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Can't agree with this more. Both DC shows (I was in 118 and 408) my sections were dead. Sat most of the show. It was ridiculous.

Sorry some of us are ruining the show for you guys.

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Tours / Re: DC / Recent Show times?
« Last post by rlabs19 on Today at 11:46:49 AM »
About 8:30-8:40
Can't agree with this more. Both DC shows (I was in 118 and 408) my sections were dead. Sat most of the show. It was ridiculous.
News and Rumors / Re: EI DVD Washington DC
« Last post by ShankAsu on Today at 11:39:44 AM »
they film most shows i thought?
Tours / Re: How many U2 shows have you seen?
« Last post by ShankAsu on Today at 11:38:48 AM »
3- popmart, 360 and i.e.
had a ticket for JT30 but didn't go as i found out later it was on mother's day.
“Always on My Mind” – Pet Shop Boys
“Open Arms” – Journey
“Karma Police” – Radiohead
“Blister in the Sun” – Violent Femmes
“A Boy Named Sue” – Johnny Cash
“I Wanna Be Your Love” – Prince
“Casey Jones” – Grateful Dead
“Big Me” – Foo Fighters
“Millennium” – Robbie Williams
“Set You Free” – The Black Keys
The Music and Lyrics / Re: American Soul
« Last post by Vox on Today at 10:54:28 AM »
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I'm curious as to whether the lines Bono put on XXX were made primarily for that song and then became part of American Soul or the other way around, as "the sound of drum and bass" has radically different meanings across the two. "Drum and bass" is a common hip-hop metaphor for the sound of gunshots, so whereas in American Soul "this country is to me a sound of drum and bass" could be interpreted as the idea of America being a driving call to action, in XXX it's a portrait of violence-torn destruction in line with the rest of the song. I wonder which of the two meanings it had first.

I remember reading somewhere (I can't remember if it was a Bono or Kendrick Lamar interview -- love them both) that U2 had sent Kendrick an early version of "American Soul" and wanted him to be featured on it for the new U2 album.  Kendrick liked that particular line of that song, liked some of the rhythm and pacing of it, but imagined it in a different way and asked if he could sample it for "XXX" on DAMN.  SO -- it's my understanding that Kendrick Lamar basically sampled that line for "XXX."     
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The way I look at it is I paid good money for a ticket.  Its not my job to pump up the audience, its the band’s job.  Of course its different for everyone, but I know every song U2 has ever recorded by heart and I found this show boring.  I think I’m not the only one.  The person I was there with also felt it just wasn’t the same kind of show they’ve done in the past.  It was partly the setlist but also the energy from the band just wasn’t there.  I’ve been a fan of U2 since 1982, but I don’t understand worrying about the crowd.  Enjoy the show the way you want to enjoy it and let others do the same.

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Were you sitting down during this show?

I've seen U2 23 times since ZOO TV, and I have never found any of their shows, regardless of tour to be "boring". Did you buy the new album? Do you like the new album? If not, then why did you pay to see the show? U2 are NOT the classic rock band that place your local farm show, or town fair every year to play the same hits over and over again. Their doing what they did from day ONE, which is playing and emphasizing NEW MUSIC as well as constructing the show around that NEW MUSIC. Are you really a long time die hard fan, or really just a fan of what they did in the 1980s with knowledge of what they have done since then?

I love the fact that what they have done on this tour is a bit different. One of the best things about this show is NO JOSHUA TREE! Joshua Tree is my second favorite album, but its been played at every show since that tour. I love that the band had the balls to not play any songs from it. There were some ass holes in the crowd in D.C. YELLING for Joshua Tree while Bono was trying to talk.


I don’t understand all the concern about record sales and ticket sales and crowd enthusiasm.  I don’t need for millions of people to like what I like in order to enjoy it.

People are interested in the band and in the success of the band. It also impacts what they do and whether they continue on as a band. I still had a great time at the shows I saw despite the people in the mid-levels and upper levels sitting down. But I was shocked to see it. I find it disrespectful to the artist. It also creates problems for fans who naturally want to stand and dance in those sections. If they stand up, they get harassed to sit down.

If you find these issues irrelevant or uninteresting, why take the time to post here about it?

When those in front of and behind me were standing I stood.  As the crowd began to seat itself so did I.  Where I come from that’s just proper etiquette.  So what are you saying?  Anyone not willing to stand through the whole show is not enough of a die-hard fan to be there?  I love U2 but I’ve never been one to go crazy at any concert.  That’s just not my thing.  Disrespectful to the band?  Really?  I like U2.  I don’t worship them.  If tens of thousands of fans paying hundreds of dollars to see them every night is not enough to keep them touring then there is something else keeping them off the road.

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Imagine if everyone at Red Rocks was sitting with their hands folded in front of them. Audience response matters. This is not a philosophy lecture, its a ROCK CONCERT! People have been standing, dancing and going crazy at U2 concerts for decades now. That's the norm. Audience response impacts the band far more than the money which by now is just piling up in amounts that are inconceivable to probably even the band. The band continue to earn what they are worth in the market because otherwise scalpers(both business's and individuals) will make that money. What the band truly value though more than ever is the experience they have playing live and the impact they see on the enjoyment of people in the crowd.

So unless you have a health problem or are disabled, you should stand up. Its a form of respect for a rock artist. Why sit when you can stand? Where is the fun in sitting? Sitting is not good for you. You'll benefit far more health wise by standing and moving your body around.
The Band / Re: Bono Still Rocks My World!
« Last post by SUMNER78 on Today at 10:32:28 AM »
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Fun and Games / Re: A-Z U2 songs
« Last post by kevtn43 on Today at 10:27:31 AM »
Every breaking wave
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