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General U2 Discussion / Re: EBW Single
« Last post by an tha on Today at 02:28:42 AM »
If we are going off which is more likely to reach out and connect with the masses then piano and strings version is in my view easily most likely.
I have said it from when we first heard the album version that it as a single will do no more damage than say magnificent, it won't connect u2 to a new audience and I stand by that.

A stripped down version has much more chance.

People are real suckers for that kind of thing.
The Music / Re: Adam & Larry the Dynamic duo of SOI .
« Last post by ehtaerb on Today at 01:11:36 AM »
Couldn't agree more with the comments so far. I would add that they have been bringing this to the table on most of their live rockers for a long time. If you think about the groove, vibe and drive of some of their staples: SBS, NYD, Streets and then think of their work on Bullet (esp ZooTV version), Mofo, Please, Mysterious Ways, Breathe - that is all down to Larry & Adam who are the foundation of all that and credit too them for that.

It must be great for Edge to know he has a fantastic base to structure his riffs / hooks & solos on.
I voted:

1. Zooropa
2. Do You Feel Loved?
3. One
4. Until the End of the World
5. Staring at the Sun
6. So Cruel
7. The Fly
8. Mysterious Ways
9. Dirty Day
10. Ultra-Violet
11. Please
12. Love is Blindness

Achtung Baby: 7
Zooropa: 2
Pop: 3
After a month, I think this is U2's most addictive record. I still have to go back to it on a daily basis. I don't think it has happened to me before, and I'm 40... I'm blown away by this.
I have struggled with this album, yet still listening. The various performances on TV shows have given me new insight into the songs, as well as the deluxe version with the acoustic alternatives. I think the production is letting these songs down. It's dull, uninteresting and does not showcases these songs. They should have either produced an unplugged album or one with all the sonic layers and textures that we expect. ( I would prefer this) What we get is something in between which is very boring. There are great songs here. Here is my current feelings. Try me again in another month.

The Miracle: Don't like it. Bland melody and seems written with giant stadiums in mind.
Every Breaking Wave: I like the live performances. Production is weak. Good song in there. Piano is very Adele ( on the unplugged version)
California: Yeah like. Seems bright and fresh. Play loud.
Song For Someone: Bit soppy. I liked the performance on Graham Norton. Bit Maroon 5 on the album. Nice but not amazing.
Iris: One of my favourites. Brooding and emotional.
Volcano: Probably my favourite. I dont know why people rate this low. This has serious balls and cool factor. Wish the rest of the album was a ballsy as this.
Raised By Wolves: This is powerful. Like it alot. More ballsy like "Volcano"
Cedarwood Road: Sort of Meh. Ok
SLABT: Really like this. Great song.
TIYCRM: Not great. One of the weakest songs.
The Troubles: Dont like the female vocal refrain. The Version on the deluxe edition is much better. Great melody. One that should be stripped back.

BTW I Love Lucifier's Hands ( Classic B-Side) and The Crystal Ballroom. "Crystal" should be a single.

It is amazing what people think of these songs. All very different opinions.
News and Rumors / Re: U2 BBC Sessions
« Last post by Midnight is Where the Day Begins on October 22, 2014, 11:50:29 PM »
With every one of these acoustic performances I listen to of EBW, I come away incredibly impressed. Initially I thought Bono was overdoing it, but in retrospect he's just being extremely passionate, and that makes the song come off even better.

I kinda hope they do this version live in concert. Bring back the small orchestra like Original of the Species had during the Vertigo Tour.

This version is too special not to have on the actual tour.
General Music Discussion / Re: Foo Fighters/Dave Grohl Appreciation Thread
« Last post by Shark Ericson on October 22, 2014, 11:45:53 PM »
For me, Something From Nothing has been getting better and better with each listen! It's definitely one of my favorite tracks of the year, and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album
General U2 Discussion / Re: Is SONGS OF INNOCENCE another U2 classic ?
« Last post by Parsons on October 22, 2014, 11:44:46 PM »
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This same sort of rhetoric was going around this forum during the NLOTH era, in which users proclaimed it was another "classic" or a "masterpiece"

It is definitely to soon to say anything about Songs of Innocence, but I would wager the only thing the album will be remembered for (outside of the realm of hardcore fans) is the iTunes delivery method.

And that my friend would be a shame.
News and Rumors / Re: U2 BBC Sessions
« Last post by Zoost on October 22, 2014, 11:43:33 PM »
I hated Every Breaking Wave form 360, hated it. I did not want this song to show up any release, especially a brand new album.

When SOI was released, I even skipped the song the first time I played the album after downloading it from the cloud. I gave up one day and played it. Boy am I happy i did. The version is great on the album.

Then I heard the acoustic version from Disc 2 of SOI. This song then started to become a favorite of mine, especial after hearing a couple of live versions of it.

This BBC session has elevated this song into my top ten U2 songs of all time. Its is simply stunning and this BBC performance of it is nothing short of epic.

Excuse me, just off to choke on my humble pie.
The Music / Re: Adam & Larry the Dynamic duo of SOI .
« Last post by Parsons on October 22, 2014, 11:43:14 PM »
I am convinced if you stuck two other skilled players with Bono and Edge the music would end up sounding flat,stale and predictable.
Larry and Adam bring an irreplaceable flare to the band they are immensely unique, A fantastic rhythm section that sounds like know one else in rock n roll.
 Terribly underrated.
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