Author Topic: Anyone Heard Show Day Procedure Rumors? Camping out restrictions, etc...  (Read 1150 times)

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I know on the Vertigo Tour there were some new procedures put in place on the day of the show. i.e. No line forming before 8am... the "random" lottery to get inside the ellipse.

Anyone heard what they are planning with this tour?

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You're months ahead of the game as tickets just went on sale here in the States. Most venues have a rough idea what's going on about a week prior to the show with the final details coming the day of the show when U2's crew gets there and sorts them out. Typically the fans following the tour closely know much more about this stuff than the folks working at the venue do.

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No lining up before 8am? That wasnt true here in Chicago. Its all about the venue. And Joe is right. We may not know til a week before the show. Watch out for the line nazis though. :)

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They didn't have any restrictions as far as I know for any of the Canadian dates either.  I got to the venue at around 7:30am last tour and I was #72 in line, so I imagine whoever was #1 in the line-up must've either camped out or been there at the crack of dawn.

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does lining up extra early give you any better chance of getting in the inner circle?  or is it totally random?

also - i am a fan club member who got GA during the presale.  the ticketmaster printed tickets have the word FAN on them.  does having fan club purchased GA increase the odds, or again, is it totally random?
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the procedures are going to vary by venue.  some venues in the past have been VERY cool in what they let you do.  i think in minnesota in 2001 they let people in really early due to the cold.

as far as the GA ticket procedure, it's going to be totally random.  it will have nothing to do with being part of the fanclub.