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This discussion kind of dovetails together with previous comments I've made about how nowadays with U2 it is the tour that drives the album rather than the other way around.

It seems pretty clear that a massive tour "in the round" was something that the band has wanted to do for some time now, and they decided that this was the time to do it. But then when you look at NLOTH, and especially at the version they were about to release in 11/08 before they pulled the plug at the last minute, it is clear that that is not the kind of album you can support with a huge tour: it started with Fez - Being Born, it had Winter on it, and probably Every Breaking Wave as well.

So what did they do? They pulled NLOTH under the guise of "hitting a rich songwriting vein" that would be virtually criminal to ignore. And what was the result of that rich vein? The Lillywhite ditties that comprise what is now NLOTH's soft center: Boots, Crazy, and Comedy. Obviously the band felt it couldn't do the tour they wanted unless they released an album that could justify it.

Hence the tail wags the dog, the cart's before the horse, and whatever other clever metaphor you can come up with to describe how things aren't what they should be.

Praise the Lord - good, clear, logical thinking.