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Tours / Re: New Zealand and Australia left out again
« Last post by wons on Today at 05:09:09 AM »
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If U2 does come Down Under at the end of 2018 or early 2019 it will be interesting to see whether the proposed E+I setlist remains as is, or whether there's a TJT section added in. They might have trouble selling out even arenas if word gets out that there's a complete absence of TJT songs in the set...

Yet, one of the few countries that the Joshua Tree album failed to go to #1 in was Australia.
Re: 21 songs instead of 24 if you look at the night they did 24 that section between Staring at the sun and whatever it is is all missing. As much as I couldn’t care less they are not NOT going to play YTBTAM. I think that they just missed a bit out as Bono was off to Dallas.

Re: the six song section replay of i&e is really disappointing - I’d say with the sluggish sales of this tour (in the US anyway - Europe has sold well) that your audience is pretty heavy on hardcore fans and light on casuals (especially with the ticket prices and disaster of a marketing campaign) so quite why they think it’s a good idea to repeat a whole section is beyond me. How is Iris SFS RBW etc. In anyway comparable to seeing Horses and Acrobat? Also why Elevation et al.? Fans have seen these songs a fair few times and let’s be honest they’re not show stoppers.

Presuming they don’t do Horses and Scrobat that leaves the Ocean and SATS as rarities - now I love SATS but I don’t think either are in any fans top 5 or even top 10 rarities that they’d like to hear.

In terms of new songs I’m surprised no RFD and Little Things... surely these could replace some of the Innocence songs or the noughties war horses. Also i know Bono sprite the Showman for us (I wish he hadn’t) but if that’s in and Little Things/RFD is out that really makes no sense.

So far so disappointing.... looks like another case of them second guessing themselves again. Still 12 days to go - let’s hope that they mix things up a bit.

For the record I’d be inteeested to see them do (based on not going anything pre JT)

Please - feels like it could replace Bullet as the political piece (looks like Desire is doing the job so far) - electric though - not acoustic
Gone - though I always preferred the album version I don’t no if they quite ever nailed it live
The Wanderer - that version they did for the Johnny Cash thing on the Vertigo tour was excellent
Stay - still brilliant
Acrobat - we’ll obviously
Wild Horses - again a bit like Gone I get the impression they never quite ‘got it’ live but I did see it at Twickenham in the Vertigo tour and it was a real surprise - not sure it quite worked in that scenario as that was a stadium show with id guess a lot of casuals.

Tours / Re: **Spoilers The Boyz in Laval QC for rehearsals.....**Spoilers
« Last post by Boba Fett on April 19, 2018, 11:51:00 PM »
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It would be interesting to do a study of who goes to U2 shows these days.

If it's dropped down to mostly be just the long-time hardcore fans, then this setlist (assuming it stays more or less as is rumoured) should be OK. Not perfect, not even impressive...but...OK.

However if there are still plenty of casual fans coming along I think they'll be shocked and disappointed. Nothing at all from TJT?!?!? I get why the band would be wanting to give those songs a rest, but seeing a U2 gig without Streets in it is astonishing...

I just can't see this tour progressing without them playing Streets. Back in the day, yeah maybe. But in this day and age it's a huge moment in any U2 show and the band know it. I think it would be a good way of ending the show too. Having streets played last would be a first for them and it'll leave everyone feeling uplifted at the end of the show.

Ending with 13 is also a possibility and the more I listen to the album version I could see it happening. We'll see but i'm calling Streets to close the show.

I hadn't ever considered Streets ending a show! It will have completed it's journey from starter to finisher if that happens...;)
The Music and Lyrics / Re: Songs of Innocence --or-- Songs of Experience?
« Last post by Argo on April 19, 2018, 11:04:03 PM »
Really interesting to see SOE rates so well against SOI for people, especially now with the album having been out for some time and the novelty worn off. I much prefer SOI so am a bit surprised this is so one sided to SOE. It has felt like people have been more critical of SOE on the forum than they were with SOI. Maybe that is because SOI was sprung on us and we got all the songs at once or maybe that the criticism of SOE comes from there being a broader cross section of types of songs, meaning there is greater breadth for people to really like some songs and really dislike others. Or maybe SOI did get more criticism than I recall now. 
General Music Discussion / Re: the 5 songs rocking your world right now
« Last post by Vox on April 19, 2018, 11:02:29 PM »
“Forget” — Twin Shadow
“Kiss Them For Me” — Sioxsie & the Banshees
“Situation” — Yaz
“Feel It Again” — Honeymoon Suite (thank you imaginary friend)
“My Song 5” — HAIM (thank you U2)

“Creature Comfort” — Arcade Fire
“Theme From The TV Series Cosmos (Heaven and Hell) — Vangelis
Feedback, Suggestions and Help Desk / 3 Picks among many options
« Last post by Vox on April 19, 2018, 10:45:22 PM »
There must be a way to have a poll where people can pick a "best 3 out of 10' options in a "Poll" post", right?  I'm too old or dull or uninquisitive to figure it out.  Step-by-step instructions would be appreciated.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Are we finally not craving a new U2 album?
« Last post by wons on April 19, 2018, 09:08:19 PM »
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  Quite honestly, I’d be the most shocked I’ve ever been by this band if they release an album before 2021… if any album of new material ever again (and this is someone who was a puzzled and slack-jawed as any, listening the night Achtung Baby was released)….  In my opinion, I do think “the end is near.”     

I remember when Zooropa was released in July 1993, one of my friends who was also a big U2 fan said he could not imagine U2 releasing any new material again. Another friend claimed that during the Elevation tour, he felt it was their last tour. Yet, here we are in 2018 with a big new tour set to start in two weeks. Think about it logically. Is there any reason for U2 to stop now or soon. I don't see any.
General U2 Discussion / Re: Are we finally not craving a new U2 album?
« Last post by wons on April 19, 2018, 09:01:26 PM »
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Not saying any of that. Most bands, by their age, have a more realistic outlook. All we get is bluster. It's one reason they're so polarizing in ways other bands are able to avoid.

We've always had bluster.  Since the beginning.  Get used to it, it won't change.

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They were indeed honest about Pop as being a mistake they would never repeat again. Their age? U2 or any band for that matter, does not have to act or behave a certain way because of their age. Their adults and they are allowed to do all the things adults do. Does not matter if your 21 or 101. U2 have a better idea of what their doing and how to do it than ANYONE out there. Their 40 year career to this point proves that. Its their life an work and they can do whatever the hell they want with it just as they have done for day one. Age is just a number and anyone attempting to put them in box because of age has some learning to do.

Agree on the Pop point.  The band were not proud of Pop and believe it unfinished.  Although many of us fans rate it as one of their best.

Agree on the comment about their longevity.  There is no other band who have existed for as long as U2 have with no line up changes (other than Dik Evans leaving) and with no hiatus/split.

Not so sure about the comment they can do what the hell they want.  On one hand, they can as they are decision makers.  On the other hand, they then seem to feel duty bound to 'please' the masses.  Except reading this thread, it appears that they may not be achieving this....!

They would like it if they pleased the masses, and will promote the music in order to do that. That's what they have done since Boy and I don't see why they would change that.
Sorry for all the typos above was getting a kid down to bed while typing! You get the message though. TUF is all time great.
I enjoy hearing how people were introduced to U2. I remember hesring my older beothers playing koshua tree and actung baby but I didn’t really get into music until I was 16 All That You Can’t Leave behind wad released. I LOVED that album and listened to it all the time. I then remembered hearing actung baby and zooropa and got into those and immediatwly fell in love with them. I’m a designer and was just getting into design at the time. I would start every design project to Zooropa on Zooropa. The line “uncertainty can be our guiding light” is still a key U2 line to me. I got into pop and loved it. Oddly enough i actually did not like old u2 or pre actung baby until recently (with the except of 3/4 if rattle and hum which i simply don’t like). I now love boy, war, especially unforgettable fire and joshua tree. I enjoy October. I really enjoyed bomb when it cane out and still enjoy about half of it. No line is half love half hate. Songs of innocence faded quickly initially but has remerfed after songs of experience. Songs of experience is my favorite album since i first really discovered them in all that you cant leave behind. I didn’t think that would happen. But back to TUF, it’s a top 3 u2 album all time for me, with Bad being top 5. Brilliant album.
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