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Fun and Games / Re: U2 - Fantasy Setlist Draft - Season 12
« Last post by WookieeWarrior10 on Today at 07:15:59 PM »
16th Pick: The Wanderer
General U2 Discussion / Re: Rate the U2 period....
« Last post by Blueyedboy on Today at 07:12:21 PM »
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1980-83: 7/10 - Strong debut and a great recovery after the difficult 2nd album.

1984-86: 8/10 - added atmosphere to the energy, songwriting was turned up a notch. 

1987-90: 8/10 - JT is a mastering of the art learnt during UF. R&H had some of U2s best but didn't know what it wanted to be. They had to go there to come back.

1991-94: 10/10 - The period where they added fun to their craft. Ripped up the blueprint once again and tapped into the current vibe.

1995-98: 9/10 - (adding Passengers) the albums where the band removed all the shackles and explored their craft the most. Added layer upon layer to their sound.

2000-2002: 6/10 - the first backwards step (maybe due to the success of TST). U2 by numbers with no new ground broken. It's all too......nice!

2004-2006: 7/10 - a slight improvement apart from Bono trying to get as much lyric into each track that you can't appreciate the music.

2009-2011: 7.5/10 - a restrained experimentation, feels like the reigned it back in at the last minute. Suffers from too many concepts without an aligned direction.

2014-?: 7/10 A lamb in wolfs clothing. U2 borrowing the sound of bands that influenced them and passing it off as new, not quite The Spaghetti Incident but another backward step. Lack of promotional depth has exposed the limitations of the songs.

Excellent post young Blueyedboy, I agree entirely.
There are still GA tickets on sale for Detroit. I picked up two today.  Available Indy tickets were all resale tickets.
I'm coming from Tenafly, New Jersey USA (but may pretend I'm from Canada...😇😊).
Tours / Re: Official Philadelphia Thread ** Spoilers** 18 June 2017
« Last post by Pixie1121 on Today at 06:38:30 PM »
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Just getting back to work in NC after a long weekend in Philly. What a show! My feet and legs still ache a bit from the long day waiting and rocking out. We were rewarded by getting a GA spot just off Larry's left shoulder on the B stage. Which was great when they went on the main stage because you were still close enough to see them well, but had full view of the big screen. The only complaint, and this in minor. When they play on the B stage, Larry's drums sound as if they're echoing off the big screen and makes the sound out of sync a bit. Granted, I'm a musician and a drummer, so maybe my ears are more sensitive to it. My brother didn't notice it, so I'm wondering if anyone else did? Otherwise, it was just stunning and hearing them play Trip Through Your Wires made my night. I'm an alt man, country, Americana or rock and that's always been my favorite from the JT.

PS: To the rude little b**** who horned her way into our little piece of real estate that we waited 4 hours to hold, stopped right in the tiniest of spots in front me while my GF was in the jon, then jumped down my throat when I very politely explained the situation to her and wouldn't listen to reason from any of the other folks around her, but finally left when hubby never showed. . . I hope you choked on the chicken fingers and crab fries you were toting around. Karma's a b**** and that kind of attitude will catch up with you someday for sure. Negativity is not what a U2 show is about and I hate I have to vent. My apologies to the fans on this forum.

When I went to the Pittsburgh show, we stood in the same spot as you right behind Larry. We got the same echo effect from his drums on the B stage. We heard him hit the drum, then would hear it again 1/2 second later when it came through the PA system.
New Member Introductions / Re: New here from Maryland
« Last post by shineinthesummernight on Today at 06:37:05 PM »
Welcome, Molly. Your mother is fortunate that you have such great taste in music.  Sadly, my kids listen mostly to rap and won't attend a u2 show.  Unless I kidnap them lol...
News and Rumors / Re: Phoenix date- concert DVD
« Last post by shineinthesummernight on Today at 06:21:03 PM »
So happy for you, Riff!  I've been on Periscope waaay too much, but anyway, nothing like that live action vibe.....
Tours / Re: Let's be honest about U2's set list this tour
« Last post by Saint1322 on Today at 05:54:40 PM »
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Why don't they play Pop? Because it was a commercial disaster, the tour tanked in the U.S. and the critics destroyed them.

Commercial disaster? Nope. 1.5m sales - and that's just in the US.
Tour tanked? Nope again. Second highest grossing tour of 1997.
Critics destroyed them? Three for three on the 'nope' answers - 4 stars from Rolling Stone, 4/4 from the LA Times, 9/10 from Spin, etc etc

Look at US attendance figures. They are out there. Some shows were at 40 percent. Island almost went bankrupt. The comparison to other acts that made the tour the second highest grossing of the year is very deceptive.

The sales were bad by U2 standards. Again, google it. And yes; Pop did get good reviews initially, but the press very quickly soured. And so did many fans.
General Music Discussion / Re: what album are you listening to?
« Last post by Smee on Today at 05:53:27 PM »
The Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat
Fun and Games / Re: Word Association Game - New and Improved!
« Last post by OnlyU2 on Today at 05:38:57 PM »
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