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They played Sweetest Thing
General U2 Discussion / Re: Ticketmaster Scalping Us
« Last post by 64ac30 on Today at 12:16:20 AM »
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U2 speak against TM? U2 just signed another 10 year contract with Livenation. They could’ve spoken up for those $350 seats this tour. But the truth is u2 doesn’t give a s**t. Then the fans complain to Guy O Seary and his response is basically “sorry if you couldn’t get tickets but try again if we announce more dates”

You say they signed another contract as if you know that for a fact. Can you link us to where you saw that?

Atu2 reported it a couple of months ago.
Tours / What songs of innocence and experience will survive the future?
« Last post by 64ac30 on Today at 12:12:28 AM »
What son gs will make it into future tours?

I think :
Get Out of your own way
Love is Bigger than Anything in its way
Song for someone
Every Breaking Wave

The rest will likely be forgotten given a new album is released. Remeber, Beautiful Day, Pride, Sunday Bloody Sunday, I will follow, still haven’t found, Streets, with or without you, elevation, vertigo, one and city of blinding lights have a 98% chance of returning taking up a decent amount of setlist

New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by Luzita on September 22, 2018, 11:44:07 PM »
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New member of forum but long time fan of U2.  Most favorite rock band in the world and the Best rock band in the world!
My first U2 concert was on June 21st 1983 at the Orlando Jai Alai Fronton.  It was an amazing concert with only a few hundred people in attendance.  I was up front and was mesmerized.  Before the concert, I had seen U2 music videos on MTV but seeing them live was incredible.  Other concerts I attended were: The Unforgettable Fire Tour - April 30th 1985 at the Jacksonville Florida Memorial Coliseum, Joshua Tree Tour - November 23rd/24th 1987 At Fort Worth Texas Tarrant County Convention Center (On the 24th B.B. King performed with the band), Elevation Tour - April 3rd 2001 at the Dallas Texas Reunion Arena.  Unfortunately due to sporadic health problems and other issues, I've not been able to see them more.

My favorite albums and songs are.....  Well, I could write paragraphs and pages on the subject.

Welcome nulla!

How I envy you for seeing U2 at the Jai Alai! I live in Orlando but I got into U2 shortly after they played here so I missed that one.

But maybe you can answer a question for me. I’ve heard rumors that something happened at that concert — not clear on what — that got Bono angry and caused him to declare that U2 would never play Orlando again. Do you know anything about that?

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General U2 Discussion / Re: Ticketmaster Scalping Us
« Last post by Luzita on September 22, 2018, 09:50:53 PM »
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U2 speak against TM? U2 just signed another 10 year contract with Livenation. They could’ve spoken up for those $350 seats this tour. But the truth is u2 doesn’t give a s**t. Then the fans complain to Guy O Seary and his response is basically “sorry if you couldn’t get tickets but try again if we announce more dates”

You say they signed another contract as if you know that for a fact. Can you link us to where you saw that?
General U2 Discussion / Re: Greatest Edge moments from each album
« Last post by Rasmus on September 22, 2018, 06:49:59 PM »
Boy: Into the Heart
The intro - and whole song really - is pure magic.

October: Gloria
The main riff.

War: New Years Day
The mix of guitar, keys and vocals is astonishing.

The Unforgetable Fire: The Unforgetable Fire
Incredible sound landscapes.

The Joshua Tree: Streets + WOWY
Cant pick one for this. Its got to be either the intro for Streets or the outro for WOWY.

Rattle and Hum: Bullet the Blue Sky
The solo.

Achtung Baby: Zoo Station, EBTTRT, The Fly, Acrobat, Love is Blindness
Yeah I had to pick 5 here. Zoo Station for the incredible and innovative guitar work and backing vocals, EBTTRT for the sounds and the solo, The Fly for the solo, Acrobat for the whole song and Love is Blindness for the solo. Incredible album and Edge really shines on all the songs to be honest.

Zooropa: Numb
A great patchwork of a song that shows the mathmatical side of Edges approach to music.

Pop: Gone
The whole song - guitar, soundwork, vocals - just incredible.

ATYCLB: Stuck in A Moment
The guitar work and the beautiful bridge he sings towards the end of the song.

HTDAAB: Miracle Drug
His verse.

The intro and outro to the song.

SOI: Sleep Like a Baby or The Troubles
Sleep Like a Baby is Edge in his innovative mood. The Troubles is just beautiful guitar work.

SOE: Red Flag Day
I dont think this album is Edges best work but RFD has some great riffs. Summer of Love would be my pick if I didnt know that he didnt write the main riff.

E+I Tour Venue/City Information / Re: Travel Advice - 1st Visit to Dublin/Ireland
« Last post by dwaltman on September 22, 2018, 06:47:27 PM »
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I actually suggest NOT planning. People in Ireland don't adhere to schedules as much as other ppl. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I am not going to "NOT plan."  I won't do to much scheduling for Dublin but my day trips require it.   It won't matter if any other person in Ireland is on a schedule or not.  The only person I want to be on time is anyone who is supposed to pick me up and I'd prefer U2 to be on time for the concert.  ;D
General U2 Discussion / Re: Greatest Edge moments from each album
« Last post by A_Fly_On_The_Wall on September 22, 2018, 06:33:37 PM »
I couldn’t just choose one moment from each album as there are too many to mention! I’ve ended up settling on three moments from each record that I believe to be Edge’s greatest moments along with my reasons behind my choices  8)

“Twilight” - I love Edge’s intro riff, killer solo and backing vocal harmonies throughout this track - he certainly carries it very well indeed! A true early Edge track for me!

“Into The Heart” - I love how we can hear the infant stages of Edge’s unique sound becoming visible to the world on this track. So minimalistic yet so engaging for the listener.

“Out Of Control” - Edge really kicks this song into overdrive with his solo and is backed up brilliantly by an awesome drum beat and bassline throughout that section as well! Always get chills hearing this part on record!

“Gloria” - Edge's riff and solo are classic sounds which create a real pumped up vibe on each listen and his notes leading up to each chorus are mega as well!

“Fire” - Edge’s backing vocals are awesome on this track and I like his mini solo around the 2:00 mark in the song as well!

“With A Shout (Jerusalem)” - I love Edge’s use of scratchy power chords in this song alongside his screeching guitar licks played against Bono’s vocal wails! Such an underrated song!

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” - An instantly recognisable main riff and a beefed up solo section make this hugely memorable on record and in a live full band format!

“New Year’s Day” - Edge’s greatest moment on record from the 80’s decade. Multiple instruments and howling backing vocals from him helping to carry the song all the way to an explosive climax! U2’s best song from the 80’s!

“Two Hearts Beat As One” - A fantastic use of a scratchy riff throughout is brilliant and I love his backing vocals in the chorus sections as well!

The Unforgettable Fire
“Pride (In The Name Of Love)” - Edge’s most recognisable riff ever laid down in my opinion. Awesome  little solo as well and great vocal harmonising with Bono at the end of the song too!

“Wire” - Such an underrated song from U2 and a brilliant showcase from Edge in how to play his signature sound as fast as humanly possible!

“Bad” - Typically understated riff transcending into a pocket full of emotion for the listener - only Edge and U2 can capture this type of music for me.

The Joshua Tree
“Where The Streets Have No Name” - Edge’s most iconic sound ever created. What is not to love? The long intro, the long outro and everything else in between. The ultimate U2 record in every possible way!

“With Or Without You” - Such a haunting guitar part from Edge throughout which just encapsulates the listener each time. I love how he could have exploded the song at the end into a huge solo but, being the guy he is, he chose to fade out with a minimalistic riff. Perfection.

“In God’s Country” - Another fantastic example of the true sound of The Joshua Tree. For me, alongside the previous two tracks, this song defines the sound of the album in such a great way with Edge being a major force throughout.

Rattle & Hum
“Van Diemen’s Land” - How can anyone not include this track on their list? A real sample of the talent Edge has and what a gorgeous voice he truly has.

“Desire” - Blues Rock at its finest with a crazy Edge riff accompanied by the rest of the band in full flow! Love his backing vocals here as well!

“All I Want Is You” - U2’s perfect love song. On record, this song just comes alive like few other tracks are capable of doing. Edge is very prominent on this track and his solo is simply gorgeous and defines his sound in the 80’s.

Achtung Baby
“The Fly” - Edge’s hardest riff laid down on record, a muscle-bound solo to boot along with awesome backing vocals in the chorus. U2 welcomed the world to their 90’s sound with a bang with this track!

“Mysterious Ways” - Mr Edge took his funk pills before he made this song for sure! An iconic sound of this album and I absolutely LOVE it!

“Acrobat” - Seriously, how can anyone not include this song on their list? It has everything you’d want from a U2 track and then some more. Edge just rips the roof off the place with his guitar work here and his solo is A-MA-ZING!!!

“Numb” - Edge’s robotic vocal on this track is unlike anything else we’ve heard from U2 before or since. Unusual for sure but unique and interesting as well!

“Stay (Faraway, So Close!)” - I like this song as a whole as I think all band members really shine here but Edge, in particular, shows us something special with his relentless riff and stunning vocal ability.

“Dirty Day” - Possibly the most definitive sounding song of this album from Edge with his distorted riff exploding into life towards the end of the song. His vocal bouncing off Bono at the end is great as well!

“Discothčque” - Another masterclass in funk rock from Edge with his great riff and distortion across the chorus sections!

“Last Night On Earth” - Edge’s riff is pure Pop-sounding and the definitive track from this album for the sound the band were trying to capture. But, for me, it’s Edge’s incredible vocal throughout the choruses which make this track awesome for me. Again, he manages to carry this song ever so well.

“If You Wear That Velvet Dress” - I love how sexy and sultry this song really is and all band members are in fine form here. Plus, Edge’s way of introducing the listener to it all with a distant-sounding electric/acoustic-type riff is just delicious.

All That You Can’t Leave Behind
“Beautiful Day” - Well, it’s certainly U2’s definitive song from this century for sure and for good reason as well. Edge takes the song to the highest heights with his beautiful riff, explosive power chords in the chorus alongside his chants of “day” in the same section! Also, as an extra addition, I love his final notes bringing the song to a cool close!

“Walk On” - Such a gorgeous tone from Edge’s guitar in this song and so much emotion goes into the solo to make it a powerful statement on record. Again, his way of vocally harmonising with Bono shortly after the solo section is just beautiful. Plus, the final flourish of this song during the “all that you fashion” section is absolutely divine!

“Kite” - Edge’s slide guitar ability has never sounded so moving, emotional and beautiful. It compliments the heart-wrenching lyrics and voice of Bono in such a devastatingly beautiful way - it truly is one of U2’s best songs put on record.

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
“Miracle Drug” - From the intro of this song, you just know it has Edge’s name imprinted all over it. His riff has an utterly gorgeous tone and the build-up to his guitar and vocal solo is tremendous. One of my very favourite songs U2 has ever created for so many reasons.

“City Of Blinding Lights” - If Edge’s slide guitar ability reached its peak on “Kite” then it came close to a rebirth on this record! Such a glorious sounding song of joy and magnificent musical melodies! Certainly has a refreshed sound of “Streets” for the 21st century as well!

“All Because Of You” - WHAT... AN... INTRO!!! The greatest intro to a rock song I’ve ever heard! Edge is on absolute fire throughout the duration of this track and never lets up once! The entire section of “I’m alive” onwards is typical U2 doing rock and roll better than any other band out there!

No Line On The Horizon
“Magnificent” - Edge’s most classic-sounding guitar part on this album. When you think you’ve heard all the best riffs humanly possible, along comes Edge with another absolute banger like this! Will be remembered in the future as a typically classic Edge riff and solo part for sure!

“Stand Up Comedy” - My all time favourite U2 song for so many reasons! Edge’s riff is rock and roll at its punchiest and his backing vocals are absolutely mega as well! The “soul rockin’ people” section towards the end of the song always get me pumped up and ready to rock!

“White As Snow” - Possibly, U2’s most haunting-sounding song they’ve ever put on record. I love how the eery nature of the song is played out with Bono’s soft and delicate vocals which burst into life towards the end whilst Edge provides a classic melodic undertone with his own vocal. Such an underrated song and one which should get more praise and recognition.

Songs Of Innocence
“Iris (Hold Me Close)” - From the opening note, the song drags you into the moment and never lets you go. Edge’s pulsating scratchy riff ploughs the song on well before exploding at the chorus into a wonderful surprise of melodic minimalism. I love his backing chants in the choruses as well!

“Raised By Wolves” - U2’s 21st century take on “New Year’s Day” and played out just as exceptionally. The relentlessness of Edge’s intro riff is incredible before it tentatively smashes through the speakers, in the pre-chorus section, leading up to Bono’s defiant wail of the track title at the chorus itself. Edge’s piano work is to be admired as well and plays nicely against the edgy(!) guitar tone.

“The Troubles” - This song is one of U2’s most daring to end an album on and it leaves the listener wanting more from Edge’s multiple-noted ending solo. The way the song ebbs and flows across its entity before climaxing towards the end is just exceptional.

Songs Of Experience
“Get Out Of Your Own Way” - This song has such a sweet-sounding Edge intro before the song kicks into a classic U2-sounding verse section! Edge really comes into his own with the tone of his guitar in this song; the pre-chorus section is testament to this and his solo adds to this statement as well. I also love Edge backing up Bono well in the chorus - much to the same vein as “Beautiful Day”.

“Red Flag Day” - Honestly, I never thought I would witness U2 laying anything like this down on any of their future albums since I first became a hardcore fan back in 2009! From the very first listen, I was in awe of how fresh and punchy the band sounded whilst harking back to their early 80’s rock roots!

“The Little Things That Give You Away” - Well, where to start with this track? It is U2’s most gorgeous song put on record from their 21st century catalogue. The entire band are completely in line with each other across the duration and all have their mesmerising moments. Edge’s high point must be his slow and intense riff build-up towards the end before adding a final burst of life with his greatest guitar solo on record in the last decade.
General U2 Discussion / Greatest Edge moments from each album
« Last post by laoghaire on September 22, 2018, 03:24:36 PM »
Here's your chance to choose the greatest Edge moments from each album. It can be a guitar lick or solo, piano, singing, breathing you identify as his, anything as long as it's our man The Edge and it was recorded in audio format on an album.

Here are mine.

Songs of Experience
The Little Things chimes at climax
Edge has to be very careful not to overdo his signature Edge chimes. But in this moment, in this song, they are right where they need to be, giving hope when all seems lost.

Songs of Innocence
Raised by Wolves
Some very creative sounds here, sometimes very understated but quite unique.

No Line on the Horizon
Magnificent solo
Maybe I should have picked something with a more Edge sound, but this David Gilmour-esque solo hits the spot for me. If I went with something more Edge, it's a toss-up between the relentless charge of NLOTH and the heavenly ascension rock after the horn part in the last third of Unknown Caller.

I reserve the right to come back to this one.

Walk On, after the spoken part when the song lights up
A pretty recognizably Edge moment, which feels good. Runner-up: the cool twangy opening riff from Elevation.

Yes, please. Oh, I have to single something out? Ok, sure, uh, how about ALL OF MOFO.

I don't know how much of this crazy soundscape is Edge and how much is... whoever produced?... but I know Edge created some crazy sh** here. Name me anything else like it, I dare you.

Achtung, Baby
Mysterious Ways signature riff
There are so many choices on this album - Zoo Station, The Fly, UTEOTW, Love is Blindness, just to name a few. But I choose that riff from Mysterious Ways - nothing else sounds like it, and it's a killer. Such a big sound and so unique. Runner-up is the melodic notes on TTTYAATW, simple as they are, because they are so comforting.

Rattle & Hum
Heartland background riffs
A beautiful, evocative song. It's weird how they made a sound that is not identifiably American per se - it's not country or blues or, I dunno, zydeco, yet it's the sound of the American heartland, at twilight, for me at least.  Runner-up: love VDL, very Irish.

The Joshua Tree
I'm not even going to bother writing about the obvious. Someone else can write it up!

The Unforgettable Fire
Pride, opening notes, then all the other notes
Ladies and gentlemen, The Edge.

New Year's Day piano and guitar
I mean, this is clearly everything.

There are a lot of really distinct Edge bits on this album: piano riffs in I Fall Down and October, different guitar sounds everywhere. Also, I've always wondered if Edge created the eerie sounds in Tomorrow - does anyone know? It must have been him, or maybe Steve, but I'm guessing Edge? I think I settle on the interesting sounds of Brick, but maybe it would be Tomorrow if I knew I could fully credit him with that.

Electric Co solo
I think this was the most maturely formed song on the record, and the one where we can best hear what's to come from our man. Just all in all a top notch solo, with the emotion of the song and very interesting sonic layers. Runner-up: the simple notes of Into the Heart. Great music doesn't need to be complicated.
The Band / Re: Is the Edge one of the greatest songwriters/musicians of all time?
« Last post by laoghaire on September 22, 2018, 01:33:36 PM »
"Ugh, an HOUR of technical blabber about guitar rigs? And Edge isn't even in it?"

One of the most awesome hours I've wasted on YouTube, and I want to adopt Dallas.
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