Author Topic: Dreaming Out Loud - Chances of catching the band arriving at United Center??  (Read 357 times)

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Hello everyone

I have been to 2 concerts to-date but this time I want to go all out.
I got a GA ticket and I was planning to try and wait around United Center to maybe catch the band arriving for sound check or before the show. Like, I was hoping to maybe see one of them up close like everyone else. And the video they posted only fueled my desire to do that, LOL!

Any tips from people who have done that? How do you know where to wait?  Do they stop to see the fans? How early do they usually arrive at the venue? Chances of getting a pic or an autograph? Is it more likely to win the lottery, get struck by lightning? 😂😂

Any tips are welcome. This is for Chicago on May 22nd.

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Wait at the back of the arena. The opposite end of the Jordan statue. There is an entrance at the back.

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At least 1 of them came out each day to greet fans in LA. Someone told me that 3pm local time seems to be a regular occurrence.
I was about an hour later and they were clearly already gone. They have supposedly been very gracious and patient with fans, talking, signing, photos. Good luck in my home town!