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News and Rumors / Re: New Video for GOOYOW
« Last post by 73October on Today at 10:09:15 AM »
It seems to have had the most adverse reaction in the US (no surprises).  I'm still trying to work out what the reaction is in Europe. 
General U2 Discussion / Re: Will SOE be U2s last album
« Last post by 73October on Today at 10:04:02 AM »
I think I have read a few comments that say that the band go into every album as IF it is their last.  Adam also said to Chris Evans on Radio 2 that another album was not out of the question.
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by larrys pants on Today at 09:32:52 AM »
guaranteed there will be standing in the general sale, there was no standing for Berlin at 10.00 am! I have also kept my code, I also know I will get standing eventually... the fan club renewal is a total rip off!
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by kevc on Today at 09:24:38 AM »
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I got standing for Manchester in less than one minute on Thursday

No issues on Thursday for experience group, all ticket prices and venues available through much of day, issue was Friday 're innocense (I missed expetience band by 2 days on my subscription), only GA I saw available was Berlin, Paris and Milan (1st night), after 30 mins or so only single seats (lower price bands) or 200 Euro seats , only exception was Paris where there was a delay in sales.

Couple of thoughts on reasons

1- imagine a higher than normal number of subscribers dit in experience group, given 2 tour announcements in consec years , this would have impacted demand

2- only 13 shows announced so far, max 180k-200k tickets, assume fan club may take @ 10-20% of availability, more to come but I'm think had I&e tour had more dates on sale at first  announcement. Looks like only 1 allocation for fan club hence lack of availability.

3- appears the code validity is untrue, I'm aware through forums of experience users buying multiple tickets for multiple venues due to multiple sellers on the european tour.

4- heard there were code glitches with  where no code was needed on Thursday to score tickets.

I have an unused innocense code and was an interested spectator watching sales availability and subscriber comments on several forums, I decided to wait it out for second date announcements, I also have the album code and will see what's available Monday, it will be very interesting to see what's available with the album, live nation pre sales prior to General sale in Friday.
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by jono2u on Today at 08:56:26 AM »
I got standing for Manchester in less than one minute on Thursday
News and Rumors / Re: Any news of 2017 Fan Club subscribers "gift" ?
« Last post by jono2u on Today at 08:54:34 AM »
Still waiting and renewed in April last year - just not good enough
General U2 Discussion / Re: No Glasgow dates
« Last post by jono2u on Today at 08:53:30 AM »
i dont expect them to play Scotland this time. The one tiny glimmer of hope might be that in 2001 after playing 4 nights at Earls Court in London, they added 2 Glasgow shows with only a weeks notice.
Tours / Re: Pre-sale disgrace in europe
« Last post by larrys pants on Today at 08:22:27 AM »
13 gigs with at least 5000 standing per gig, there is no way all that was sold to experience members...I was on Berlin at 10.00 - no standing, my sister was in Manchester at 10.00 no standing... it's a clear and obvious ploy to punt all the dear seats to the fans and let the general sale hoover up the standing, it's disgusting!
News and Rumors / Re: New Video for GOOYOW
« Last post by radiofreenewport on Today at 08:14:44 AM »
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It is very interesting just how quiet the chat is with this video. For mine, I didn't think much of it. But that had nothing to do with the political elements, just that it really didn't grab me and didn't seem to enhance the tune in any way. Maybe I was just more interested in seeing the Mexican one. Which seemed a far lighter sort of video perhaps more in line with the song. 

It felt, much like the song itself, that the political parts to it were shoehorned in. And in the case of the video, over emphasised. Given this tune seemed to have less of that political message as its focus, whilst the video seemed to have that at its core.

I agree. While I thought the imagery was clever, it's totally disconnected from the song, which Bono has said (IIRC) that it's about his daughters finding their way in the world.

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It also seems like a very big shift from that more middle of the road, coming together of left and right, tone that the Joshua Tree tour had established. This more overt statement being far more in keeping with the band as we have know them, but a real shift from the tone of the last tour. So it is an interesting shift that perhaps hints at a more politically vocal, at least in a clearer certain direction, U2 on the next tour.

Good point. Given Bono's comments about rethinking the record, their doing American Soul on SNL, etc., it feels like Bono is desperate for people to listen to him/them and thinks that U2 can really have a mass impact. I think he said as much in the RS interview -- something like "we think we're just the band for these times." While I generally appreciate ambition and audacity, it rings hollow this time for me. They still have a massive audience, but the world has moved on and they're no longer capable of helping shape the zeitgeist. I wish he would let it go.
News and Rumors / Re: New Video for GOOYOW
« Last post by Sunchild on Today at 07:41:27 AM »
What is interesting to notice how much more detail focused U2 are, they have been criticiing things before, but they had enough vagueness and ambiguity there, now the universal message is lost by focusing too much on one side. As if the world was not divided enough. Fans who are neither left or right can barely relate to the message or emotional core. For an artist the way how to unite means to reach a higher level where everyone can relate, where's no side to choose, fighting for what we believe against all odds, themes that are universal. That's what U2 were known for before. It is a challenge for me, I can love the song and the video, because I can dismiss the details, and see the universal message despite all the descriptions. But I am aware that many people may have a harder time to do that, U2 dont make it easy for them, there's less room for relatability and imagination now. One can only wonder how many people who love it or hate it is because of the side of reality and truth U2 are depicting. That can date any art in the years to come as any vehicle of propaganda.   
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