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General U2 Discussion / Re: U2, Please: Get Up Off Your Knees
« Last post by mariamontreal on Today at 02:34:27 PM »
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Personally, I never give up a chance to see U2 in a stadium. Say what you will about smaller, more "intimate" settings but U2 is meant to be seen and heard in a stadium along with 50,000+ fans.

More an arena guy myself, but I really disagree with the above comment that U2 will end up playing smaller rooms. I think when that day comes, they are all out the door. I can't see them going out playing amphitheaters and large theaters the way REM did. And honestly, I don't see that happening unless they started just touring CONSTANTLY the way Springsteen has done the last decade or so. U2's status as a legendary live act will allow them to play arenas at will until the retire, IMO. If something changes that, you aren't seeing them in a shed or a theater. It isn't in their DNA.
I  too prefer U2 in an arena setting Stadiums are too huge you really have to be up close in arenas everyone has a good view and the sound is better.
The Music / Re: What are the five worst U2 songs?
« Last post by jjcruiser on Today at 02:32:20 PM »
In no particular order, Babyface, Unknown Caller, and Wild Honey are the only major album songs I don't at least like. 

Really surprised someone picked Please, which is easily in my top five all time.  It's probably my favorite live track overall.  I think you must have a heart of stone if you're not weeping by the end.

The Music / Little Things that Give You Away Chords
« Last post by jjcruiser on Today at 02:29:51 PM »
Anyone got the basic piano chords down yet?  I don't have the ear for much more than stuff like October or EBW.
The album is called Pickin on U2- a blue grass tribute
I bought the album on Amazon probably 15 years ago.  Not sure if its still available, but its a good album.  I also have a string quartet tribute album and a piano tribute album.  String quartet is my favorite.
Tours / Re: Official Los Angeles (2) Thread ** Spoilers** 21 May 2017
« Last post by document on Today at 02:07:51 PM »
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Keep in mind that U2 doesn't hit the stage until 9pm and they've been dealing with 11pm curfews in all cities so far. That leaves them with, you guessed it, 2 hours to work with. It's why they did IWF the other night and not Little Things--show let out at 10:58pm and Little Things would have been too long. Last night let out close to 11pm as well and they played Little Things but dropped another song to make it work.

They can not start too early/earlier - it would till be too light by the time the screen kicks in. You would not see the visuals for nearly the entire show in June/July if they started any earlier.

On Saturday
The Lumineers came on at 7 pm and played until about 7:55,
U2 came on around 8:40 pm and played until close to 11 pm.
Grant it we still got A Sort of Homecoming, however we didn't get the new song.
I think they really need to work on the structure to the Encore segment. It feels stale to me, a lot of the same themes for the same songs they've played on the last few tours. Other then getting to hear a few songs from The Joshua Tree that were never played or not played much since the original tour, I don't feel like there is anything really fresh here. I guess as long as I've been going to U2 shows for the past 30 + years, I felt like this was a band always looking forward.... not I feel they're Stuck In a Momment They Can't Get out from......

Ugh, I hate being so critical of a band I love.
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No reason for them to go at least 2.5 hours maybe even 3! Start the show earlier!!! WTF!! I've seen The Cure about 5x now and every show has been 3 hours or more. Twice at the Royal Albert Hall in London and each night 45 song setlist!!!! INSANE and was just INCREDIBLE. These lads can easily do the same. The Hollyweirdos in LA can wait to party with the band when THEY say they are done. Not the other way around.
The Cure put on a great show I had drinks in a club with them years ago after a show in Montreal.
Fun and Games / Re: Word Association Game - New and Improved!
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 02:02:52 PM »
Fun and Games / Re: 3 word story!
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 02:02:35 PM »
in the loo
Fun and Games / Re: Drop a word...Add a word Game
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 02:02:18 PM »
chick flick
Fun and Games / Re: Battle Royale
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 02:02:00 PM »
Marmaduke vs Barfy
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