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"American Soul" and "Blackout" really rocked the house!  "13" and "Love is Bigger" were great crooners.  GOOYOW sounded smooth and solid; YTBTAM was less successful.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Ranking the SOE songs
« Last post by Droo on Today at 12:25:55 PM »
Rankings for me have changed a lot now that time has passed since its release and seeing most of the album performed live:

1. Ordinary Love
2. The Little Things That Give You Away
3. Love Is All We Have Left
4. Red Flag Day
5. Summer of Love
6. American Soul
7. 13 (There Is A Light)
8. Book of Your Heart
9. Landlady
10. Lights of Home
11. The Showman (Little More Better)
12. The Blackout
13. Get Out Of Your Own Way
14. Love Is Bigger Than Blah Blah Blah (ranks among the very few U2 songs I would say I hate)
I'm glad that I happened to be in a cool section where people were standing most of the time and having a great time.  I attended a "Boston" concert awhile back where everyone sat and it was a snoozefest.   As far as the lady behind who wanted people to sit, she was outnumbered so I just ignored her.  I think she got the hint when everyone in front remained standing.
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I doubt Bono was not enthusiastic.

But less energetic? Yes.

It's amazing to see that he used to have enough energy to literally charge a stadium. Now we have to do some of the work ourselves. I noticed a comment or two here with the viewpoint that it was his job to bring everybody to their feet. I would not be proud of having that entitled point of view. After all these years they've brought me to my feet, in so many ways. The guy almost died and something changed. This is an excellent show. If you're thinking, I could sit down here, make a teeeeeeny bit of effort and don't.

Well, your $200 ticket should entitle you to something.  Look, Iím not trying to be cold and heartless.  I just resent being told I have some obligation to display enthusiasm I donít feel just so the show can live up to someone elseís expectations.  I enjoyed the show just as it was, staying seated when those around me were seated.  Iím fine with a U2 show not being the spectacle it once was.  Iím thinking maybe U2 is okay with it too.  Things change.

The attitude here is that I didnít even deserve to be there even though I paid good money for a seat.  Thinking casual fans owe a performance of their own to the hardcore fans.  Thatís entitlement.

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Figures that your also ok with people not buying albums(physical or digital) and just streaming. Now its sitting down at a rock concert. Sorry, but neither one is cool or respectful of rock artist and their work.

Wait a this Jack Black??

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Who is "Jack Black"?
Miami. I spent years hating the song and always skipping it when listening to Pop, but somewhere along the way I changed my mind and started loving it in all its sleazy, lurid stupidity.
Tours / Re: **SPOILERS** Which SOE song has been the best live?
« Last post by Droo on Today at 12:19:46 PM »
American Soul. Great energy and I saw a whole bunch of people around me (in the stands no less) singing along with the "YOU! ARE! ROCK AND ROLL!" part.

LIBTAIIW and GOOYOW are the two big duds live. Nobody around me seemed to be into them at all and Bono tried and failed spectacularly to get people to sing along to GOOYOW.
Fun and Games / Re: Completely Random Thoughts!
« Last post by 73October on Today at 10:58:59 AM »
Is there a member on here called 'Inchicore' or 'Houseman' that lurks, I wonder
Fun and Games / Re: 4 word U2 story
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drove the wrong way
Fun and Games / Re: U2 Word Association
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Fun and Games / Re: Only Two Words - Last Word First
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jigsaw piece
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