Author Topic: SPOILER! - U2 will play U2inSL's Video Footage During Glastonbury!  (Read 785 times)

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Greetings, folks! I wanted to inform the U2 community at large of something exciting (for those of us involved) related to U2's June 25th Glastonbury  Festival gig. In the virtual world of Second Life a group of friends and I produce a tribute band called "U2inSL". This production has been in Second Life since 2005. We produce virtually full-blown concerts created to replicate the real thing, complete with stage like the real thing and avatars who resemble the band. WELL, the exciting thing is that FOOTAGE from a U2inSL concert video has been chosen to be part of a video montage shown at Glastonbury during the "real" U2's performance of Even Better Than the Real Thing. How do we know this? The media company preparing the backdrop film for the big screen has recently informed us of Principle Management's approval and also told us we may 'blog' about it. You can read more about U2inSL at our website, You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. We're U2's FIRST VIRTUAL tribute band and now the world will see us!