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Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by Honky Tonk Angel on Today at 11:40:54 AM »
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I'm pretty pi**ed off.
Not so much because U2 are not playing Scotland but just so little dates in the UK.
I love U2 and want my 15 year old kids to experience a live show but it's impossible to get 4 tickets together.
I was lucky to get 2 GA tickers for Manchester; it was luck as in there were only so many available and I was lucky to get a connection to ticketmaster a few mili seconds before others.

My cousin is an innocence member and offered to give me her tickets but she could not get GA.
So I am either hoping that they have reserved some GA tickets for those that bought the album and I get another 2 GA.
Otherwise I will be gtrying to get 4 cheap seats when they go on general sale and will have to GA tickets to sell for a huge profit. 
Ok, just joking, if I do sell my GA tickets it will be at cost. Proud to sell at cost to make someones day.

The thing is, for the first time, I'm almost thinking about giving the concert a miss. Too much hassle.
I remember when U2 came to the SECC in Glasgow for Zoo TV we queued all night for tickets at the SECC. Hell, they even opened the doors and let us in and we had a great time. We knew we were guaranteed tickets.  Now we just have low life scumbags that seem to get tickets over those that have been paying £50 for a few years in the belief they can secure tickets.

I'm VERY pi**ed off they are not playing Scotland! This is the first time they have missed us out (apart from the latest JT tour) We've decided not to even bother this time around. Haven't missed a tour yet, so we're a bit gutted. But fed up with fighting to get tickets.
We also queued all night at the SECC for tickets to Zoo TV and it was great fun. Get back to those days I say, get back to queuing for tickets.
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by Danny82 on Today at 11:35:29 AM »
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Were those who got standing tix in the experience group? Despite being a member for years but not always subscribing yet have done the past two years I am stuck in innocence hell!

Iím in the innocense group but have GA tickets for Amsterdam. Guess I was lucky
Very lucky indeed, 10.01am no availability off GA

Thatís weird, I entered the website at 10:05 (had to wait in the line)...
Honestly, I have no idea how that crazy ticketmaster system works. Always here strange stories
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by Gavin82 on Today at 11:03:03 AM »
TM did it too me for GnR tried all day for normal GC tixs but all they had was VIP EE tixs @ £240 FV then many months later days before show they dropped tixs.

Its all a scam they want us too buy all the top end tixs
Tours / Re: Europe dates confirmed
« Last post by 73October on Today at 10:33:22 AM »
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Well I've gone for seating for london o2 107 sec row T for 83 quid! Not too bad a view. If there another london gig. I'll try for standing!

I looked at that.  Do you get to see the screen?  Got sec Sec 116 and second to rear row for Manchester for £110.  View of stage side on, catwalk, b-stage and screen.  Although the b-stage will be a little further away.
News and Rumors / Re: New Video for GOOYOW
« Last post by apoed on Today at 10:32:21 AM »
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Surprised Matt McGee allowed this thread to be honest, considering it criticises his hero Trump!

Iíve seen a lot of U2 Ďfansí disowning them and saying they are finished for slating Ďmyí president. But being brutally honest, how can they call themselves U2 fans? This is a band that has always been very liberal from a political perspective, and thankfully so, so how many more right wing fans of the band didnít get this is hilarious in showing up their idiocy.

Good riddance I say. U2 doesnít need fans like them.

I think the shot at Matt was unnecessary.  I appreciate that he runs this site.  That said, as a fellow American, I've observed that this President has a particularly polarizing effect on Americans.  For about 40% of the country, they feel he is as authentic to their beliefs as could be possible in a politician of that rank.  For another 40%, he stands for everything they revile in American history.  The other 20% (who are somehow undecided) is probably who will decide if he gets re-elected in 3 years....
News and Rumors / Re: New Video for GOOYOW
« Last post by apoed on Today at 10:29:22 AM »
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What is interesting to notice how much more detail focused U2 are, they have been criticiing things before, but they had enough vagueness and ambiguity there, now the universal message is lost by focusing too much on one side.

I respectfully disagree.  "Bullet the Blue Sky" is explicit in its critique of American foreign policy, and in the Making of the Unforgettable Fire documentary, Bono mentions that Ronald Reagan is a lot to stomach for people that early in the day when referencing an interview on Good Morning America.  To be clear, I am not advocating one way or the other here, but to say that U2 just started revealing their partisan politics is ignoring most of the 80s and early 90s.  Only during the 2000s did they start playing it closer to the vest, because Bono felt he needed to cater to all sides to get maximum funding for the One campaign (which was probably a smart decision by him).  Now that he's observed it's a lost cause that Trump would ever want to contribute money to countries that he allegedly described as being "s***-holes" , Bono apparently has decided he doesn't need to play both sides of the aisle anymore, so he and the band are letting their true political feelings come out.  That may offend some people who are just learning of them, but they've shown indications of having these beliefs for 35 years now.... 
Riders on the Storm  Nosara Costa Rica surfing on a 10 foot ++ day.
There are so many songs that bring up memories of times, places and people and different periods of life.  That is one of the gifts of music.
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by 73October on Today at 10:20:55 AM »
No standing in London or Manchester at 9.30pm on Thursday.  (For TJT, went on in the evening and scored standing tickets.  The original batch sold out and they must have added a further batch that evening).  Because we had a 48 hour notice of sale this week, and because of working patterns, this was the earliest we could get online.  We wanted Manchester.  It nearer than London and Friday is less disruptive re: work so no need to book much time off.  No need to book an overnight stay in a hotel.  Also we can stand (or rather sit) in solidarity with Mancunians.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Have U2 run out if ideas?
« Last post by Bundang Dave on Today at 10:11:52 AM »
Actually, SOE is just a rehash of SOI. Have you noticed that the titles of both albums begin with "Songs of.."?

Not only that, but they're both a rip off of William Blake.

Out of ideas, indeed.
Tours / Re: Europe dates confirmed
« Last post by Cstoney73 on Today at 10:11:06 AM »
Any info / rumors on dates for Dublin and Belfast?
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