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Which Songs from SOI will remain in the Set List

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As everyone focuses on the SOE songs and which ones would be in the set list, I’d like to talk about something different. Which songs from SOI will remain? I think it will have more staying power then NLOTH, which was brutalized in terms of staying power on set lists. But I also don’t feel that any paticular song will be on a majority of their set lists. I predict that Every  Breaking Wave, Song for Someone, The Miracle of Joey Ramona, and Iris will make occasional appearances. There is only one way where more songs appear. If they treat the tour as part of the same timeline as the Innocence tour, then it would make sense to include more SOI songs. But I think that wouldn’t leave enough room for the copious amount of big hits and crowd pleasers they always play. Thoughts?

Personally, they will play one song from the SOI era per night; likely alternating between Ordinary Love and EBW.

I have a feeling that they're gonna pull maybe one or two songs along, but use this tour as a showcase for SoE in the same way the last was a showcase for SoI.

In listening to the album, I feel like they may even play some of the rhyming songs, maybe even going so far as to stitch them together. That's a bit of a stretch, obviously, but I think that we could definitely see Song for Someone and Every Breaking Wave.

The beginning of the St Peters string version of Lights of Home sounds so much like RBW. It'd be a huge missed opportunity not to put those songs together. Not sure they work together thematically yet, but sound-wise it feels too good to pass up.

I think there will be several.  It's obviously going to be hard to juggle all of the usual elements, but if they're serious about no JT (which so far in small performances has been the case) that opens up a few spots.  I think EBW will stay.  I also don't see how they wouldn't play SFS.


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