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Fun and Games / Re: A-Z tv shows
« Last post by kevtn43 on Today at 12:08:41 PM »
Gomer pile U.S.M.C
Fun and Games / Re: A-Z U2 songs
« Last post by kevtn43 on Today at 12:07:20 PM »
The Music and Lyrics / Calling GLORIA lovers RIGHT NOW
« Last post by laoghaire on Today at 09:49:27 AM »

What is the best part for you? Hearing that TWO THREE FOUR and knowing we're about to start hopping? The end part where they are all yelling? The quiet reflective verses followed by an ass kicking from Edge?

For me, it's the breakdown. We get a little solo from Edge and we go into the breakdown, a groovy Adam piece with Larry cymbals for emphasis. But the crowning GLORY is the POWER CHORD FROM EDGE that restarts the whole yelling mess again. CHURCH.

I want to hear from you. That's right.
The Music and Lyrics / Empty spaces
« Last post by laoghaire on Today at 09:25:26 AM »
One musical device I love from U2 is the use of gaps from an instrument where the rejoining of it in the mix pushes the song to another level.

One example is Mysterious Ways. Adam sits out the verses but it's really the breakdown/bridge that I love. I can't actually swear Adam is not in there at all, he might be playing some of the notes, but if so they are just brief punctuations and higher up. When Bono sings"you were held how by this LOVE while" and the bass groove kicks back in, it's insane. Edge is making so much noise that you think the band is complete, but then the key bass groove starts playing and it's another level.

A smaller example is TUF, where Adam sits out a beat or two here and there. It's his absence that makes his presence louder.

Another example is NLOTH on the chorus, that grinding NOISE from Edge quiets down. You get through the chorus and Larry starts murdering Yamahas, and that EDGE NOISE IS BACK YESSSSSS.

Have you noticed any examples of empty spaces that gets the music to another level?
General Music Discussion / Re: the 5 songs rocking your world right now
« Last post by julez728 on Today at 07:29:42 AM »
Currently in a Radiohead mood:

"How to Disappear Completely"
"High & Dry"
Fun and Games / Re: A-Z tv shows
« Last post by julez728 on Today at 07:24:21 AM »
Family Guy
Fun and Games / Re: A-Z Band names
« Last post by julez728 on Today at 07:23:51 AM »
Massive Attack
Recently when I surfing on web I saw this list , I think this is a really special list for the Christmas Eve , I bookmarked the post and will listen it on Christmas Eve , I wanted to share with you here is the link for this great song list

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Joshua Tree
Achtung Baby
Unforgettable Fire
How to Dismantle
Songs of Innocence
All that You Can't
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Every Breaking Wave performed live
« Last post by 73October on Today at 03:36:22 AM »
No, I was thinking Adele ;D (joking!)
Yes it is an intimate song but nothing wrong with dreaming out loud.
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