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I sat for most of the Nashville show for this reason, because I was afraid that if I lost my balance while standing, I would fall into the rows in front of me.

You could have started a mosh pit in the upper levels. That would be pretty hardcore.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: The book of your heart
« Last post by gmoneypower on Today at 07:10:42 PM »
Possibly the Best song on the record. Phenomenal.
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The Unforgettable Fire sounded really dated to me at first, still kind of does but I like it anyway.

Miami I initially hated, but now it's. . .  fine.

I totally agree with these two. TUF is a really well-arranged song and one of U2's underrated gems. Miami is one of those songs that seems bad until you understand how well it actually captures the spirit of the city of Miami and get around the unfortunate placement on Pop, and then it gets better. It's not the greatest U2 song, but not the worst.

I don't the city of Miami much either, part of why it was hard to get into the song perhaps.
Love is Blindness
I' e only been to two shows and I heard Wild Horses both times, so that's kind of funny. A rarity is common for me.

I really want to hear Little Things and Red Flag Day on Friday, but I won't. I've made my peace with the set list, though.

I think the song I would most like to hear live, other than what I'll be getting night after next, is 40. It's not a favorite tune or anything, but I imagine it's a wonderful experience live. The audience unified, together, singing. You don't have to be a die-hard or anything; you could have literally never heard the song in your life and still join in and feel a part of something bigger, the experience the audience shares. I imagine it stops being a performance then, and becomes literally U2, us too, participating, feeling the music, contributing to it, making a joyous sound, differences melted away for too short of a time.
General U2 Discussion / Re: No Line On The Horizon
« Last post by laoghaire on Today at 06:28:18 PM »
I drove through the desert only once, with a friend. We did a huge road trip when we were 19. I knew when I hit the desert I wanted to play The Joshua Tree. I had the tape all ready to go, my friend knew I wanted this. In Colorado, the tape player in my friend's creaky Honda Civic died. And my dream along with it.

We still had a radio but in the canyons of Utah there was no radio.

Then, in the outskirts of Arizona, we found a radio station. I was wishing I could at least hear Streets - I could see the red backdrop of Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona in my mind's eye - and I could not believe it when Streets was played, in Arizona, where I needed it. I got that at least.
Hawkmoon 269. The version that was played live a handful of times. Beyond brilliant, but I suspect Bono wouldn't be able to do it justice anymore...
General U2 Discussion / Re: No Line On The Horizon
« Last post by Tom_Desert_Rat on Today at 04:16:17 PM »
I have listened to U2 since the beginning. I remember sitting outside on a warm afternoon at a Peruvian café listening to NLOTH with my wife of over 30 years. It really captured me. My wife and I haven't been to a U2 concert in years. I said, "This is it, this is the pinnacle of U2. I'm afraid everything after this will be a slow burn down." We went to the 360 concert in the Vegas desert. No Line is a very good album. You can feel the experience and maturity of the group poured into the album. I relate to a lot of what the album said. There are a few songs that I wish were better, Boots was one, but live in concert it was ok. Even with this being a great album, you can't deny, driving through the desert listening to Joshua Tree, you are one with the desert and with that, No Line has a place in the history of U2. The Joshua Tree is still their greatest work. I drove coast to coast and back again....7225 miles, and as I drove through the desert, I looked up at the desert sky
 Dream beneath a desert sky
 The rivers run but soon run dry
 We need new dreams tonight

 Desert rose
 Dreamed I saw a desert rose
 Dress torn in ribbons and in bows
 Like a siren she calls to me
News and Rumors / Re: EI DVD Washington DC
« Last post by 64ac30 on Today at 03:16:49 PM »
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they film most shows i thought?

They film every show with their cameras, not a professional film crew. Also they like getting audience face shots on the DVDs, so they put up signs letting people know they may be on video, for possible dvds. If theyre not filming for a dvd or music video, they won’t have the sign up.
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