What other "Album played in order" concert would you go to? (Pick up to 4 noms)

18 (5.1%)
10 (2.8%)
23 (6.5%)
The Unforgettable Fire
41 (11.6%)
Rattle & Hum (Covers / Silver & Gold included)
15 (4.3%)
Achtung Baby
91 (25.9%)
39 (11.1%)
54 (15.3%)
All That You Can't Leave Behind
25 (7.1%)
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
10 (2.8%)
No Line on the Horizon
13 (3.7%)
Songs of Innocence
13 (3.7%)

Total Members Voted: 102

Author Topic: What other "Album played in order" concert would you go to? (Pick up to 4 noms)  (Read 1782 times)

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Achtung Baby (happy to have heard 7 of its songs considering I missed ZOO TV, but it's an easy choice as my favourite album)
Rattle And Hum (not a fan of covers most times, but I'm big on this album otherwise and can't pass up Hawkmoon, God Part II, VDL)
Pop (only album that I haven't heard anything from)
Songs Of Innocence (heard the least amount of songs from this album compared to the albums of other tours)

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All of the '90s albums and The Unforgettable Fire. War comes close, especially if it means that we finally getting Drowning Man.

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War, TUF, Achtung Baby and Zooropa. Think it's a given we'll be getting an Achtung Baby tour at some point.

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Achtung Baby

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Achtung Baby...by a mile.

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I am a fan that truly loves many songs from all of U2's eras. However, imagine a tour with ONLY 90s era U2, only exceptions being a handful a of songs that fit in easily with this era, but not from the 90s!

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1. AB
2. War
4. October

So tough, Boy and TUF are runners up...I think October gets passed over by the band to often along with Pop. These two are very underrated I've always felt.