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Hi from Australia

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Hi All,
have been lurking here and other forums for U2 for years but have been slow to join in in discussions.
Wife and I have been fans since mid 80's around the time of LiveAid. Our first concert together was LoveTown in Melbourne. Have seen every tour since then except Pop. Sadly with U2 not showing their love to us Aussies since 2011 we have resorted to travelling to see them at great expense....  saw I&E in London a couple of times, JT30 in Amsterdam and hoping to get to Milan in October to E&I. Bloody hard to travel half way around the world for a concert, many friends and family think we are mad, you lot know how we feel and why we are compelled to do this!
Not sure who is the bigger addict, the wife or me but we are both lost in the love for this amazing band and their music over our lifetime. The last few years I have become a periscopaholic and don't miss many shows, its the only way to feed the addiction and keep the fire burning to see them live.
We have a pretty good tribute band down here called Achtung Baby their shows also help us stay somewhat sane.
Anyway here's hoping the boys tour Australia again one day but in the meantime we just keep saving up for travel and see a show or two each tour. Wouldn't have it any other way...… :)

Man, I can't even imagine being able to share this with a spouse. My husband doesn't even like them. It would be so awesome to explore a new album together or discuss the meaning of a lyric. And you guys would experience a concert in that way together.

What is it like to share your life with someone you can share your music with?

Wow, I couldn't image not sharing this passion.
We wake up some mornings and just lay in bed listening to new songs or clips posted from tour shows. We both delight at snippets of U2 music used in advertising/promotion and yes, the meanings and words discussions are great after each song/album is released.
Our wedding waltz in 1992 was Everlasting Love and U2's cover is one of our favourite all time covers.
Its been a life long connection and in tearful moments during songs/concerts its always beautiful to share the tears, those moments are so precious.
So lucky we both share this connection together. At any celebration we find ourselves dancing to All I want is You.....  so corny but so real for us.....

<sniff> That's so beautiful. Treasure it always. Any kids to pass this along to?

What got you guys into them in the first place?

In the 80’s their music was different, had more lasting and deeper meaning to their lyrics than other bands. We just knew it would be timeless and it’s proven true. 3 kids, youngest is 17, her first words were Bono I think. All raised on our love for this band and their music and have been to several concerts with us. Whilst they are not tragics like us they do have an appreciation for them and quite enjoy loud “concert” nights at our place.


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