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The Music and Lyrics / In a Little While
« Last post by laoghaire on Today at 06:16:56 AM »
What genre song is this? Is it just down-tempo rock or is there something else, too?

Does Bono's whiskey voice make the song or do you find it detracts?
The Music and Lyrics / Re: I just don't care anymore
« Last post by BONO31 on Today at 02:11:16 AM »
The real questions are : "do you like the songs of Daniel Lanois?" or "do you listening to Brian Eno albums?", "do you really like Ryan Tedder and One Republic?". Me, not!!! To me, that means that U2 is writing their songs. If not, I would like Daniel Lanois's album, One Republic or Brian Eno...

About "Summer of love", I remember U2 made a videoclip for a song called "Summer Nights" back in 2014, which, I think, turned to "Summer of love". As we know so far, Brent Kutzle was not involve in "songs of innocence", and he reportly wrote the guitar melody of "Summer of love", but it seems the song was already existing long before he came in the process... so, U2 inspired him in a way ;)

About Brian Eno, he's a great producer with lots of big idea. But I can't listen to a single song he wrote alone. Same for Daniel Lanois. If they were the genius, where are their hits, classic songs? why U2 is more known? why have they worked with U2 so long?

Another thing, Danger Mouse worked with U2 for so long, I love a lot Danger Mouse music, but I can't hear his influence on the band, which means to me that U2 is stronger than any producers in its way.

By the way, I'm still waiting for U2 album really produced by Danger Mouse... Maybe the next one called MANhattan, who knows?
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I thought Stone Temple Pilots were the watered down ripoffs of everything else on the radio back when they came out.  But when Tiny Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop came out I respected them as their own thing.

And although I’m embarrassed to say it, when the Beastie Boys came out, I thought they were a novelty act.  Thank God I was wrong because… well… they’re the Beastie Boys and they’re golden, Pony Boy!  What an incredible, one-of-a-kind career they had.

And this probably doesn’t qualify, and I hate to say it but I feel I’ve never really “gotten” R.E.M. as deeply as I feel as I should.  I mean, I physically own 4-5 of their albums on CD and have bought over a dozen of their individual songs on itunes…  Tons of respect, and all.  I guess that I’d say I’m a fan.  It just seems they should be a top 10 percent band for me, but they’re not.  That being said, “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth” is a top 20 song for me.   

I had some house mates back in 93-95, and they were all about STP. So I listened to Core, and ignored all the Pearl Jam comparisons. But then I saw them in '94 on their Purple tour, and to this day, it might be the best non U2 show that I've ever seen. Unfortunately, Scott was pretty medicated by that point, but it was crazy good, and in a relatively small venue.
Fast forward to last December, and my wife and I went and saw them at the Fillmore in SF. They have a new singer who absolutely nails the vocals, and reminds me of a younger Scott. He does his own thing, and doesn't try to copy Scott, but it was really cool to see Robert, Dean and Eric find their stride again.
Besides U2, they were my absolute favorite 90s band.

I was a big R.E.M. fan from about '84 to '89 - with my favorite album being Life's Rich Pageant. I'm one of the few who thinks their 90s stuff was a bit too EMO for me. I recently told my son to load the extended version of Green onto his music player - the version with the live concert from 1989 on disc 2. I just think that's the best stuff...
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Kings Of Leon. Based off their first two albums, I was dreading them opening for U2. I really enjoyed both of their sets that I saw, bought their second album, and got more and more into them. Now their one of my favorite bands ever.

It's funny, Ian, I was just with our old friend 'Falling at your Feet' (Donal), and he put on KOL's second album while we were at his house. They were huge in Ireland/Europe before they hit it here in the states. I told him that I really like their early stuff - Youth through Because of the Times. Their later stuff has some great songs - but a lot of fillers, too. I think I was one of the few who was cheering when KOL opened for U2 on the Vertigo Tour... even though they weren't quite ready for prime time back then. But that's what I liked about them.
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I have never been a fan of country music. Just not my cuppa tea. However, I have the up most respect for Johnny Cash. I may not be a fan of his music, besides Ring of Fire (honestly I prefer the many covers) Folsom Prison Blues (again, I prefer the cover versions)  but I love Mr. Cash's version of NIN - Hurt. 

I have always been a huge fan with up most respect of his life. Just because you don't like some singer/performers music, doesn't mean you don't respect or admire, something spectacular about them. Him locking himself in a room to get over his drug addiction and going through open heart surgery with nothing for his pain afterwards is more than enough for not just my respect, but my most deepest admiration.

I met Johnny Cash in 1989, and at the time, I didn't quite understand the legend I was meeting. I just spent some time with a forum member in Dublin last week, and we talked about Johnny. I told him that I thought he was the poor man's Elvis... and I think that's a good thing. Johnny Cash really got people because I think he really understood what it's like to be controlled by addiction.
I think his greatest late career album as a whole was Unchained. But you really cant go wrong with any of his music.
BTW, I just downloaded an album from various artists who made songs out of Johnny's poetry. It's called Forever Words, and I could definitely see Johnny smiling all over this.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Video Commentary: Out of Control, Belfast (1981)
« Last post by Luzita on July 21, 2018, 09:46:06 PM »
I discovered this video some time ago on You Tube and was wowed by it. Yes, U2 being very punk, Bono fearlessly mixing it up with the audience. I love the way he falls over — clearly not planned — but turns it into part of the performance by slowly and theatrically rising and then going into his crazy pogo dancing.

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General U2 Discussion / Re: Songs Of Experience sales in the United States
« Last post by Tortuga on July 21, 2018, 08:37:01 PM »
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You know, my favorite music tends to be from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s too, but I’m also aware enough of the reasons for it. Familiarity, nostalgia, and cultural context affect me as much as the folks deriding the Beatles in the 60’s. We like what we like, and eventually get set in our ways.

Also, I love the idea of insisting we support U2 rather than local music, as if they’re mutually exclusive, or as if U2 might suffer as a result. FFS, I’m willing to bet U2 would encourage it themselves. The only important thing is to support what you like, really.

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   Look at the bands Wons listed.  Most of them have retired!   

  Bands like Mutemath, Kings of Leon, BRMC.  Snow Patrol’s new album is pretty good.  No way is Rock dead!

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Of the 10 bands I listed, 6 of them are still active. So that is a majority.

Switchfoot, Simple Minds, Mutemath, Kings of Leon, BRMC, and Snow Patrol are all old in the sense that they were all releasing music before the start of this decade. Looking at rock artist that released their first album after January 2010, its not easy to find anything of the caliber seen in previous decades.

Do you really think there has not been a single good rock band appear on the scene in the last 18 years?

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No, I said since January 2010 which is 8.5 years, not 18 years.


It seems like your preference is to have a big crowd gather around an artist to prove they are good before you deem them a legitimate rock band and worthy of giving a listen.  That’s why you are so afraid people might not be liking U2 as much.  You need lots of other people to like what you like.  One way of ensuring that happens is to only like what lots of other people are already liking.  That might have worked when Rock was mainstream.   

Big Country was never a BIG band in terms of popularity. In the United States, they are regarded as a one hit wonder. But they have 9 great albums and are an amazing band. Sometimes even referred to as the Scottish U2. Their most popular album was the Crossing released in 1983. It went GOLD in the United States for 500,000 in sales. They played theaters and clubs when they toured the United States. I saw then in a bar in West Chester PA in 2013. There were about 150 people there.

I also love PJ Harvey. She has had a long career, but she never sold enough to get even a GOLD record in the United States. She plays theaters and clubs. Best female artist in the world in my opinion!

Sorry, but your theory about me and what I like and why I like it holds no water at all. It it did, I'd be ranking my favorite U2 albums by how much they sold with Songs of Experience at the bottom. I think Songs Of Experience is their 6th best album out of the 14 they have produced.


Its a lot better to see a band in a 2,000 seat venue than a 40,000 seat arena.

If you’re interested in possibly seeing things you hadn’t noticed before, this conversation can be worthwhile.  If you just want to win a silly pointless argument you can set the boundaries up any way you want and make that happen.  You can have the argument.  I just can’t accept all the doom and gloom U2 might be fading with its fans/Rock is dead stuff. U2 will make music as long as they are inspired and There is going to be great new rock music, more than we can listen to, until we die.  It will have a resurgence and then fade again but not dying anytime soon.

In case you might have an open mind check out the following bands.  Some are more well-known but have become well-known at least since Coldplay did.  Others that are newer you may not have heard of.  But they are all bands I have enjoyed.  I feel bad that a fellow U2 fan is missing out on some GREAT music.

Bon Iver (surely you know this one)
Cvrches (if you like DM)
Gang of Youths (pls check this one out)
Black Keys
Rainbow Kitten Surprise (really good)
Arcade Fire
The Paper Kites (mellow/folk but good)
Imagine Dragons (kind of moved on from “Rock” lately

I'm surprised you mention Imagine Dragons. I've listened to a lot of their stuff and don't like it. They do have one song I like though, but thats it.

The Paper Kites
Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Gangs Of Youth

           These four artist are new to me and all appear to have started in the current decade in terms of the release of their first album. I'll check them out to see if any of them are great.

             By the way I've loved several bands who have come after Coldplay's first album, or at least that I discovered after Coldplay's first album like Snow Patrol, The Killers, and Kings Of Leon. Its just that since 2010, it just seems like things have really gone down hill or simply nothing has really caught my interest that is new.

The 18 years was since Coldplay’s first album came out.  Coldplay was the latest one on your list to come on the scene.  That is why I was saying 18 years.

Big Country and Simple Minds both suffer that issue of being a one-hit wonders in the US.  If you haven’t already, check out Simple Minds more recent releases.  I think they are better than most of what they put out in the 80s and 90s.

Also if you haven’t paid attention to Switchfoot, you should see what you think.  They don’t sound like U2 but there is aomething there that if you like U2 I think you might like them.  They keep exploring new boundaries and they defy the demise of rock bands!

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General U2 Discussion / Video Commentary: Out of Control, Belfast (1981)
« Last post by laoghaire on July 21, 2018, 02:19:37 PM »
Here's another blow-by-blow commentary of a performance video that interested me.

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Out of Control, Belfast (1981)

Fair warning: this performance is a train wreck. But it is a very PUNK performance and there are many gems. So many gems!!!

This is McMordie Hall in Belfast. I don't know the details but several bands were filmed here for a BBC programme. Here we go.

Adam and his hair!! Bono is very punk in a DGAF sloppy t-shirt or something. The crowd is super awesome, lots of energy.

Bono sings punk: hopping up and down, he's not trying to sound good (this is a feature, not a bug, in the punk world). First good glimpse of his face and his eyes look a little watery. Diagnosis: Baby Bono is drunk.

Right off, he messes up the lyrics:
Monday morning, woke the world with bawling

Should be:
Monday morning, eighteen years of dawning

Second verse, he runs into trouble due to the above:

One dull morning, woke the world with... again?

Soooo punk.

Bono is right up against the crowd and they are pawing at him in a big way. It's 1981 and U2 are nobody and the crowd is still trying to touch him, pull his shirt, yank his microphone. And he stands there and takes it, because he's all in.

Bono starts the "Boys and girls" line but somebody in the crowd successfully rips the mic away. I guess they regretted it instantly because he grabs it back easily. He is not upset. He doesn't move away from the crowd or the offender. He just keeps going and all those the hands keep patting and grasping at him. Is anyone else amazed at this scene?

He leans back into the crowd, basically crowd-surfing.

He stands back up on the stage, takes a step or two back, and falls right down on his ass, a full-body plant right on the stage.

Edge steps up for his solo like nothing is happening. His frontman is still horizontally plastered to the stage. Baby Edge does his Edge moves dancing his guitar with his knees-together hip thrust thing.

Bono slowly starts to haul himself to his feet.

Oh, god!! The dancing!! Omfg!

When was Daniel Radcliffe the lead singer for U2?

Looking three sheets to the wind.

Back to the audience for more love/abuse. Someone grabs his shirt and won't let go. He yanks himself away and decides he doesn't really need that shirt after all. Plopping down the mic for a sec (you can hear the mic drop too), he pulls his shirt off over his head. The crowd cheers.

He was already out of control, but this is the precise timestamp that he goes OUT OF CONTROL. Shirtless, sweating, people grabbing, he moves like he's fighting them off and launches into the climax of the song. He regularly has to fight to retain control of the mic.

Edge gets his cinematic moment, he sings his backup vocal into his mic as the camera gets a closeup of him including eye contact, feeling like slow-motion for one brief second.

Bono says good night and wishes "Jake" from Stiff Little Fingers luck tomorrow. It's a kind thing to do this shoutout.

Noteable YT comment:

"Thank god Bono eventually overcame his crippling stage fright."

Also, once again I don't have Larry comments. I can barely see him here. I love Larry. He did great.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Rock Star Midlife Crisis?
« Last post by Inishfree on July 21, 2018, 01:38:49 PM »
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Is it just me - or does bono seem to be going through the rock star equivalent of a midlife crisis? Thoughts?

Nah,...........Bono is too old now for a mid-life crisis and so am I.    ;D
General U2 Discussion / Re: Eli Hewson’s Band in Name Dispute
« Last post by Inishfree on July 21, 2018, 01:35:31 PM »
I watched a couple of videos of Eli's band.  I thought they were quite good for being teenagers and hope they stay with it.  As far as a band name goes, it's more about the music.   ;)

Also, Eli sounds somewhat like his dad while singing.    :)
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