Author Topic: Houston October 14th Reliant Stadium Anyone? Anyone?  (Read 5439 times)

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Re: Houston October 14th Reliant Stadium Anyone? Anyone?
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We were in 508, not far from you. Aside from the band being microscopic and us having to use binoculars, the biggest problem was that when the center cone expanded downward, we couldn't see that band at all, except for their feet now and then.  It was probably great if you were sitting lower but not so good up where we were.

Anyway, I didn't sit down for a second when U2 played, even though I had a chair. Who could sit through that?????  What a wonderful experience.

gasp...I spent 2 hrs studing the seating ...and had only so much that we could spend, so that's were we ended camera really didn't do as well as I would have liked either, it couldn't focus when the colors became blue...??? :(  That's why the boys had that huge screen so we could see!!!!!!  Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry that you had icky seats...they should have blocked that area out for purchace. We were the top of the 3 rows smack in the middle along the wall. I looked on both sides of me and couldn't figure out why no one was standing up!???  I'm on bone therpy and arthritis meds and I was UP!!!!!!!!  :D

My husband, who doesn't know but maybe one song....ONE, suggested that the words should have been up for the audiance(who didn't know the words) to sing along with! We did meet a woman that was her first concert there. He was blown away by the crowd singing to Bono too!  :-*
The only other complaint...(if any of the crew chimes/read in here)...the BASS was so overpowering (Muse and sometime Larry's drum set) that at times we couldn't understand what was being sung. Muse, ....coundn't understand a word....but, sorry, no apologies here (the first song was the only song worth listening to)...we covered our ears to 2 of the songs!!! What in the ^%$# was that god awefull high-pitched piece of %$#* that they played???!!!! I though my ears were gonna bleed! Kinda felt what Bono felt the other night in his ear piece!! 
Anyways.....I felt like THEY didn't want to leave us at the end......but alas, all good things must come to an end..... :'(  Please come back to Houston U2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!