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Hallo I'm a new member but an old fan. I have been a fan since 2005 and I'm surprise I haven't been a member in here before now. I could'n find me yesterday. When I could'n find me I wanted to register today, guess why?
I don't know what to say about myself, so ask if interesstet.  8)

I'm not that good in english so there will be mistakes, but not too many I hope


Welcome! What originally got you interested in U2?

Thanks alot both of you!

It was back in 2005. The short version is, I found the live version of Beautiful Day from Slane Castle and fell in love. I could't get enoght. In 8-9 months I listen only, with few exceptions, to U2. Since then others have come into my life too. U2 is still my favourite but many come very VERY close. U2 is very special to me.
What about yourself?

Slane Castle 2001. The energy in unbelievable. Amazing.

In 1988 I heard I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and I couldn't get enough, don't even know why. Just felt lifted in some profound way.

What do you think of Songs of Experience?


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