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Tours / Re: Dublin Night 4 November 28 *SPOILERS*
« Last post by david on Today at 04:47:26 PM »
For those of you wondering who the 'tranny' was, it was Panti Bliss who was heavily involved in the yes campaign for gay marriage in Ireland recently. He/she became quite well known internationally and is even the subject of a movie at the moment.

Imelda May wouldn't be my cup of tea to be honest but she is also quite well known and not just a 'local' singer. She sang with Jeff Beck and has made numerous appearances on Jools Holland.
General Music Discussion / Re: RnR Hall of Fame is a joke
« Last post by redrunningred on Today at 04:41:15 PM »
Iron Maiden not getting in is a travesty.

Also, I am a huge Prog Head, so the fact the they almost completely ignore the genre, except Pink Floyd, cause, well, they are pink Floyd, and Genesis, but I think if Genesis didn't have their Collins era they wouldn't haven't gotten the nod.

I need Maiden, Ozzy, ELP, ELO, Moody Blues, King Krimson, And Jetthro Tull. Joan Jett, I love ya, but you SHOULD NOT have gotten in before any of these people did.

Oh and Roxy Music. Can't believe I almost forgot them. Literally HALF the people in the hall have had albums produced by the genius that drove the early incarnations of the band, Brian Eno. U2, Genesis
Real World / Re: Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
« Last post by Maximus on Today at 04:40:13 PM »
so from what I understand Kylo Ren isn't a real sith but a force sensitive obsessed with VADER
General Music Discussion / Re: All Bruce Springsteen Alums Ranked
« Last post by redrunningred on Today at 04:38:19 PM »
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2. Darkness
3. The River
4. BTR
5. Magic
6. Tunnel of Love
7. The Promise
8. Wrecking ball
9. Nebraska
10. Born in the USA
11. Greetings
12. Ghost of Tom Joad
13. The Rising
14. High Hopes
15. Devils and Dust
16. Lucky Town
17. Human Touch
18. Working on a Dream

Another artist I love and am planning on doing a list is prince. Lord knows that will take forever
Real World / Re: U2-fans and religion
« Last post by Maximus on Today at 04:28:35 PM »
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Man is evil not relegion. The 2 most evil and genocidal regimes were atheists. Nazi Germany and the USSR. How many innocents were killed by Spanish communists and the spcw

When it comes down to it man will use any excuse to fight and kill sometimes religion is an excuse

I see you're attacking communism and facism. Is capitalism an evil theory in your eyes too? Capitalism: everyone in it for themselves, make as much money as possible whilst trodding on the poor, dog eat dog, exploitation of the poor. Not a very Christian ethos. What did jesus say, the richer you are the harder it is to get into heaven? Or something along those lines. Didn't he also say treat your neighbour as you would like to be treated yourself. Each economic theory has evil elements within it. I'm not a huge fan of communism, but at least it promoted equality amongst all people. Communism was unworkable because of the inherent selfish nature of human beings, which is why capitalism has flourished throughout most parts of the world.

Anyway, I think the words of Jesus and Christianity in general are wholly noble and worth adhering to, but I just think the idea of a higher being/god is just nonsensical.

A few questions:

Will all the millions people who were born and walked on this earth before the birth of Christ be damned to hell? They never had a chance to follow Christianity.

Why would a god create man in his own image and likeness and then say, 'you will only get into my kingdom if you follow my teachings'? It's a bit of a sick parlour game if you ask me.

Who wrote the scriptures and the bible etc? what gave them such great insight into this 'god' that none of the rest of us were able to gain? Why hasn't this god provided us with any 'proof'. Another parlour game, 'if you believe you will see'. I would believe if I had proof. Why play silly games?

Will my dog go to heaven?

What about the more logical proof of where we came from provided by scientists, the Big Bang etc? Is that hokum?

How can a god allow murderous atrocities and huge natural disasters to happen? And don't give me the 'we are all blessed with free will, and god moves in mysterious ways' claptrap. If that's the case then this god is a bit on the twisted side if you ask me.

To me, Jesus was a particularly good human being. That's all. If someone would give me a logical reason for a god to exist them I'm all ears.

Man is greedy and predisposed to an evil nature, Man is corrupted and imperfect, to work towards perfection is the mission of life- That is the nature of war and conflict in the world. I used Hitler and Stalin is examples to counter an argument that religion starts all wars.

Now in terms of salvation- God gives everyone a chance to be saved, people before Christ, After Christ, Never heard of Christ- God's mercy is boundless.

God doesn't condemn any one to hell, Hell is a choice made be a person how does not want to be with God-God gives us free will, even the free will to reject him.

Real World / Re: U2-fans and religion
« Last post by Maximus on Today at 04:20:07 PM »
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If Hitler was a believer, why did he have so many Catholic, and Protestant priests sent to concentration camps. He also ordered the removal of crucifixes from Bavarian schools in 1941, something that was condemned by numerous churches across Germany. If Hitler was a believer then he was not a believer of the Christian God but of his own God. He had the Old Testament burnt and had the mainstream churches duped by his propaganda machine. Many Christians like Bonhoeffer and the Scholl siblings saw this and tried to fight Hitler because of the perversion of the church. Read 'Sophie Scholl & the White Rose' by Annette Dumbach and Jud Newborn. Also look up the activities of 'the Confessing Church' during World War 2.  These will give you an idea of how Hitler tried to use Christianity in Germany and how he was met with resistance by Christians who recognized his game. His architect Speer and Goebbels both had written that he had 'no attachment' and 'hated' Christianity. He subscribed to Darwinian views.

Love Bonhoeffer

Another Christian who resisted Hitler and my Son's patron Saint-- ST Maximillian Kolbe
Tours / Re: Dublin Night 4 November 28 *SPOILERS*
« Last post by jenniferh aka jen on Today at 04:15:41 PM »
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thank you mariamontreal and jenniferh aka jen for the songs in the thread :)

Good night to you all.

You're welcome and good night!

Good evening to those in North America!
Tours / Re: Dublin Night 4 November 28 *SPOILERS*
« Last post by kos4u2 on Today at 04:07:52 PM »
thank you mariamontreal and jenniferh aka jen for the songs in the thread :)

Good night to you all.
Tours / Re: Dublin Night 4 November 28 *SPOILERS*
« Last post by kos4u2 on Today at 04:06:45 PM »
Officially this was supposed to be the final night of the tour!
'See' you all again in Paris tuesday.

Bumpy ride on mixlr tonight, if this is the video of the tour, I don't mind.
Tours / Re: Dublin Night 4 November 28 *SPOILERS*
« Last post by kos4u2 on Today at 04:04:51 PM »
That's all folks the setlist of the fourth and final night in Dublin.

Start 20:35
01   The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
02   The Electric Co
03   Vertigo
04   I Will Follow
05   Iris (Hold Me Close)
06   Cedarwood Road
07   Song For Someone
08   Sunday Bloody Sunday 
09   Raised By Wolves
10   Until The End Of The World

(Intermission: The Fly)

11   Invisible
12   Even Better Than The Real Thing
13   Mysterious Ways 
14   Desire 
15   Angel Of Harlem
16   Every Breaking Wave
17   October
18   Bullet The Blue Sky
19   Zooropa
20   Where The Streets Have No Name
21   Pride (In The Name Of Love)
22   With Or Without You / Shine like stars


23   City Of Blinding Lights
24   Beautiful Day
25   Mother And Child Reunion
26   Bad
27   40

End 23:05 (GMT)
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