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The Music and Lyrics / Re: U2 and Politics Take the poll
« Last post by Vox on Today at 10:35:03 AM »
I think it's odd how some people seem surprised and hurt on U2's response to the current political situation. 

Back in the 80's, I was from a family of big Reagan supporters.  There was no doubt where U2 stood on a lot of his issues.  I took it and left it.  It was what it was.  After listening to this band for three decades, at this point I'm not surprised at anything Bono says.  I know where he's coming from.  He's been consistent.   

I don't think it should be surprise to anyone what U2's response is to someone who is in the current leadership in the United States.  A man, from his own tweets isn't a turn the other cheek sort of person and seems to seems to enjoy singling large swaths of people out...  I'm surprised people seem so wounded by it now.  Take it and leave it, if you enjoy the sound of the music.  Because if you've listen to the lyrics of the music, since the get-go, it shouldn't be a surprise where they would stand on what's going on right now.

Personally, I look at it like when I listen to a lot of hip hop...  I don't agree with a lot of what they say, but I like the music and the beat enough...  I'm not fragile enough that it upsets me and I know what I'm getting in to... 

Just my nickel and dime on the matter. 
News and Rumors / Re: Any news of 2017 Fan Club subscribers "gift" ?
« Last post by thedgefan on Today at 09:30:49 AM »
Ontario as well & nothing yet.
News and Rumors / Re: Any news of 2017 Fan Club subscribers "gift" ?
« Last post by Mozz on Today at 09:07:32 AM »
Crap. I'm also in Ontario and nothing has come in yet.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Could U2 play Red Rocks again?
« Last post by Vox on Today at 08:45:35 AM »
That would be an interesting idea for a concert video if they ever did a farewell-type tour...  Do one there at the beginning of that tour and then a last one at Slane.
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I once swore I would always stick with CDs and never buy music directly in digital form unless I just wanted a specific song. Now, I'm all about buying digital copies of things (it was actually the availability of U2 deluxe editions on sale around the release of TJT30 that inspired it). I tried a little bit of streaming, but honestly, it really isn't for me unless I'm entertaining people. I prefer to buy the music and own a copy and support the artist in question. They deserve my support for their work, and I just feel like streaming isn't it. Besides, it saves an awful lot of money for wifi access on flights. ;)

It's CDs and downloads for me. I like streaming for exploring new music, but I don't think it's something I can every rely solely on for listening. Not just for Internet data purposes, but because I like having some sort of copy that I own and something to play when there's no Internet connection!
The Music and Lyrics / Re: U2 and Politics Take the poll
« Last post by u2live on Today at 06:19:14 AM »
haven't missed a tour in 30 years but I'm skipping this one and ticket prices is a major reason............
Gone will fit pretty well near Lights of Home

The encore should open with Mofo. Imagine that sound kicking in during a long silence!

Also Please could work with The Troubles and/or Sunday Bloody sunday

Actually, I would be happy with and love any song, but those will fit the best. I don't think If God Will Send His Angels and Miami are songs they still can play
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Love is all we have left
« Last post by JFW on Today at 06:00:32 AM »
I think it's the best opener of the album Songs Of Experience  ;)
My gut says Gone and/or Discotheque are shoo-ins for E&I. Surely they'll know it's going to be 75% the same audience that showed up for I&E and the setlist has got to move a bit, as well as the visuals on the much hyped new screen. I'm also going to put money on this being the first tour since JT to drop Streets. Mark my words!
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