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Help with U2 Book?
« on: May 09, 2010, 04:24:00 PM »
Hi everyone. My name is John Luerssen and I have just written U2 FAQ, a book due via Backbeat Books this fall (already listed on Amazon). I'm seeking help from U2 fans for the project. I'm in need of high res scans of singles sleeves, ads, handbills, magazine & music publication covers, ticket stubs, programs and photos/scans of other U2 memorabilia/collectibles from all eras of the band.

If any of you can help me with full size scans (I'd need 300 dpi or up and they have to be print quality which rules out most of what I have amassed :[ ) Anyway I'd be happy to give you an acknowledgement in the book and an art credit in exchange for your trouble. Plus, it will give you some real bragging rights for loyal U2 devotees.

I need to wrap this up in the next few days,  but if any you can help I'd be ever so grateful. Just send your high quality images along via attachment with how you'd like to be credited and I will respond asap.

Thanks to any and all in advance for your consideration:

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