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General U2 Discussion / Re: The Joshua Tree is over-rated
« Last post by Boba Fett on July 18, 2018, 04:47:28 PM »
Wow - a click-bait thread if I've ever seen one!

U2 has put out two masterpieces - The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby. TJT has aged better IMHO. One of the really impressive things about that album is how it is NOT representative of its time (the mid-80s) in terms of its production. Since AB U2 has seemed to want to sound very 'now', which means each album dates very quickly I think. AB has some great songs on it, but I don't think the production is as good as it could have been. And the opening of Streets still gives me goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.

The Joshua Tree made the band superstars, and Achtung Baby gave them credibility and longevity.
Tours / Re: Why LiveNation?
« Last post by Boba Fett on July 18, 2018, 04:38:40 PM »
Tours of the scale that U2 operate on are ferociously complex on just about every level - including financial. I wouldn't necessarily make a connection between seats sold and profit made. As an example the ZOO TV tour had great attendances, but due to the high cost of keeping the production on the road, the band didn't end up making all that much money out of it. I wouldn't be surprised if the TJT30 tour was quite profitable as the staging (while very impressive) was fairly simple - by U2 standards anyway!

But the only people who really know are those who have access to the financials books. The rest of us are free to speculate...;)
I think he just finds another face but I know it would break my concentration and mojo if I were him.

Also, not that this excuses it at all, chances are the text wasn't "picking up milk on the way home, need anything?" but "omfg they are doing EBW now."
I don't know how Bono deals with that.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Rattle and Hum: Retrospective
« Last post by miracle_al on July 18, 2018, 03:43:34 PM »
With all of this talk about 'Heartland', I just went back and listened to it.  I am pleased to report that it is still great.  Man, U2 was on a songwriting roll during the J-Tree sessions.  The album tracks plus 'Heartland' plus the various B-Sides....absolutely incredible. 
General U2 Discussion / Re: The Joshua Tree is over-rated
« Last post by Sunchild on July 18, 2018, 02:01:29 PM »
I was just watching the film Nostalgia by Mark Pellington, and it has reminded me how much the objects we associate ourselves with carry certain memories and moods for us, that's how I tend to look at music too, Joshua Tree is not just an album to me, it contains a feeling and vision that can carry me for days if I let it. It gives me such a feeling of freedom, discovery and mystery, it's a myth-maker, for it creates a world that was not there yet before this album. It transports me, it transforms me and it baptizes me, and at the end when it finishes I feel like I came through as a completely new person. It is an extremely deep music there touching your subconscious, there's a hidden magic behind it working through you.
I don't know what is wrong with people.

Cue the "I paid for/won this ticket, I can do whatever the eff I want" crowd.
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General U2 Discussion / Re: Songs Of Experience sales in the United States
« Last post by wons on July 18, 2018, 12:53:33 PM »
I got some new soundscan data from the latest chart and its not good news for album sales whether they be physical or digital. Here is the latest top 10:

1.Drake, Scorpion (29,354 DIGITAL units sold)
2.Various Artists, The Greatest Showman soundtrack (16,412)
3.Panic! At the Disco, Pray for the Wicked (11,861)
4.Gorillaz, The Now Now (9,774)
5.Florence + the Machine, High As Hope (8,430)
6.Taylor Swift, Reputation (8,174)
7.Jason Alden, Rearview Town (7,861)
8.Post Malone, Beerbongs & Bentleys (6.756)
9.John Coltraine, Both Directions at Once (6,490)
10.The Carters, EVERYTHING IS LOVE (6,118)

Drakes new album is actually NOT available in a physical format so all of his album sales are DIGITAL! All of the numbers for the top 10 are record new lows in for sales at each position!

Correction: the above info while soundscan info is for the TOP CURRENT ALBUMS chart which edits out albums older than 2 years.

Here is the top 10 from the TOP ALBUMS CHART with the older albums still apart of it:

1 1 2 Scorpion  - Drake
2 7 5 31 The Greatest Showman  - Soundtrack
3 8 1 3 Pray For The Wicked  - Panic! At The Disco
4 3 2 The Now Now  - Gorillaz
5 2 2 High As Hope  - Florence + The Machine
6 28 38 35 reputation  - Taylor Swift
7 10 16 13 Rearview Town  - Jason Aldean
8 4 34 Appetite For Destruction  - Guns N' Roses
9 15 13 11 beerbongs & bentleys  - Post Malone
10 5 2 Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album  - John Coltrane

So essentially the same except Guns N Roses gets edited out of the TOP CURRENT ALBUMS chart. Also, the info that the #200 album only sold 572 copies was for the TOP CURRENT ALBUMS chart which edits the older albums out. So the #200 album on the regular album chart/soundscan chart I usually use probably still sold at least 1,200 copies. Its likely that Songs Of Experience is still charting on the TOP CURRENT ALBUMS chart somewhere between numbers 101 and 200, but soundscan info for those chart positions on that chart has not been reported in years, except for the leak today that the #200 album only sold 572 copies. Hope this does not confuse anyone.


The Music and Lyrics / Re: Rattle and Hum: Retrospective
« Last post by laoghaire on July 18, 2018, 12:03:59 PM »
When Love Comes to Town
Angel of Harlem

One day, while I was 11 years old and still obssessively immersed in The Joshua Tree, my mom suddenly had a new tape in the car. It was Rattle and Hum. I was not the type of kid to listen judgmentally. U2 had already won me over, so it was just a matter of listening to this new gem.

This album probably has the biggest gap between how I experienced it then vs. now. Then, it delivered on the promise of "a musical journey" and gave me my first taste of live U2. Now it's a weird live-studio mash-up with a crappy opening track and wtf moments. But also, still, some really good stuff.

I can't vote for my actual favorite, which is a weird choice, I know: Silver and Gold. That song always took me someplace else. Today the lyrics make me cringe in places. But those opening notes - most people wouldn't hear anything there, but I feel this excitement, anticipation like they just walked out on the stage and just started playing.

My favorite two are Love Comes to Town and Angel of Harlem. I know now U2 tried to wear a mantle they certainly didn't inherit - but I didn't know that then and I always love when they do blues and soul (and love that feel in parts of Lights of Home, for example). Honestly, I half agree with Bono. I legit think he has soul. (I don't know where the "I can't sing" part came from). And I love B.B. ("Where's B.B.?"). I should be happy with what I got but I would have loved another U2/B.B. song, love his guitar.

Some comments about some other studio songs:

Why can't we have an Edge song every album? At least a bonus track? Or just a damn verse? I know we got a verse in YTBTAM but Moar Edge Pls.

Better than I remembered. It's a Bono and Larry song. The drums are friggen awesome. The singing is terrific. But "like a sheet stain" - what in the actual f***?

Also better than I remembered. I was struck - really, really struck - by how evocative the music and lyrics are of the American heartland. I swear I could smell the swampland off I-10, that warm, dank, sour-sweetness, in the opening notes. All my life I'd think about those gold and silver veins when looking down from an airplane window at night - every damn time. Haven't heard this in a while but I'll be giving it some more listens now. So it got my third choice for fave here.

It's hard to talk in detail about Rattle and Hum without at least mentioning the film. When I was a kid, I didn't see (or maybe just didn't care) how far Bono's head was up his own ass here. I guess I got some glimpses but I figured I'd think I was awesome too if I were Bono. Or something like that.

I finally got to see these guys, until then in my head a strange Mount Rushmore, in motion. It was glorious.

I haven't seen it this century except clips of 2 or 3 songs off YouTube. I would want to get rid of literally everything that isn't on stage. And that probably includes All Along the Watchtower, not because I can't appreciate the song, but Bono's personality had gone on a detour. (Thank god we got him back).

But, those glorious moments. Streets: the red. Larry. Edge. Bono just strolling out like a mofo. The house lights and the 63 million screaming people. Bono dances with the mic stand. Edge Takes a Walk. Adam spins out of the way. Adam leans. Bono walks on tip toe. God, that's just one song. I wouldn't be able to explain it but I don't have to.
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