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The Music / Re: Was Pop unfinished?
« Last post by emalvick on Today at 11:11:06 AM »
Commercially, Popmart was a huge stadium tour that I thought did a reasonable job of selling out.  I surely would call that a success.  It exceeded Zoo-TV and its related tours commercially.  I agree about the critical and artistic failures as I recall Bono not being in very good vocal shape at the time and the tour was getting flack for that. 

General U2 Discussion / Re: U2 in the 80s
« Last post by emalvick on Today at 11:02:57 AM »
The more popular and public anyone is, the more people are going to love and hate you.  The JT made U2 huge quick.  Of course, they were already big before then, but the JT made casual people fans (perhaps temporarily of U2).  R&H was the first album I saw people be a little indifferent about and polarizing some people.  The new casual fans (which I was part of), thought U2 were now just like anyone else and essentially taking their new found success and not going anywhere with it.  Not that the singles were bad but rather the live tracks and movie were just a band cashing in on their new success.

Following the 80's, AB I saw as U2 proving that they were not a fluke and that they didn't need to cash in on their past success.  U2 in the 2000's seems to me to be a bit analogous to the Rolling Stones in the 90's.  They released a few new albums but were generally thought of as has-beens with quite successful tours to boot. 

I know some have referenced the Rolling Stones as a group people are not ashamed to like including the younger generation, but I've only seen that now that their new albums have essentially stopped.  I didn't see anyone who would fess up to being a Rolling Stones fan in the late 90's (Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon era).  Further those albums weren't really all that different from what U2 did with NLOTH and HTDAAB in terms of placement among the full catalog.

Thus, I suspect U2 will gain a lot more respect and fans as their career (making albums) ends and people reflect back on the whole catalog and how their have been great music throughout their career.  In other words, for the less than stellar albums in the 2000's, people will start to recognize that there are at least a few excellent songs there will still remembering the greatness of their 80's and 90's albums.
Real World / Re: What's The Last Movie You've Watched?
« Last post by satellitedog on Today at 10:59:52 AM »
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Just watched A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, and The Shining in a row. Very interesting to see Kubrick films in order. He's quickly becoming one of my less than highly viewed filmmakers .

Why so?
General Music Discussion / Re: Kanye West?
« Last post by WookieeWarrior10 on Today at 10:49:57 AM »
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His performance at Glastonbury was a very brave one. A lone black man on a stage in front of a predominantly white audience at a festival that doesn't have a rich history of supporting black rap artists. It was only when Jay Z headlined that things started to change. I liked it. I don't care if people think he's offensive. In fact if it irritates the white middle class I'm all for it.
Why do we have to bring races into everything? Who cares if he's black, nobody brought it up. How would people react to you saying "In fact if it irritates the black middle-class I'm all for it."? We're talking about the music, not race.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Why are they so secretive
« Last post by emalvick on Today at 10:47:35 AM »
If you think U2 are secretive, apparently you haven't been a fan for too long.  U2 always built up hype for their albums until perhaps SOI, and I think it was disastrous.  Just search the forums for all the Edge is On Fire references (and related).  I think U2 finally learned to mostly keep their mouths shut after some letdowns due to delayed album release dates or even shelving of albums.  This SOE thing isn't all that different from the supposed SOA album that never came after NLOTH only there are hints SOE may eventually happen.
I like it and bought the vinyl, pirated the bonus disc and like An Tha, I've relegated it to essentially the 2nd and 3rd side listening (I think the vinyl was on three sides as I ripped them for convenience).  I think that once I get past Iris, I like the album and can listen to what's left.  I like the same 3 tracks but I also enjoy Cedarwood Road and I like the Crystal Ballroom remix that is on the 4th side of the vinyl release. 

I'm not sure about long term, but I will likely keep buying U2 on vinyl.  The mastering is so much better on all their 2000 releases even if I'm not the hugest fan.  Vinyl makes HTDAAB sound so much better, and it makes this album sound better.  I'm not sure how time will be on SOI.  I suspect it will not be as forgotten as some think or it will become a bit like Pop in that it is forgotten by the masses but remembered by a die hard group of U2 fans, the way NLOTH seems to be.  Only, I do think there are some fantastic songs on SOI, just not EBW and the other initial tracks on it.
I wonder if they weren't thinking of doing something like Bjork is doing right now... the whole VR thing.  She still, smartly, released the album first with the VR stuff coming later.  I can't see U2 really pioneering a new format otherwise. It's just a file type. 

I really suspect U2 were blowing smoke, perhaps from Apple.  And, it may be just an Apple Music thing, and given the delay whatever Apple planned may have already past and been done.  I can't see the corporation waiting on U2 to do something new.  It would be silly to put technology at the mercy of entertainers who are now consistently late with their projects.
The Music / Re: Was Pop unfinished?
« Last post by Will21st on Today at 10:17:33 AM »
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Was Popmart even a failure in the US? 

Well... just critically, commercially and artistically.  And not just in the US, although that's a popular line here in the forum.

a failure artistically? I have to disagree, i thought it was amazing show. Critically ok, but then it was U2's time to 'get it', no matter what they did i think they were ripe for a bashing.

Commercially however who can say, or do you have the final numbers? In the days of popmart bands as u2 played for guaranteed sums; the promoters took the financial hit, not the band.
Real World / Re: 84yr old Catholic priest beheaded in France
« Last post by ShankAsu on Today at 10:17:07 AM »
Maximus- you can't win with Kite and ie.  They constantly go off topic and attack you personally when they don't like responding to reason or you go against their leftist beliefs.  Now Bush is to blame to ISIS beheading a priest yesterday- because of course he is.
General Music Discussion / Re: Kanye West?
« Last post by emalvick on Today at 10:16:41 AM »
You know, his public appearances outside of music make me sour.  As a result, I've not even tried to listen to his music; perhaps I will.

Outside of that, I'm not a huge fan of straight up rap music.  I do like music that is more hip-hop oriented (which I take as a bit more danceable), at least the way I separate it in my mind.  For instance, I loved the rap music of the 80's and 90's, which I found a bit more fun.  Once rap evolved to more gangster rap and represented a conflict I could not identify with, I didn't like it as much although I did like artists like Coolio and LL Cool J.  At that time period, I pretty much gave up on rap music with the exception of the Beastie Boys. 

More recently, I've give some historically significant artists a chance.  I'm mixed on how much I've liked Jay Z.  I feel like I should, but I've only found a few songs I like. Eminem I don't like.  Outkast has become a favorite for many of their/his albums.  And, I really like the Roots.  I tried Kendrick Lamar's recent album, which I think is great and should have won the album of the year Grammy, but it isn't for me to listen to on a repeat basis. 

So while I don't like Kanye, it is about is actions rather than his music or even rap music in general.
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