Author Topic: New songs and old songs - from an fan of 20 years  (Read 1683 times)

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New songs and old songs - from an fan of 20 years
« on: January 26, 2009, 06:30:06 AM »

The new single has had a lot of coverage - some think it's great, some don't. Some think old fans are stuck in the mud. Some think 'newbies' are biased.

Every LP up to and including POP was sometimes great and always interesting. But lets face it, the first half of ATYCLB was great - the rest was average at best. 'Wild Honey' anyone!?

HTDAAB was pretty much the same - but with way worse lyrics. But when they get it right (Sometimes you can't make it... Man and a Woman), they really shine.

Now we have NLOTH - the first single? Text book stuff - the big, fast song jumping on the next bandwagon - a bit like Vertigo, a bit like Elevation. It's ok but it's hardly a 'sonic re invention'. Bono, stop trying to look like Brandon Flowers with that eyeliner - The Killers are hardly a cool band to model yourself on. What exactly does 'You free me from the dark dream, Candy floss ice cream, All our kids are screaming, But the ghosts aren’t real' actually mean?

And please U2, stop saying 'this record might just be our best' every time you release an album. Everything you say is starting to sound like you pulled it out of a book of quotes.

I'm not a newbie but an old fan still trying to like a band who's only concern seems to be being the biggest and the richest and can see straight through their marketing to music that can sometimes be great - and sometimes really average...

Their hearts are probably in the right place but like your Boss at work, just because he shouts the loudest, it doesn't mean he's good at his job.