Author Topic: Should we sit down during the show?  (Read 2170 times)

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Re: Should we sit down during the show?
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I suspect if I went to a U2 concert in the near future which is unlikely given I live in Australia I would do a bit of both.  I don't feel the need to stand to respect the band, I already respect them having paid for the ticket and liking their music.  I am the same age as Bono and have always been very fit all my life and outwardly still look fit but I do carry several spinal injuries as the result of a near fatal car accident, not that they are visible on the outside and I also need a knee reconstruction from a life of extreme sports and working the land.  So yeah I might not be flinging myself around quite as much, will depend on how things pan out on the night.  If I needed to sit I would just sit back and soak up the sound and the atmosphere and I wouldn't care less what other people thought of that!  I guess if people were standing around me I don't think there is much one could do about it so would just chill about it. 

In the old days I remember going to concerts where there was a huge area reserved that wasn't ticketed that people could actually go down to if they wanted to dance and in front of that area in front of the stage was a section for people with bona fide disability passes where they could sit or their wheelchairs could be accommodated.  I don't suppose they do that anymore.

I think girls on shoulders probably belongs to the younger generation lol.  Even the very fit 60 yo farmers I farm next too would struggle with that one for 2 hours.  We all have arthritis in our joints from years of physical work lol.

Heres a thought- Perhaps we should give Bono the respect by loving the music without expecting him to leap around on stage like a young man for the rest of his touring life!  Liam Gallagher said of Jagger, poor old dinosaur hips will be expected to leap around on stage until he is 108.
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Re: Should we sit down during the show?
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I saw Simple Minds, too, and they were awesome.  Jim Kerr really rocks the house.  However, I have never sat at a U2 show and I refuse to do so.  Why even go if you're just sitting?  I don't get it.

You don't get it that some might have bad knees that make standing for 2-3 hours difficult? Or a bad back?  Or a variety of other problems that could get in the way?

I am 45 and still in pretty good shape considering my age, and I never stand for a whole concert anymore.  I like having seats so I can sit when I want and pick my spots for when I want to stand and rock out.  And hey, if someone wants to stand for the whole concert, have at it. I will never be that guy yelling "sit down" at people at a rock concert, but I will also not be that guy who thinks oddly of those who choose to sit.

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Re: Should we sit down during the show?
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It's fine as long as you don't mind people standing in front of you.