Author Topic: Whats with all the hate of Get Out of Your Own Way?  (Read 1198 times)

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Re: Whats with all the hate of Get Out of Your Own Way?
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One thing that struck me about GOOYOW is that the chord progression is the exact same as S4S. (Same is true for YTBTAM - the chorus progression and the progression for S4S are the same.) That really hurt it for me initially (especially since it came after YTBTAM which made the same "mistake"). You want them to come out swinging doing something different and it didn't strike me as different enough, and the similarities to S4S wasn't different enough for me.

Again. I really do like it now. But initially, those were my feelings.

Agreed. If you want to go a step further, it follows a few other songs as well...

D-A-E-F#m: California in most of the verses.
E-B-F#-G#m: Song for Someone in the pre-chorus, chorus and outro.
F#-C#-G#-A#m: Last Night on Earth in some of the chorus.
G-D-A-Bm: The Best Thing's chorus and the first part of the main riff to Get Out of Your Own Way.

If anything, I was a tad annoyed that they didn't just rely on yet another IVviIV progression of some sort, but that they used almost the same one for both the first and second singles off of an album. Same key and everything. But honestly, that's probably just the musician in me... and if I look past that, both songs are fine for the most part.