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Fun and Games / Re: Drop a word...Add a word Game
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 04:15:52 PM »
hand gun
General Music Discussion / Re: Concerts of 2017
« Last post by THRILLHO on Today at 04:15:15 PM »
speaking of. Beiber just canceled the rest of his tour. if you bought a ticket, i dont feel bad for you this time. sorry. your fault.
Fun and Games / Re: Word Association Game - New and Improved!
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 04:15:13 PM »
Fun and Games / Re: The Name Game
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 04:14:54 PM »
Billy Crystal
Fun and Games / Re: The ABC game
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Fun and Games / Re: Questions Only.....
« Last post by riffraff on Today at 04:13:43 PM »
Sure...don't you think you're better off that way?
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Can believe the dislike and boredom that some people have for "Pride" is one of the timeless songs of the 80s. Ultimate U2

Yeah same thing is happening with SBS on the War poll.  The Pride riff is magic to my ears everytime.

Absolutely, it's just incredible and that's even before we start talking about edges guitar work in the bridge!!

I love the big stadium anthems, and yet TUF has the most appeal to those who prefer mellow ambience.  Case in point, TUF (the song) has never done anything for me personally, but is a top ten track for many.  I guess Pride is an outlier on the album, even tough it is one most unique and earnest rock songs of all time.  The prototype track that lead to Streets, Beautiful Day, and inspiration for countless kids who would later form bands in the 90s.

Its my #2 track. (runner up to EBTTRT).
The Music / Re: What is the best song on War? (Pick up to 3 nominees)
« Last post by MEMORY_MAN on Today at 04:05:43 PM »
Like A Song...
Drowning Man

Was hard not to also vote for Seconds, and Red Light.  I have heard the hits too much to vote for them.
Tours / Re: Where will the JT30 Tour rank?
« Last post by very good on Today at 04:04:22 PM »
Okay, I'm currently in Paris with my better(?) half gearing ourselves up for 2 shows at the stade de France. I've seen U2 12 times so far, this is her first (and second) so I'll check in later in the week and update you. My scores, thus far are:

Zoo TV (one gig): 10/10
Popmart (one): 9/10
Elevation (four): 8.5/10
Vertigo (two): 6.5/10
360 (three): 7:10
I&E (one): 8/10

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Receiving emails from Arcade Fire recently only adds to that ironic/information overload schtick that they are trying to cultivate and yet while they remain superb as a music act I think they fail to carry off the image and aesthetics of it all in the same way that U2 did in the early 90s.

I think a lot of that has to do with the front man. With all due respect to Win Butler he has none of the on stage bravado/ charisma or vocal personality that Bono has. But hey, there's no harm in dressing up as Mirrorball Man and trying is there?
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