonderful moments;
you calling for me to take your hand in Leicester’s De Montfort Hall so you could go walkabout on the balcony (‘82),
singing happy birthday to Edge in Cardiff,
talking Jazz & Rahsaan Roland Kirk with you in Brixton,
when you came to Swansea for the year of literature(?) in the Grand Theatre (my home-ish town),
you being very gracious and signing an autograph at the Royal Festival Hall during Bowie’s Low gig in his Meltdown curation,
Macphisto laughing at me and my brother as we tried to get people off the floor during a crush at Pairc Ui Chaoimh,
getting soaked at Glastonbury after 12 hours holding my place at the front,
sleeping(!) overnight outside the Earl’s Court to miss out on front-row tickets,
getting inside the front zone in Detroit and Vienna and Berlin and. And. And. 
Missing out on the front zone in Paris and London and Cardiff and. And. And.
The red zone in Moscow –what a beautiful day for a downpour
Missing out on Red Zone tickets in every other gig –including the upcoming tour –not quite (Twickenham on Sunday –oh YES!!)
Thank You.

it has been the most beautiful, exhilarating and passionate journey. Thank you.
Please keep wanting to love and do the music, please keep dipping into our hearts, please keep annoying people with your utter desire for equality and freedom and justice and…well you know –always RED!

I will ‘meet’ you again in Dublin and in Brussels (& London) –I will sing my heart out, I will sit (Dublin) and stand (Brussels & London) in awe at the 19 year old boy I will become enveloped in your amazing artistry. Thank you.

Long may the feeling take you.
‘love, slowly stripped away/love, has seen its better day/Hanging on.’
If and when you sing that, I for one will be in tears. Thank you.

And should you be bored or at a loss on a Thursday night in London town –come to the London Welsh Centre and hear the London Welsh Male Voice choir put something of the passion, you guys bring, into our singing.

U2 and the LWMVC-mmmmm?

Thank you. Always a fan
Leaping Salmon (1981 –present day)

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Re: a thank you to Bono
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2017, 08:57:00 AM »
Thank you …too  ;) for these heartfelt and dedicated words.
So in tune with you.

Stay blessed, inspired and replete with this spirit for all of your ´hereness´ ;o) Mark <3
...and we all united in the same heart, belief and alliance of trust, light and faith we share in U2.

L.O.V.E. from Germany,