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Twickenham 2 review
« on: July 10, 2017, 09:37:34 AM »
Didn't know were to put this so I thought I'd just put it in here.

Got to the stadium around 5ish, walked straight in,no queue or anything. Got a spot literally bang center to Bono's microphone,in line with the middle of the b stage. B stage wasn't far away at all. Great spot

Noel was superb but I love him and I loved oasis. Defo the best support act i may have seen. For me anyway. Got the crowd well warmed up. Probably the biggest crowd I've seen for a support act aswell. Easily 3/4's full for him

U2 came on around 8.15 and wow. Those first 4 songs were something else. I literally had to fight back tears. I don't know if it was the gig or the fact I'd had a major row with the wife on the morning and nearly didnt make the gig. Don't know what it was but I was emotional as hell. Bonos snippet of heros during bad wow ( I'm gonna be saying wow a lot :-) ) put everything into it.

Crowd was full of energy, something you don't always get at a u2 gig for one reason or another. Proper mix young and old. Family's,couples,lads etc

When that screen comes on wow :-) the only thing I can compare it to u2 wise is when I first saw the claw on the 360 tour. You look at it and go wow. Proper Moment. The picture on the screen is ridiculous. I want one :-)

Streets,ishfwilf,with or without you and bullet the blue sky go down so well. Maybe the best versions I've heard of these songs. 100% streets anyway

Then this is the part of the show us hardcore fans looked forward to the most. Really really enjoyed it and I noticed the large majority of the stadium stood all the way through it. Exit is unreal live maybe not as good as uteofw but it's right up there. Trip through your wire was superb, red hill mining town was really good aswell. I really thought the band nailed it. Mothers etc was all great aswell

Encore time. I really enjoyed miss Sarajevo, maybe the weakest track on the show but the visuals of Syria added so much to the song.

Now the trio of beautiful day, elevation and vertigo. There's a lot of talk on here about these 3 songs being played. That certain hardcore fans don't want these songs to be played.

Being totally honest here the reception for these songs were up there with the first 4 maybe even more. Elevation and vertigo was mayhem were I was stood. Another wow moment. These songs have to stay in the set. They go down so well and the band deliver them perfectly. By this point I'm a sweaty mess. Thinking this is a gig of a lifetime

Wasn't keen on the new beginning of mysterious ways but once the song got going it was great. The young woman who bono brought onstage was super hot aswell :-) loved ultra violet but wasn't as good as the 360 version. Bono sang in abit more of a lower key then on 360.

One was spine tingling. All the lights out in the stadium. Was a special moment. Perfect way to end the gig for me.

And it was all over. The vibe around town and after the gig was so high.

I've been watching u2 since the vertigo tour. Done 3 on each tour since. 100% no doubt about it the best u2 show I've seen in a stadium. At the moment I'd say the best I've seen them and the last o2 gig was special on the i&e tour. It was by far the best crowd I've seen for a u2 gig and that includes the croke Irish crowd on the 360 tour. Everyone was so into the show.

Onto Dublin next Saturday, really cannot wait. Can't see how the gig can be topped but u2 always seem to do it. My friends always say everytime I see them I say " it's the best I've seen them" (to be honest I do :-) )

Last points

The first 4 songs blew me away and like I said earlier I held back the tears ( ok so maybe a couple got out)

The screen is unreal

The Joshua tree is an amazing album

Elevation and vertigo are as popular as any other tracks and gets the crowd going as much as any other tunes do. Got to stay in the set, I don't care what anyone says.

What a band!

Roll on Dublin!

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Re: Twickenham 2 review
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 09:48:39 AM »
Agree with the OP - it was a great night. My first U2 gig was the Joshua Tree at Wembley in '87 and it was great to see it again. I have been to many, many gigs but the opening four songs was one of the best starts I have ever seen. Was not at all sure when I first heard they were opening with SBS but it was really powerful and emotional.

Was very lucky to have RZ tickets which really added to the experience. The crowd was also in really good form and there was no sign of any of the idiots who spoiled some of the Killers show the night before.

Apart from maybe hearing shine like stars and 40 I don't think I could have asked for any more.

Also - much credit to Noel Gallagher - great show from him too.

Cant wait to go again in Amsterdam.

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Re: Twickenham 2 review
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 02:08:00 PM »
Great review Renno.
I was at Night 1 and felt almost everything you said about the show.

I was a expecting a good show but was bowled over with the night. Still got Paris to go, can't wait !!

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Re: Twickenham 2 review
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2017, 02:36:55 PM »
Glad you enjoyed it, Renno.