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Re: The payoff - SOE burst into FULL COLOR for me
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2018, 05:05:57 PM »
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I keep listening to this timing on the little things that give you away all the time.
That moment when bono sings “sometimes” and edge chimes it creates an enormous synergy of the band and the song, it is the moment of fruition of the song for the listener.
Go and listen to it and tell me if you hear what I hear.

The album is almost great, it has greatness on it for sure and it’s a great achievement by the band in their 5th decade.

I indeed hear what you hear and just now confirmed that on the 3:22 mark. And at 3:49 is the climax which is to me literally as exalting as anything they've ever done - Bad, Streets intro, anything. And as gut wrenching as anything. Out of a vast catalog of emotional songs, they managed to best themselves at this point, in my strongly held opinion.

The other song that is rising to the top for me is RFD. This is a quality song, accessible and sounds great, also very creative and fresh while connecting back to the rawness of War. The tone of the song belies its wrenching content, somewhat like on SLABT only without the eviscerating sarcasm. The sarcasm of SLABT catapults that song into greatness in my book, and RFD also achieves greatness.

I assume I'm not the first by far to say this but I havn't run across this - or maybe it's too obvious to mention. But as I see it, the verses are sung by the mother of Alan, the toddler whose body washed ashore, to her sons. (Pardon me if I misremembered his name; my memory isn't what it used to be). They are all scared but they can't afford to be; she loves them and would never have even dreamed of going as far as she did except for that love and desperation. She tells them they have to go a bit further, a bit further yet, though they are all terrified. There is no sign of paradise but surely they will see it when it's theirs. The tone is genius; nothing more heart wrenching. It's easy to hear the fear and doubt in her words while she tries to put on a good face and offer a hope she does not feel.

The bridge isn't sung by her because now she and her sons are gone.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - I can't believe the news today.
Red Flag Day - not even news today.

Sunday Bloody Sunday - sing: No More! No More! No More! No More!
Red Flag Day - one word that the sea can't say, is No, No, No, No!

Chills and stomachache and tears.

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Re: The payoff - SOE burst into FULL COLOR for me
« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2018, 02:41:36 AM »
Yes RFD is a real highlight, can’t wait to hear it live if I can get a ticket!
Julian Lennon on backing vocals which I never knew is he mentioned in the liner notes?
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Re: The payoff - SOE burst into FULL COLOR for me
« Reply #17 on: April 12, 2018, 08:33:47 AM »
Listened to this album again a couple nights ago.  It keeps gaining strength.  Songs I used to be “meh” about, I’m being struck by now.  Very, very strong album, in my opinion.  Once you start to realize that something like Achtung Baby or The Joshua Tree probably won’t happen (two of the greatest albums by anyone of all time), you can let yourself go, a little bit, and appreciate U2 made a pistachio type album — it takes some work to crack open and let yourself in.  It’s not quite Unforgettable Fire or Zooropa, either, but it might end up not far from  those for me, and that’s pretty incredible for me from them today.

Just my opinion.  I don’t care for Songs of Innocence so much, but this album is something else.