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Fun and Games / Re: U2 - Setlist Fantasy Draft - Season 8
« Last post by WookieeWarrior10 on Today at 09:22:53 PM »
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I love that you put The Ground Beneath Her Feet and The Ocean in your set!
That's funny... I was scared you were going to take them before me!
I hope they play it in Chicago too...along with ASOH.  I'll take as many TUF songs as I can get.  Bad is a song that has gotten me through rough patches in my life too.

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The safest place I have ever been was the U2 shows at Madison Square Garden just after 9-11. It was also the most emotional show I have ever seen
The Music / Re: Little Things that Give You Away Chords
« Last post by aviastar on Today at 08:13:44 PM »
In the verses you can also substitute the third chord (Bbm7/Gb) for a Gb major 9 would be effectively the same.  But I like the Bbm7 over the Gb.  On the Bbm7 you can alternate between the first and the fourth inversion to voice it to mirror the melody lines.

Bbm7 | Ab maj6 | Bbm7/Gb | Ebm |
Fun and Games / Re: The "Finish My Sentence" Game
« Last post by OnlyU2 on Today at 08:00:34 PM »
"Don't Cry Daddy"  But while he sang this song, he was, of course, crying.  But Sir Sir Very Little Larry was singing along  "Don't Cry Daddy!!"  and he was crying too.  Then everyone started crying.  So Bono told Larry-Elvis to sing a different song, so he sang
General Music Discussion / Re: Ariana Grande Concert Explosions
« Last post by AchtungPop on Today at 07:36:57 PM »
Yes MSNBC was saying UK officials believe it was a suicide bomber in the public foyer of the arena. So still inside the arena, but not inside the main building.
Watching BBC World News, sounds like it was outside the arena, near the merch stalls.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Rose Bowl harassment
« Last post by dublinireland on Today at 07:18:12 PM »
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I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you and I hope you and your girlfriend decide to give U2 another try, but sadly, I'm not surprised. After reading some of the things a few members here used to post in certain topics, I think this is the unfortunate climate we are in right now and even a U2 show isn't immune. :(

this. ^

I don't think I'll do GA again. there always seems to be people that ruin it for others. I'm starting to think that paying the redzone fee is worth it. I was right behind it and it looked very nice!
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I feel the show should be 2 hrs 15 min...  rather than just 2 hours even.    That extra 15 minutes would make all the difference between people feeling they got their money's worth, and feeling they got shortchanged.   Would 15 minutes more on stage really be THAT much more physically demanding?    Maybe it's to preserve Bono's voice, but whatever... pick a couple songs that would be less challenging.

Let Edge sing Van Diemen's Land!
Tours / Re: Official Los Angeles (2) Thread ** Spoilers** 21 May 2017
« Last post by davis on Today at 07:02:32 PM »
Am I missing something?  All 20 of the U2 shows I've seen over the years clocked in right around two hours.  What's to complain about?  The first one, (Zoo TV, leg 1), they played 19 songs total. 
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