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The Band / Re: Bono's Best Vocal Moments
« Last post by ricebird5678 on October 15, 2018, 09:15:40 AM »
Every Breaking Wave (EMA's)
Miss Sarajevo (Milan DVD)
Kite (Boston)
General U2 Discussion / Re: I Heard A U2 Song On The Radio Today
« Last post by ricebird5678 on October 15, 2018, 09:08:36 AM »
ISHFWILF in a Wal-mart in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: No Line on the Horizon: Retrospective
« Last post by laoghaire on October 15, 2018, 08:39:33 AM »
I couldn't vote for the last retrospective, HTDAAB, because I couldn't come up with a third song.

I can't vote in this one because I can't vote for eight songs. How do I choose?

I started listening to this album in July of this year, just a few months ago, because I was on hiatus after Bomb and I just started getting back in a year ago. I worked through SOI, SOE, and NLOTH in that order, spending a few months on each before moving on. It's been like Christmas for a whole year.

As with any album, it wasn't instant for me (though I did like Fez right off), but it sure did happen for me and I'm still in the throes of infatuation with the album.

Breathe is probably my number one pick, very uplifting. Some quibbles with the guitar and feeling like parts were derivative have been mostly forgotten as the song captured me.

Second favorite is tied with NLOTH, Mag, MOS, UC, Crazy, Fez, and WAS.

Vox, about that part in NLOTH at 1:13, I know it, but I really go nuts for the next one at 2:09, followed by the ohs. It took a little while for the song to grow on me but it did. The energy!

Third favorite song is Cedars. It's awesome.

GOYB and SUC are skips for me. But not Crazy - that was the last song (so far?) to grow on me. IT'S NOT A HILL, IT'S A MOUNTAIN! So friggen U2. It's what church should be like!
The Music and Lyrics / No Line on the Horizon: Retrospective
« Last post by Vox on October 15, 2018, 07:31:31 AM »
This is the twelfth part of the U2: Retrospective.  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login 

After listening to the album now, in the present day, the main part of each post will be to vote for your three favorite songs from each album.  The next parts can be optional (well, the whole thing is “optional”), but I’ll structure my posts like this:
•   When did I first listen to that album?  What is my history with the album?   
•   How do I feel about the album when I listen to it today, versus how I’ve felt about the album in the past?

Top three songs:  “No Line on the Horizon,” “Breathe,” “Fez: Being Born”

Ahhh…  No Line on the Horizon…  A record in my upper tier of favorite U2 albums (though I know I’m in the minority).  Since its release, this album has conjured up its own distinct feeling and mood for me – a sensation I’ve never gotten from any other piece of music.  I listened to it incessantly after it dropped, parts of it nearly every day for a couple dozen months.  I don’t recall anticipating a new album more than I did this, with the exception of Achtung Baby.  I remember sitting at work one day, almost two weeks before the album was to be released, when I learned that it had leaked.  Inexplicably, the leak ended up on my ipod (wah?), so I promptly came up with some excuse to leave work, get my ass home, and promptly listen to it (I ended up purchasing, perhaps, a half dozen copies for myself and others, so I think I’m all squared away, legally). I immediately loved it.  This was the U2 album I had been waiting for.

I had heard “No Line on the Horizon 2” prior to the album release and before the actual album title track.  At first I thought that was the version of the song which should have made the record.  But quite early on, something about the album title track ignited my soul.  Now, it’s my favorite U2 song since “Zooropa.”  There’s something about how the band kicks in at the 1:13 mark that moves me…  when The Edge unleashes the guitar riff…  the rise and fall of the bass like stormy waves… the odd rhythm of the drums… the lyrics about time not being linear…  It speaks to me on a certain level that I still don’t fully understand.  The same with “Breathe” – man, I adore that tune so much.  In fact, I love every song on this album.  Even the “middle three.”  I feel the same way about this record today that I did 9-10 years ago (has it been that long already?!?).

Someday, I’ve always said, I’m going to write an unrequited ode to this album.  In brief, here’s the feeling I get from this album: we live in dangerous, changing, challenging times.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed with suspicion and to withdraw – to numb yourself from the current state of the world…  But the only answer to everything is love.  And at a certain point, you’ve got to pull up your belt, find some strength, and go out into the world to embrace the madness head-on.  Now I know that perhaps the lyrics don’t explicitly say this – it’s just the general mood I got from the record.  When I’d listen to these songs after its release, I’d get a feeling that the air was almost electric.  At the time I called it “the power.”  I wondered if this album was speaking directly to me in ways it wasn’t speaking to anyone else.  A lot of U2 fans dismiss it.  Hell, in the years since, it seems that the band themselves don’t care for it.  But no matter what I think of U2’s input these past two decades, I’m sure glad they stuck around long enough to give me this one… 
New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from Manchester
« Last post by laoghaire on October 15, 2018, 07:29:39 AM »
Have a great time on Friday! I hope you post your thoughts after the show.
New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from Manchester
« Last post by miryclay on October 15, 2018, 06:42:11 AM »
Welcome NP,

Just jump in and converse.

New Member Introductions / Greetings from Manchester
« Last post by Northern Powerhouse on October 15, 2018, 06:37:40 AM »

First post in here. Hello!

I'm here in Manchester, UK. 49 years old...

First U2 album bought: The Joshua Tree

First U2 gig: Leeds 1993. Zooropa Tour

Next U2 gig (at time of writing): this Friday in Manchester!!!

Nice to meet you all....
Tours / Re: U2 is lazy
« Last post by Argo on October 14, 2018, 11:09:44 PM »
I couldn't agree more about the laziness. It is awful. 3 tours in 4 years or something, only playing some cities 4 nights, unimaginative stage design every tour, not like they have had any health issues to manage and they have only been doing this thing for 40 years. Just not committed to it at all when you think about it. 
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already posted this response on the other thread where the video is at, but perhaps it belongs here instead.

as someone who made the trip 6 years ago, this video is very cool but probably not something i would watch to watch if i hadn't been there yet as there is an awesome element of surprise finding the tree on your own and discovering the plaque without knowing what awaits at the tree.  job well done on the video itself.

its a bit disparaging to see what is happening at the site.  There was just a single small box and the journal to write in when i was there.  Definitely wasn't a worn out path to the tree with markers.  i would probably try to hide those if i were to go back.  it's an awesome place but we don't want to turn it into a disneyland.  just my opinion.  i always thought there was an unwritten rule you don't share the location with others but must find it yourself.

I thought the rule “existed” before the tree died, in order to protect it from vandalism.

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The Music and Lyrics / Re: Landlady
« Last post by Tortuga on October 14, 2018, 05:15:15 PM »
Its been done in a bunch of songs.  More commonly “All that” as in Pink Floyd DSOTM and U2 Walk on.  If you’re talking specifically “Every...” I can’t think of any right now but I know they’re out there.  So you’re definitely not imagining it.

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