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Re: U2 Australia & NZ Presale Info!
« Reply #45 on: August 26, 2010, 05:57:11 AM »
i got my email at 11:32 this morning.
what a drama after work when trying to buy !!!!!!!!! ahhh
anyway after heaps of boring dramas i wont go into  (sure you all know) in my delirious after work state and anxious about getting the tickets........
I accidentally bought 4 tix in Brisbane in the Platinum 2  area (@ $240 e) thinking I was buying Platinum GA Standing close to the stage (what a rooky - totally forgot U2 had cheap GA standing tix in the centre ring). the girl on the phone at Tikitek told me the more expensive the ticket the closer to the stage you will be - and i took that as STANDING close to the stage so jumped on the P2 tix @ $240 a pop and bought 4 of them. UH OH. wooops. i really wanted GA standing @ $99.
anyway phoned back Tikitek and told them they suck and they told me the wrong / misleading info. (the girl even told me to look at the Bon Jovi seating plan and go of that ???? WTF).
after 5 minutes of debating and asking for a supervisor to explain there dodgy ways they gave me a FULL refund and then went and bought 4 GA tix for $99 a pop.

all sorted.
got 4 GA for Brisbane and 3 GA for Melbourne.