Author Topic: How do you feel about u2 doing no fan interaction this tour  (Read 3088 times)

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Re: How do you feel about u2 doing no fan interaction this tour
« Reply #60 on: July 11, 2017, 11:17:34 AM »
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Not seen this tour yet. 
But on I&E in London, other than the 'fan segment' in Act 2 (the night I went, the girl onstage was picked out only a few weeks earlier on another European show) there was a lot of focus on the music and performance and not really any 'interaction' with the audience per se. 
Act 1 was very slick choreography-wise and timing was of the essence.  I noticed this quite early on.  As the band members were walking across the stage between songs to get into 'position' I noticed they weren't even looking at the audience, just straight ahead.  At one point, Adam & Larry were walking from the E to the I stage. 
My frustration got the better of me.
Spontaneously, I yelled 'Adam' as loud as I could as he walked past (I was halfway along the 'divide stage'). 
Adam must have heard me.  Because he looked around as to where the shout came from and acknowledge the audience a bit further along from where I was standing.
Hurray, I thought. How much does it take to realise that there are paying punters down here that might want some kind of stage to floor/seats interaction.  As it happens, I had come to watch and listen to a great band and I like it when an artist I appreciate acknowledges the presence of myself and others spontaneously, and not just the nightly 'thanks for giving us a great life' script that is pattered out.
I'd love more interaction. 
I saw some of Elbow at Glastonbury on TV last weekend.  Guy Garvey is a great frontman.  Very near the end of the set, he took the time to acknowledge and joke with an audience member dressed as Spider-Man.  Garvey clearly was amused and in fact he played most of that set with a smile as he clearly was enjoying himself and occasionally trading barbs with the crowd.  I like that - a bit of spontaneity and humour.  Maybe it's a British thing though.

Maybe I'll comment again after seeing this tour (not long now!).

Better this time around.  Could see Edge smiling to fans on the front rows during early songs on Twickenham 1.  Bono was also chucking in the occasional bits of platitudes and banter - infamously the one about Adam's baby.  If that's not spontaneous, then what is?
I could see the band were really enjoying themselves on this tour and were subtly interacting with the audience at the right moments. 
Happier now....!

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Re: How do you feel about u2 doing no fan interaction this tour
« Reply #61 on: July 11, 2017, 01:58:38 PM »
No fan interaction? That's not the case. It's a slick show - but not a 100% scripted one.