Author Topic: What WOULD a U2's Greatest Hits Tour Look Like?  (Read 5266 times)

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Re: What WOULD a U2's Greatest Hits Tour Look Like?
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Well ciaz, your last post brings up the thought that U2 are indeed on a deliberately, calculatedly "relaxed" leg of the tour, which might be considered a GHT keeping the machine in motion and oiled, a self paying advertisment for the next phase, with the added bonus of trying some unreleased material for fun. The new tracks might be a neccessity for U2 to not get too bored with being on the road with the usual suspects?

I think that this leg is the calm before the storm actually. They are gonna work on a lot of new stuff afterwards, whether we get to hear any of it or not eventually, so this may be just a fun little semi-GHT for the band to keep audiences' appetites whetted...

In fact nothing really serious.