Author Topic: Is Bono's physical condition (i.e. weight) affecting his performance?  (Read 4365 times)

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Re: Is Bono's physical condition (i.e. weight) affecting his performance?
« Reply #45 on: October 30, 2010, 02:38:26 PM »
I admit that I thought he looked a little overweight at the start of the European tour, but I imagine he'd been laid up due to said back injury. However, by the time of the Rome, Italy show, I thought he was looking trimmer again. I give him forgiveness points--we all have to battle with the weight thing, especially as we get older and the metabolism slows.

As for his level activity... well, fact the facts: the guy is 50 years old. We're never going to have him back with the same level of energy as he had at Red Rocks (in his 20s) and ZooTV (in his 30s). We all slow down with age no matter how physically fit... I'm just glad he's alive and kicking. And so long as that voice is still contends with the angels, then I'm good! Being a 35 year old woman, I'm just impressed that I could even find a guy his age attractive (and I find both him and Adam quite hot).

I admit that I get nervous every time I see a youtube video of him swinging around on that disc/microphone/thing... I worry he's going to throw his back out again. I worry because I worry for his health... and also I selfishly worry because I want him to make it over here to the US for the shows I've bought!! I am so excited to be going to a show not once but twice next year!

Lastly... didn't he injure his back working out in a gym in the first place??