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General Music Discussion / Re: the 5 songs rocking your world right now
« Last post by Clarky on Today at 08:32:31 PM »
Nae Slappin Paul Rose
News and Rumors / Re: U2 Record Store Day Release
« Last post by Clarky on Today at 07:59:52 PM »
Why are we discussing whether or not he can still sing the high notes on this song when you can clearly hear him shouting "Hanging on" at the very end of the clip?
Fun and Games / Re: U2 Setlist Fantasy Draft - Season 2
« Last post by ZEROpartII on Today at 07:41:57 PM »
12th Pick: Zooropa

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The Music / Re: Please
« Last post by Izzy on Today at 07:11:14 PM »
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i'd say "overfinished". see they "finished" Discotheque, SATS, Gone for the Best of 00 cd. They based the redo's on the live performances of the songs on Elevation. So if they got the chance they'd "ATYCLB" Pop.

I hear ya, but that's a different issue (making the songs more polished a la ATYCLB).

What I am saying is that there is something missing in much of the Pop album.  A 'punch in the gut'.  That live version of Mofo illustrates it perfectly.  Killer version.

I feel like it's there, but they captured an overall feel of mild drugged-up confusion like you're in a crazy club. I actually didn't mind the original mixes compared to the Hedges- clippers. Mofo sounds pretty ok turned way up 😁
General U2 Discussion / Re: When U2 rocked the Kings Hall
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 06:32:42 PM »
How cool is that? Very nice...
Fun and Games / Re: Do You Prefer...
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 06:27:06 PM »


reading newspaper or online news
Fun and Games / Re: The Person Below Me (TPBM)
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 06:26:17 PM »
that would be cool


is seriously a fun person!
Fun and Games / Re: Have you ever...Game
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 06:25:04 PM »
Well, I have fallen over drunk, but never ended up in the hospital!

have you ever barfed in public?
Fun and Games / Re: Word Association Game - New and Improved!
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 06:16:59 PM »
News and Rumors / Re: Bonos playing guitar again?
« Last post by il_capo on Today at 06:13:07 PM »
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Yeah, an alternative tuning would work, but if he is able to even put a little pressure on the fretboard with his left hand, then he could probably fret a few simple chords and move around on the fretboard like that. Again, that's assuming he got good PT and has healed properly.

Barring a chord (with one finger) can actually be tougher than fretting individual chords in standard tuning. It requires a lot of finger strength, moreso than a regular chord would, and if his strength is weak in that arm from the nerve damage, it would probably be a no-go.

I agree barring does require some additional strength but I think Bono's problem is only with his little finger.  There is no reason that the brake should have affected nerves going to the other fingers nor the strength in his wrist/hand (at least not after physio), so I think he should be able to bar - I hope so anyway!

Ahh, yes, then if it's just the pinkie then he should be fine either way. I have a weak pinkie myself from an old football injury, seldom use it and can strum plenty of chords + play bass just fine with my index, middle and ring fingers. If I force it, I can use the pinkie a little. I assumed he had weak strength all over his hand and that's why he couldn't play guitar. If it's just a bum pinkie, that shouldn't stop him.

From what I read at the time it was just the pinkie that was the problem - nerve damage - but given what you say about your ability to play guitar with a damaged pinkie I do wonder if I might be mistaken and the nerve damage was more extensive across the hand than that?  My elbow shattered into many more pieces than his and it barely impacted my hand movement at all, and fingers not at all.  Maybe I was lucky and Bono less so.  I am really glad you recovered so well from your football injury and hope you are serenading friends and family with your music  :)
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