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U2 In South America?
« on: January 24, 2009, 01:47:08 PM »
I thought t would be good to translate the link that M2 posted on the site about U2 coming to Colombia. (Me being colombian and all)...

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It will be built by the Interamerican Corporation for Entertainment based out of Mexico. It will hold 16.000 people standing and 6-8 thousend seated.

In the local park "Salitre Mágico" a 9.600 squared meters pneumatic tent will be set up. It will serve as a mutifunctional auditorium (Plays, concerts and conventions can be held). The complex will also have an extra 1.450 squared meters where the reception and guest rooms will be set up. It will also have 1.100 parking spaces.

This project has been on the works for 10 months now. It has had the support of lawers, engineers, enviromentalists, among others to comply with the demands of the local authorities, which include safety regulations, fire prevention and evacuation as well as parking and movility.

The colombian representative or the ICE states that "We are only waiting for the local permits and licenses to begin construction"

He also added that his company is the representative in Latin America for Live nation, which handles U2 concerts, and are working to present a concert of the band in Colombia, even though neither dates nor countries have been confirmed for the tour which will promote the group´s new album "No line on the horizon".

ICE is the most important concert promoter in Latin America and has bussiness in México, Centro América, Argentina and Chile. Also they trade on the mexican stock market.


Ok now, personally I dont know what to think. I dont want my personal feelings regarding my city´s mayor get in the way here, but a lot of what that guy says tends to be BS.

HOWEVER I did talk to someone who is closely involed in this kind of endeavors for the city and he told me that the project is in fact happening and that ICE is closely involved. So if I look at it that way maybe we colombians have very good news at hand here.

I guess time will tell....... If they do come here I pledge myself to be the official @u2 representative....................