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« on: March 10, 2018, 11:47:58 AM »
I went onto to try and renew my annual subscription today.

The note I've attached below is one I sent to the site managers, with the expectation of an answer or a resolution, because right now I am volcanically pi**ed and I think I've been subjected to an absolutely arbitrary policy that I had no idea was even being enforced until AFTER money was paid out.

The point in my posting this is the following: has ANYONE else experienced (no pun intended) this kind of arbitrary BS in recent days?

"To whom it may concern / Guy Oseary, Live Nation, etc -

I have been a U2 fan since 1983 and a longtime subscriber to both Propaganda and U2's official website fan club (decades for BOTH in fact) and I am really angry. The last time I checked the site under my membership account, I was told that my account was due to expire in March 2018. No specific deadline date was mentioned for renewal, nor were there any caveats mentioned about my renewing by either the beginning or the end of the month.

So, I logged on today, of course, to renew my account as I've done for the past 14+ years, and when I got to my account page I saw NONE of my previous benefits listed, including my prior downloads, and that my status as a member of the eXPERIENCE group had vanished.

This struck me as particularly odd, given how I'd only days before (on March 6) received an email saying that - as a member of the eXPERIENCE group - I had been informed (on March 6) of my having access to ticket presales for the band's tour of Europe. So why, I thought, did I suddenly lose my eXPERIENCE status on the band's site today?

I immediately sent a query of concern to about it, not understanding what had happened. I got a confirmation email saying my note was received and that I would get a response soon. In the meantime, I proceeded with what I thought was a renewal - and paid $50. It was only then, when I received a receipt via email that I realized I'd received just a "standard membership", not a renewal.

I quickly logged back onto the U2 site. And under the same account info - which I'd checked just MINUTES before - I saw this note (which had NOT been there the first time I logged on):

'Your account is expiring on 10 March, 2019. You cannot renew at this time. Subscribers may only renew their subscription when the account is within 30 days from the expiration date.'

Excuse me, ... but WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

Your website is telling me my subscription EXPIRED on the very day I logged onto renew it, and that if I hadn't done so THIRTY DAYS SOONER, I wasn't going to get the same benefits I had before? How the Hell is that possible when I was NEVER told that March 10th was a "deadline for renewal" date in the first place??

I think this is a totally arbitrary and mercenary policy and utterly cruel to me as a longtime fan and fan club member. You're basically ousting me from a more preferred membership group because of rules of which I was never apprised either verbally or by email until today and, even then, only AFTER I'd made a purchase from the site? How is that in any way fair?

Do the BAND MEMBERS know that you guys are treating their most loyal and longtime fans this way?

I want to know why did this to me (and I can only imagine OTHER U2 fans have had this happen to me), and what - if anything - is being done, or if anything even can be done to remedy the situation.

I also honestly believe as someone who has given so much of his own hard-earned cash to U2 over the past four decades, I'm owed the benefit of the doubt and I think I deserve an explanation if not some form of correction for this horrible mistake/error in judgement/policy decision.

I don't think my request is unreasonable.

Please get back to me and advise ASAP.

(redacted name/address)"

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Re: Fan Club Renewal Outrage
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2018, 12:35:19 PM »
It sounds like some type of a technical glitch. I hope they resolve it. I think everyone who purchased Experience And Innocence Tour tickets in November/December 2017 had to renew then. My subscription renewal time is also March, but since I purchased two tickets and had to renew back at the end of 2017, my next renewal date is not until March 2019. If you purchased any Experience And Innocence tickets I think you should be fine and it will be worked out.

Given the current history of out they divide pre-sale usage, now with only two groups, Experience and Innocence, even if the worst happened you should be fine. Within a year, you'll be back in the top group again for tickets. What their doing, is that if you have been a subscriber for over a year, you get in the top group when tickets go on sale. Everyone else that registered within months of the announcement or after the announcement is in the lower group.

Of course, I think there should be 3 groups, one that rewards people who have remained subscribed to since the beginning without let up, a middle group with just a year or two as members, and then the newbies in the lower group.

I hope they resolve this problem for you as soon as possible!