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Fun and Games / Re: Whats the Weather like in the World...
« Last post by poppyann on Today at 10:07:48 AM »
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It's "cold" this morning...only 73 degrees!

Join the club, but not quite cold enough to put the heating on yet.. still grey here, they promised us sunshine this afternoon, they lied :(
The Music / Re: Best Deluxe Album
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 10:01:12 AM »
Tours / Re: What are the chances U2 Plays The Fly again?
« Last post by Smee on Today at 10:01:01 AM »
I dont think we have seen the last of The Fly live. Its a great song too
In all honesty, id expect the next tour to have about 60-70% the same old tunes we hear being played at every u2 show. So sadly...i predict the likes of WoWY, Pride, Vertigo, BD, Elevation and such like to feature heavily in the next tour
Do you think they will announce something today? #InternationalWeekOfU2
thanks for getting back to my question.

very interesting.

The IEM recordings on youtube are great. a brilliant insight to the live process. I'm not a musician.
I film and edit footage and i have nothing but trouble cutting to a beat. even with all the help modern editing tech can give you.
i was nt trying to criticise. just was curious.

im right in saying acrobat and WGRYWH are difficult for the band to play thus we dont get them in the set lists?
are they any other songs that the band shy away from? are the drums to Staring at the sun complex enough to throw them off like in Popmart
first show?
i was at vertigo 2015 croke park and they played WGRYWH but they were all over the place.

didnt realise glasto' was so apart from their usual way of doing things. makes sense.

i saw an interview with Paul Mcguiness saying the glasto' show didn t work and wasnt their best moment.
pity, as the band wanted it to play it so badly for years.

News and Rumors / Re: Bono on Australia shows...
« Last post by briscoetheque on Today at 09:46:50 AM »
The sound in the Perth stadium would be awful. The acoustics have been fine-tuned to accentuate "booing"
News and Rumors / Re: Bono in Rolling Stone
« Last post by ahittle on Today at 09:45:28 AM »
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SOI and Apple was a terrible idea.

Yes  Apple can buy it but just leave it to individuals to buy in the store. One of the worst ideas ever. I don't think it was the band's fault though. I blame Apple.

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Agreed. In those pre-Apple Music days, iTunes and the cloud library concept was especially convoluted.  Someone should have thought about the optics a little better.  The average customer was not aware of the auto-downloads and whatnot.
The Music / Re: Best Deluxe Album
« Last post by mdewater on Today at 09:42:57 AM »
Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby get my votes. Love JT because it doesn't have a bunch of remixes of album tracks like a lot of the deluxe editions do.

I'm still holding out hope for a deluxe Rattle and Hum - next year will be the 30th anniversary. It had some of the best B-sides they've ever done and would make for a great second disc.
News and Rumors / Re: Bono on Australia shows...
« Last post by codeguy on Today at 09:41:09 AM »
and U2
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Perth has a brand new 60k seater stadium almost ready to go, just waiting for a glamour act like U2 to baptise it.
..and U2 has - not one - but TWO - tours in progress.

Here's an idea - screw the money, take both, do a stadium show AND an arena show in each Aussie/NZ city. The stadium tour would be popular enough to probably make the entire thing break even, and the positive publicity would be excellent.
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