Author Topic: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album  (Read 1800 times)

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I have loved them for forty years. first concert was ZOO TV on halloween at dodgers stadium and favorite album is AB
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I have loved them for forty years. first concert was ZOO TV on halloween at dodgers stadium and favorite album is AB

Bought War in '83 after hearing NYD on KROQ (I was 10). Saw them at the L.A. Coliseum in '87. Favorite album is Achtung Baby.

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Ran out and bought Boy after hearing it at a party in the early 80's...don't know exactly what year, but it hadn't been out for too long.  Love at first listen.
Due to many bad/odd circumstances, didn't actually see them live until SOI...went to both shoes in Phoenix. I'll never be quite the same!

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Been into them since I was a child and my dad brought home copies of TUF and TJT shortly after TJT release.  I was 8 in 1987 - so almost 30 years now.  I didn't get to go to TJT tour because my parents felt I was a bit young.  As soon as I heard the songs ASOH and TUF I was sounded like no other music out there at the time.  I missed tours in the 90s because we were moving around so much and I was in college from 97-01.  My first show was 360 Tour in STL in 2011.  Then I+E in NYC in 2015.  I am going to TJT2017 in Chicago in June.

I have been of fan of many things over the years, but my U2 fandom has been enduring and strong almost my entire life.  I've fallen in and out of Catholicism, sports fandom, following politics, flying...but I have always been a U2 fan. U2 is probably the only interest that I have always been hardcore about (even when critical - it took me a while to warm up to the POP and Popmart phase - it didn't seem cool when I was 18, but looking back it's a good album).

Favorite album is TUF.
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Been a huge fan since 1982....since i first heard the opening bars of Electric Co. I was so taken with the sound of the delay on the guitar.
First Concert was The Unforgetable Fire Tour, in Edinburgh, in the autumn of 1985....or was it 84...i cant recall too well.

Favorite album is The Joshua Tree.

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I'm a quite fresh fan. Got into U2 medio 2013, so SOI is ny first 'new album'. I knew U2 for a while, but nothing more than a band. I couldn't say which songs they've made that time. Just a few songs like One and Sunday Bloody Sunday were known by me. My dad always had one album: Rattle and Hum, but he had the songs put on a USB-stick or CD with other songs of other artists, so I knew the songs, but not that is was from U2.

Because I had heard they have deep songs (the first that has been introduced by me were SBS, 40 and Grace). So I started to listen more to U2. In that time I also started to play guitar, and tried some of their songs. Slowly I realised how many U2 songs I knew (very well).

A sort time later I put all their songs on a list on Spotify and downloaded it. When I had to walk back from a lake, because my bicycle was broken, I started to play that list and put it on shuffle. I Will Follow, I Still Haven't Found,  Running To Stand Still, I Fall Down and Wake Up Dead Man were the first songs I heard. It surprised me I didn't get bored listening (most of the times I listen a long time to one artist I'm getting bored), my conclusion was: U2 has many sides!

The following months I listened more to U2, all on shuffle. Because of their great catalog I got lost in their songs. I started to remember tunes of them, but couldn't find them back. So I started to listen to a few seconds of every song, and I found out it were Drowning Man, Stranger In A Strange Land, If God Will Send His Angles. From that moment I decided to listen to albums in order, instead of shuffle.

After a year or so I started collecting vinyl. And now the studio album collection is almost completed!

First concert is gonna be: 2nd Amsterdam this year
Favorite album: Pop, maybe Zooropa, maybe SOI, maybe AB

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First album purchase was War in 1983.  They were in heavy rotation on the Canadian radio station we listened to in College.

First show was TJT in 1987 in Montreal

Favorite album, AB


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First heard I Will Follow in 1982. Then I saw the War cover and heard New Years Day in 93, and bought the album. I was 13.

First concert was Zoo TV Paris Bercy in May 1991

My favorite album in Pop.

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July 13, 1985 Live Aid I was 9 that was the day I became a fan.  I'm 41, my first show was Atlanta Pop Mart and I drank too much to remember any of it, warning to you young ones out there, don't do that!


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I'm 39.  I've been a fan since '87-88.  My cousin gave me his Under A Blood Red Sky tape and my dad played me The Joshua Tree and we watched Rattle and Hum on VHS together.  I became a fan and began searching for every piece of music I could find as most of what I heard were live versions of songs.  I bought all of the albums on cassette (Rattle and Hum was my first CD).

Achtung Baby was the first album I waited for.  I remember the stolen tapes, I remember hearing The Fly on the radio and being so shocked at the change of the U2 sound.  Then seeing the transformation on the video.  But I loved it all.  I continued to buy every album and single for the b-sides.  Wish they still had singles with lots of b-sides. 

I stayed home from school to try to win tickets to ZooTv.  No luck.  I ended up buying 2 tickets to the show and went with my close friend.  I've been to every tour since (minus I&E as it didn't come to my town).  Looking forward to TJT 2017 tour in Seattle in just over a week!

Favorite album changes from week to week.  I'll go with Achtung Baby as it made my fandom even stronger.

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Re: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album
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Fan since 1985. First concert Zooropa 23d july 1993 Budapest. Achtung Baby.


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Re: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album
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fan since 1997 when my dad bought Pop, i was 16. First concert was April 2001 Dallas Elevation. Fav album is AB.

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Re: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album
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I've been hooked on U2 since 1995 though I had bought 'Rattle And Hum' a few years earlier and liked most of it. It wasn't enough to make me anything more than a casual fan though and 'Zooropa' just confused me at my young age...what converted me to hardcore fandom was the incredible 'Hold Me, Thrill Me...' single and borrowing 'Achtung Baby' from my dad's collection. Then 'Discotheque' and 'Pop' came along and the rest is history!

First concert was Earls Court on the Elevation Tour, the last show they played before Bono's father passed away. Needless to say, it was an emotional and powerful show.

Favourite album is 'Pop' with 'Achtung Baby' and '...Atomic Bomb' close behind.

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Re: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album
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Discovered them around 1989.
First concert was Zoo TV (indoor leg, near Cleveland).
Favorite album is Achtung Baby.

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Re: How long have you loved U2? First concert and where? favorite album
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First heard NYD and SBS from War when I was around 12. (Older cousins introduced me to the band)
First concert Zoo TV Montreal
Favourite album (tie- like choosing between kids) AB or JT (Pop a serious contender)
But Zoo TV/AB solidified them as my all time favourite band.