Author Topic: Return of the Stingray Guitar/Glastonbury/Lucifer Hands/Volcano/American Soul  (Read 343 times)

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so all of these songs share the same groove but what is the best song out of them ? My vote goes to Glastonbury- they missed a trick there, why they didn't debut it at Glastonbury I'll never know...and the xiren cover's not too shabby either...

thoughts ?

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I think they are two roads, not one

Stingray - Lucifer

Glastonbury - Volcano - American Soul

I think Stingray was the best one, mostly finished and dared to open the show a few times with it. Seeing it live would have been weird, but interesting. Just imagine.

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I love the Glastonbury/Volcano/American Soul/XXX song line.

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I quite like Stingray and Lucifer's Hands is very good, may give a slight edge to Stingray, but Lucifer's Hands has a great chorus. The verses do remind me of T. Rex's 20th Century Boy.

The Glastonbury/Volcano/American Soul evolution is interesting.

I think Glastonbury is the strongest, it's got really cool verses, and "the pocketful of sunshine" lyric works more for me than "you and I are rock n' roll." I think Volcano has a groovy baseline from Adam, but American Soul has fun verses too. I like the guitar sound for American Soul, but the chorus is lacking. The "you and I are rock and roll" works more in Volcano as the bridge I think, however I do like it more as a chorus than the actual chorus for Volcano. Hehe, this is a bit confusing.

However, Larry's drums sound good, particularly punchy on Volcano, on which Danger Mouse's production serves them well.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see them recycle bits for different songs and how the song evolved. I hope that Edge is done with that riff for good now though, it's a bit worn out I'd say.

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Stingray guitar doesnt have lyrics does it? So i will go with Lucifers Hands.  Also love Bono's voice during the chorus.

As for Glastonbury/Volcano/AS - Volcano hands down.  Im surprised this song doesn't get more love. Its a great rocker, much better than most of their later career rockers. The Vol-Can-O! chorus is great and catchy. Also I like the out in the night/out of your mind pre chorus. Simple but clever lyrics. Great Bass and I love Edge's guitar in the chorus, very underrated later day riff. As someone already mentioned the "you and I are rock n roll" is much better as a bridge. I actually strongly dislike AS.