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Tours / Blackout live
« Last post by morph on Today at 10:37:58 AM »
This song is feeling GREAT to me live! Love the visuals theyíve put to it too. IMO it was a slightly missed opportunity in the studio given how superb it is on stage.
Tours / Re: Where is Joe?
« Last post by Bentleyspop on Today at 10:29:05 AM »
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It's not a U2 show unless you see the massive beard of U2's long time sound genius Joe O'Herlihy. But where is he positioned in E+I? I don't see a typical sound booth like in the olden days.

Anyone notice? I missed him in San Jose.
Saw the show last night in Omaha. Sat a couple of rows in front of Joe.
Joe and the soundboard were at the top of sec. 105 on the end nearest the stage. Which put  them right at center court or center ice depending on your sport.
Going to guess this is the same at most shows.
Also I knew the show was coming to an end when Joe left during the 2nd to last song.
Tours / Where is Joe?
« Last post by McSwilly on Today at 10:16:25 AM »
It's not a U2 show unless you see the massive beard of U2's long time sound genius Joe O'Herlihy. But where is he positioned in E+I? I don't see a typical sound booth like in the olden days.

Anyone notice? I missed him in San Jose.
Tours / Re: ***Spoilers*** e+I Tour Wishlist
« Last post by U2Fan on Today at 10:08:39 AM »
I wish it wouldn't take so long to see the full band at start of show.

I'd like to see Little Things added to the encore, between One and Love is Bigger.    Drop RBW, but keep RFD and/or Gloria (could substitute New Year's Day, Electric Co, or 11'O'Clock Tick Tock) for Gloria on different nights.
Tours / Re: ***Spoilers*** e+I Tour Wishlist
« Last post by jonnydeaf on Today at 09:40:18 AM »
That list is 29 songs.  They've been in low to mid 20's for years.  So you'd have to trim it by 5 or 6. I guess I would cut 4, 5, and 6 from the 1st set. 1, 5, and 9 from set 2. 

I would love, and have tested it out, a Walk On (California snippet) into GOOYOW acoustic pairing.  The California snippet would come in at the end of Walk On in the "all that you fashion..." section, finishing with "I've seen for myself, there's no end to grief. That's how I know there's no end to love." Bono loves this lyric, snippitted it frequently, and it'd be pretty emotional at the end of Walk On. A "I've seen for myself" or two sung where "got to leave it behind" was sung in the end of "Walk On" fits in with no change to tune or rhythm. End on the A and let it sit for a slight moment of teary applause as everyone remembers a lost loved one.

Then go right to the g-chord in GOOYOW, skipping the little open, and sing "Love hurts..." And let GOOYOW play out as an acoustic song until the beattitudes. American Soul brings back the loud segment of set 2.

This would also return YTBTAM to a rock song, where it really belongs. 
REM? Oh, man, how I wish they were still together. Such incredible music. I just played some of their earlier albums a few days ago, and I think that Document may be one of my favorite albums of all time. Absolutely stellar.
General Music Discussion / Re: Current Popular Music You Like?
« Last post by hollywoodswag on Today at 08:39:01 AM »
I'm really, really trying to appreciate Maroon 5 a bit. I just wish they didn't ruin good songs with rappers adding verses that have nothing to do with anything (Payphone is a prime example). I'm annoyed that I basically have to buy the Now That's What I Call Music compilations to get songs like that and Don't Wanna Know without the rapper verses. I still think that Maroon 5 is a bit too poppy for my taste, but I'm really working to give them a shot.
The Music and Lyrics / Re: The book of your heart
« Last post by BlueSquirrel on Today at 08:28:47 AM »
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Yes, indeed! It reminds me so much of the atmospheric guitar textures on both the Unforgettable Fire and No Line On The Horizon. I love the way the bass, drums and guitar build up gradually to add more energy and passion to the song (from 2:25 onwards, it's stunning).

The vocals are flawless.
The lyrics are subtle and beautiful.

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This line is so moving! There is so much soul-crushing honesty in this song.
Actually, after reading Matt Mc Gee's very touching column on how "Landlady" related to his own life as well, I started thinking about how "Landlady" and "Book of your hearts" went hand in hand in terms of lyrics and that they probably should have been together on the album ("btw landlady could have had more of the atmospheric feel/texture imho).

Anyway, it's definitely one of the highlights of Songs of Experience. So glad I got the Deluxe CD version...
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I gave in a bit and got Apple Music. I took a look at my wish list and calculated that it would take decades before actually buying the albums would end up being cheaper than having Apple Music itself. However, the way I use it is that I explore various albums and if I really like them, I add them to my wish list to actually buy them. At the end of the day, I like owning the music, so I basically wait until the various albums I want go on sale and then buy them at discounted prices. I think that once I acquire most of what I want, I'll cancel my subscription. At the end of the day, I do believe in buying the music I really like so I can support the artists who make it, but Apple Music allows me to soften the economic blow a bit in the interim.

I look at it this way.  I was not buying a CD every month.  I would buy about 3 or 4 per year.  That means I was putting $40/year for music recordings into the the industryís pockets.  Now Iím putting $120/year into the industry.  Iím paying an extra $80 year for the convenience of not having to dig out the CDís I already own .  Even before subscription services came along I was buying fewer CDs just because my lifestyle had changed.  But I find I go to more live music now because there are so many good bands that come through town that play at smaller venues.  These are bands I never would have known of without the internet.  They are selling out 3,000 seat venues at $50/seat without all the overhead and costs of a big band like U2.  The casino venues are booming right now because of this.  When I was in high school all there was to see was the well-known bands at the arenas or local bands in the clubs.  Now there is this whole new in-between of really good bands, not getting rich but at least making a full-time job out of it.  Which is what most of us have.

If all youíre doing is listening to CDs from the U2s and Coldplays and Imagine Dragons of the world and going to their arena shows I can see how you would miss this. 

Iím not spending more on music than I was in High School or College,  but Iím spending more than I was ten years ago by a wide margin.  So how exactly is this killing the industry if theyíre getting more from me now than they were ten years ago.

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Kiss until the i heard and saw the video i still haven't found what i'm looking for that changed everything

Ha! KISS.  I forgot about that moment in 7th grade when I joined the KISS Army.  My mom didn't like that.  That was well before U2!
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