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Re: "Seinfeld" bass on "Wire"
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Just a general comment/observation on Adam's bass-playing...  Early Adam is quite adventurous.  You can see this, for example, on the "Under a Blood Red Sky" concert.  Lots of slap, funk, even reggae.  They kind of let him do what he want.  After Adam began taking formal lessons later in his career, it seems this adventurous spirit was tempered (whether by the formal training or the rest of the band putting a lid on it, I do not know).  I'm of the opinion that if "Gloria" was written today, his entire bass solo in the break would have disappeared.  And that would be a shame. 

He still has really great bass lines, but the experimentation and variation has lessened as he has become more proficient.   

I agree that he was quite adventurous early on (1981-1984 were good years for our bassist).  After that, he seemed to be the kind of the single string from Joshua Tree to Achtung Baby, before starting to get interesting again on Zooropa and ever since then I think his bass-playing has actually got a lot better.

With regards to Wire, it is indeed slap bass.  He did a bit of that in the early 80s, starting with Gloria (slap bass solo) Stranger In A Strange Land, through Surrender, the War tour, Wire and also the intro to Indian Summer Sky.

Slap bass was everywhere in the 80s....
Achtung Baby is full of amazing basslines that carry the songs: Zoo Station, UTEOTW, So Cruel, The Fly, MW, ...