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Re: Live Nation ticketing
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Even though LiveNation is the promoter of U2's upcoming tour, it is VERY unlikely that the tickets will be sold through LiveNation's new in-house ticketing system.

LiveNation's new system ONLY handles events that take place at venues owned by LiveNation.

(LiveNation owns most of the big outdoor amphitheaters in the US.   Plus a handful of small clubs ans theaters.)

But LiveNation does NOT own any sports arenas or stadiums, which are the types of venues that U2 typically plays.

For any event that LiveNation promotes, but takes place at a non-LiveNation venue, LN will redirect to Ticketmaster (or whatever other vendor that particular venue normally uses.)

This is correct!  You win a prize!  *teasing* 

Seriously tho, this is correct.  I have accounts on both & for U2 you'd get redirected to TM.  For smaller venues & gigs, LN does handle payments, and ships the tickets from Virginia, at competitively close to TM face value. 

I think a merge is seriously bad for fans and only good for the brokers and stockholders, as another poster said.
It's just one big glom & monopoly of an entity to have to deal with, in order to get tickets and scalping/price gouging will continue...if not worsen unless there's some kind of intervention or regulation.