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I think that it's time to abandon the staples that the band "has to" play...  'Sunday Bloody Sunday' has been reworked so many times, signalling the band's boredom of playing it for so many years...  The version that they played on the 'I + E Tour' was pretty sad, in my opinion...  They even got The Edge to sing it during 'PopMart' and Larry played the signature drum beat during 'Please' on that tour...  Songs like 'Bad' just don't sound as good live as they used to...  Drop all of the 'Joshua Tree' songs I say...  The fabulous live rendition of the entire album from last year can't be topped...  it'll pale in comparison should they start dicing it all up again...

Sticking with the newer material is likely what the band wants to do instead and nobody wants them to be simply going through the motions...  I'd even say avoid the 'Achtung Baby' album as well, let it simmer on the back burner then do a 30th Anniversary Tour where they play the whole thing...  I can see them getting excited about that while resurrecting the 'Zoo TV' spectacle in the process...  'Mysterious Ways', once one of their highlight live performances, didn't sound as good when they played it on last year's tour and should be shelved for now, in my opinion...

If they're going to play anything pre-'Zooropa', do something that people won't expect...  Slot in something like 'Hawkmoon 269' (don't know whether Bono could still pull that one off with his aging voice) on some nights, or 'An Cat Dubh' and perhaps a cover version or two of something like they used to on other nights...  Throw in the odd B-Side maybe, as they did last year on a couple of occasions...

'Zooropa's ethereal intro would effectively replace 'Where The Streets Have No Name's and get the same effect...  'With or Without You' is a tough one to substitute something else in for ('Every Breaking Wave' would be my choice and do it like the album version), but a sizeable chunk of the audience has likely seen the band perform before which means they've all ready experienced it live...  Yes, some of the people may only associate 'With or Without You' with U2, but if that's the case then you want to give them a little more of what you got...  From 'Zooropa' through 'Experience' you can effectively cover the gamut of what the band is all about without digging up older relics that just don't shine like they used to... 

If you're gonna throw in one "standard" then it ought to be '40' for the closing of the show...  They didn't play it on the last tour at all (which may even be a first) and it would sound much fresher than, say 'Pride (In The Name of Love)'...  'Zooropa' followed by 'Numb' would be my choices for opening the concert...  I'd like to see them sort of use the same format from 'The Joshua Tree' 2017 tour where they build up to the album...  Of course, they're not going to play the full 'Experience' album but it should be the "centrepiece" of the show, bookended by songs from the past...  Here's my setlist:

The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
Volcano/American Soul
Love Is All We Have Left
Lights of Home
The Little Things That Give You Away
The Best Thing About Me
Get Out Of Your Own Way
Ordinary Love
Summer of Love
Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way
The Blackout/City of Blinding Lights
Every Breaking Wave
Stuck In A Moment
Walk On
Moment of Surrender
Dancing Barefoot

Probably not gonna shake down this way, but that'd be what this U2 fan would like to see...  Kinda moot for they're not scheduled to play anywhere near me this time around anyway...:-)

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10 months on since re-subscribing and still waiting on the gift - the poorest service i have ever experienced.
14 months here. I've renewed for 2018 as well. Not a dickie bird.

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My subriptions due in 2 weeks & i still havnt received it ...don't fancy renewing to be honest

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News and Rumors / Re: U2 @ the BBC - December 19th at 9pm
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 I can see this getting a limited edition release with SOE around about the time of the UK shows.
News and Rumors / Re: Any news of 2017 Fan Club subscribers "gift" ?
« Last post by jono2u on Today at 06:20:44 AM »
10 months on since re-subscribing and still waiting on the gift - the poorest service i have ever experienced.
Streets from JT would be enough given they have just played the album all last year. The sooner Please gets back in the set the happier i think we all will be. Could see Discotheque working well on the small stage on this tour.
General Music Discussion / Re: A Song a Day....
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General Music Discussion / Re: New Simple Minds Album
« Last post by jono2u on Today at 06:09:18 AM »
The band have some great momentum going - would love to see them get more recognition.
Fun and Games / Re: A-Z U2 songs
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