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Tours / Re: New Zealand and Australia left out again
« Last post by Boy on January 21, 2018, 09:13:01 PM »
Agree: easier not to come, although given the amount of sensational artists that have toured NZ/Australia in 2016/2017? Well guess I will be spending my money buying their music and concert tickets!

Still; was holding out for the JT tour given the albums enormous success on the NZ and Australian charts AND the legacy on ONE TREE HILL.

Seems Bono and the boys just don't give a F*** anymore.

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There was talk of the JT tour at the end of the year but the way things are looking, I think probably more likely in 2019 if at all.  You would have to guess it would be a JT tour given how long they haven't been here.  I have never heard any of their latest stuff on radio at all.

 I guess it is easier not to come, I did hear Bono say that it is a very long way although other bands seem to make here even Paul McCartney who is in his seventies now.  He was very coy when pressed about coming here.

If one was to be cynical it does seem to be all about them desperate to stay relevant in Europe and America.  I guess Australia is a bit of a backwater in comparison from all sorts of perspectives so yes you could say they could have sold out in that maybe playing in Australia is a big lot of hassle with little return to their agenda. 

I expect that the touring schedule will be pretty grueling and they are not a young band so they are going to put their energy where they think it counts the most for their agenda whatever that is. 

They may still come in 2019 but I am not holding my breath.  I guess the longer they stay away the less relevant they become over here with regards to their newer music.  I am at the point where I don't really care either way.  I expect if they come I would go but whatever.  I wouldn't live anywhere else with or without U2
General U2 Discussion / Re: Subscription
« Last post by rager1969 on January 21, 2018, 08:13:35 PM »
I haven't received mine yet (I live in California).  I also re-upped my sub before the end of the year for the promised special something (never heard what that was).

I'm very disappointed in of late.  I pre-ordered the Extra Deluxe LP+CD version of Songs Of Experience but didn't receive it until December 26.  It was also more expensive than Amazon and others.  I only bought from the U2 Shop to get early access to those three (later four) songs.  Thankfully, someone posted a bootleg of the album, otherwise I wouldn't have heard the album for a couple of weeks when the CDs from TicketMaster arrived.

My previous two orders also had damage (Tour book was bent, JT 2017 had tear and no download card).  They are also VERY slow to respond to complaints.  I will not be purchasing merchandise from them in the future.  I may not even bother renewing my sub for 2019.

General U2 Discussion / Re: Re-evaluating SOI: How does it stack up?
« Last post by Mercurial on January 21, 2018, 05:47:28 PM »
I really like both, but I haven't listened to SOI in a while. The only song I don't really like on SOE is American Soul, the music is good, but the lyrics....ugh. I went back and listened to its counterpart Volcano on SOI and it's so much better. I think they're a great "set" (SOI and SOE).
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Which Version Of U2 Do You Prefer?
« Last post by Racingfan53 on January 21, 2018, 05:06:36 PM »
How am I supposed to pick between the two?!?  I'll take it all, thank you very much.  That's why I'm on the U2 fan website rather than any other band.
Tours / Re: New Zealand and Australia left out again
« Last post by NintendoFan204 on January 21, 2018, 04:51:52 PM »
If the last two albums are so bad, then why would you care that you are unable to see them?

Also, nothing has confirmed that they won't eventually go to NZ and Australia...
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Which Version Of U2 Do You Prefer?
« Last post by Clarky on January 21, 2018, 04:38:51 PM »
They're all great when done well, but if I had to default to one I would probably lean towards their more heartfelt, slower tunes that pack a punch, like Bad or All I Want Is You.
Tours / Re: New Zealand and Australia left out again
« Last post by summerholly on January 21, 2018, 04:25:46 PM »
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If they are indeed coming to Australia/NZ, It won't be until Nov/Dec, or early 2019 more likely.  Thus, no reason to make an announcement yet.

If they do arenas, theyd probably do 4 nights in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.  At least 2 in Brisbane and Perth, if not more.  At minimum you've got 16 shows there.  That would take a very solid month for U2.  So if they got there in mid November, that'd put them as finishing the Australian leg right before Christmas.  Then maybe throw in some Asian shows in after the new year?  Or just do Australia and Asia in early 2019?  Timing is key here.  This December it will be 8 years since their last visit.  Almost as long as the gap from Feb 98 to Nov 06.

I wouldn't expect the band to be away from home and their families over Christmas and New Year especially after after touring for most of 2018 so it makes more sense to come early 2019
The Music and Lyrics / Which Version Of U2 Do You Prefer?
« Last post by A_Fly_On_The_Wall on January 21, 2018, 03:58:46 PM »
A question I’ve been thinking about more and more recently about our beloved band is how all of their albums tend to have such a differing collection of songs within from soft, slow ballad types to hard, fast rocking types.

What strikes me is how well U2 are able to accomplish this and how they sound at home in both categories.

It got me thinking though... which version of U2 do you prefer? Soft and slow ballads or hard and fast rockers?

Just a bit of fun, so over to you...  :)

(I’ve included a short list of, in my opinion, their best examples of these types of songs below for ease to differentiate just in case anyone needed it!)

Soft and Slow Ballads
1. Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
2. With Or Without You
3. Moment Of Surrender
4. The Little Things That Give You Away
5. Bad

Hard and Fast Rockers
1. Red Flag Day
2. The Fly
3. Vertigo
4. I Will Follow
5. Bullet The Blue Sky
Tough one on both questions I reckon.

Most original would be “Fez - Being Born” for me. I don’t think U2 has ever done a song which sounds quite like this one and the African influence rings through this song in spades which adds to uniqueness to it.

Most creative would be one of the following; Moment Of Surrender, Raised By Wolves, Red Flag Day.

MOS is U2 at their most grandiose with all four members showcasing their skill in ways not replicated as well across NLOTH.

RBW has an essence of the punk band still living within U2 and the defiant nature of the vocal delivery, Edge’s scratchy guitar licks and the powerhouse combo of Adam and Larry sounds like it was recorded by a teenage band full of angst and presence.

RFD is a continuation of RBW but in an even more defiant delivery while conveying a relevant message of struggle in the current day and age.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Is it time to bring Lanois and Eno back?
« Last post by suitoflights on January 21, 2018, 03:44:46 PM »
I'd like to see U2 do a full on dance album. I know they've got it in them. They almost did it with POP - the first three songs are bangers. It's almost like they chickened out and brought things down again with the ballad IGWSHA.
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