Author Topic: Imagine Danger Mouse was only producer on SOI and Andy Barlow on SOE  (Read 473 times)

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Different producers have different impacts on various songs and albums. I think one of the biggest problems U2 have had this decade is that they’ve not had one overall producer for their albums.

Yes Steve Lillywhite did some production work on Joshua Tree, Actung Bay etc, but those albums were driven by Eno and Lanois.

Imagine if U2 had some courage and didn’t bring on the long list of producers to work along side Danger Mouse and Andy Barlow for their last two albums.

Songs of Innocence

Ordinary Love
Every Breaking Wave
Raised by Wolves
Cederwood Road
Sleep like a baby tonight
This is where you can reach me now
The Troubles
The Crystal Ballroom

Songs of Experience

Love Is All We Have Left
Red Flag Day
The Little Things That Give You Away
Book of Your Heart

If you ask me these two albums would have had a way more unified sound and overall feel.
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Re: Imagine Danger Mouse was only producer on SOI and Andy Barlow on SOE
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I can get on board with this.  I never really connected with Songs of Innocence, and I wonder what the purely-Danger Mouse-produced version of that album sounds like.  I do, however, really dig Songs of Experience, more and more all the time.  But I totally get what you're saying.  Latter-day U2 albums definitely sound a little bit disjointed, from a production standpoint.